IAPP Ch. 33

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Xiao Yishan didn’t bother to explain so much to Xin Huan, besides, this matter couldn’t be explained clearly in a while, he just wanted to get rid of Gu Anxin first.

However, after Xin Huan’s long delay, Gu Anxin had already chased him, and was about to catch upto him.

Xiao Yishan hid, but Gu Anxin grabbed his new love, not Xiao Yishan.

Gu Anxin grabbed Xiao Yishan’s woman, first said “I’m sorry” to her, and then yelled at Xiao Yishan, “Mr. Xiao, come here, I just want to have a good talk with you.”

Xiao Yishan’s legs got further and further away, but he shook his head, “I won’t go, I have nothing to talk to you about.”

Gu Anxin was anxious, “Then tell me where did third brother go? Why did he leave without saying goodbye?”

Xiao Yishan rolled his eyes, and said to Xin Huan in Gu Anxin’s hand: “Baby, there is a reason for what happened today, I’m leaving first, and I’ll go to you to make amends tomorrow!”

After Xiao Yishan finished speaking, he actually left his woman and ran away!

Not only Gu Anxin, but even the woman she caught widened her eyes in shock, this man was too irresponsible! He just left her and ran away!

How could Gu Anxin let Xiao Yishan run away like this, she hurriedly shouted at Xiao Yishan: “Mr. Xiao, if you run away again, I will send your girlfriend to the police station!”

Xiao Yishan said while running: “It’s up to you, anyway, she didn’t commit a crime, and she can walk out by herself when she goes to the Public Security Bureau.” Xiao Yishan didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping, and continued to run.

Seeing that she couldn’t threaten him, Gu Anxin was so angry that her eyebrows twitched, so she had to let go of his new love, and chase after him alone, still shouting angrily: “Stop!”

There were security guards in the shopping mall, so it was impossible for Gu Anxin’s behaviour of chasing a man and the man running non-stop to not attract the attention of the security guards.

The passers-by did not know who shouted “Look, someone is catching a thief”, everyone who saw it immediately thought that Xiao Yishan who was running was a thief, and Gu Anxin who was chasing him was the owner.

The security personnel immediately decided to help Gu Anxin stop Xiao Yishan!

Gu Anxin’s physical strength could not match Xiao Yishan at all. Seeing that Xiao Yishan was running further and further away, all her strength was about to be used up, and when she was about to give up, she heard that there were public opinions against Xiao Yishan, and the security guards were already helping her catch Xiao Yishan, Gu Anxin regained some of her physical strength immediately, and hurriedly ran towards Xiao Yishan.

Xiao Yishan watched the security guards walking towards him, feeling like a dog in the sun, what kind of fun did these few people come to join in at this time!

Originally, his physical strength had declined a little due to avoiding Gu Anxin, so now he was pulled to a stop very easily after being chased by the security guards for several hundred meters.

“Sir, don’t run away, we have already called the police, and the police will come right away.” The security guard said while tugging at Xiao Yishan.

“I’ll call your uncle’s police! Do I look like someone who would steal?” Xiao Yishan was so angry that he shook his arm vigorously, “Let go of me, I’m Master Xiao!”

The security guard looked at his clothes and didn’t know what he was wearing. Not only did he not let him go, but seeing that he was so aggressive and struggling, he added two more security guards to hold him back, “We advise you not to struggle, what is right and wrong, that is for us to decide. If the lady comes after us, we’ll know!”

The security guard had a righteous face, Xiao Yishan looked at them and was about to throw a few blank eyes at them and crush them to death!

Seeing that Gu Anxin was already chasing after him, within a few meters away, Xiao Yishan tried his best to shake off the security guard on one hand, and then took off the sunglasses on his eyes, “Take a good look, who am I!”

One of the security guards was the team leader. He had met Xiao Yishan before, and thought about it carefully.

Damn it, Master Xiao!

The security team leader hurriedly said to the other security guards: “Quickly, let Young Master Xiao go quickly, what are you all doing, you don’t know anyone, just grab them randomly!”

The other security guards didn’t know Xiao Yishan, they looked confused, but they still followed the team leader’s order and let Xiao Yishan go.

At this time, Gu Anxin had already stretched out her hand to grab Xiao Yishan, Xiao Yishan was finally let go by the security guards, so he quickly avoided Gu Anxin and ran back.

However, unfortunately, a security guard dropped his baton on the ground and was stepped on by Xiao Yishan. His feet slipped, and he accidentally fell to the ground with a bang.

When he fell, Xiao Yishan closed his eyes to protect his face, he felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his life!

He fell and ate sh*t, but fortunately, he protected his proud face and was not even injured.

But when Xiao Yishan got up, Gu Anxin’s clutches had already stretched out, and she almost hung on Xiao Yishan’s body, afraid that he would run away again.

Everyone present, including the security guard, scratched the back of their heads and didn’t know how to react. Just now, it looked like the owner was chasing the thief, but now, it looked like a young couple arguing and a woman chasing her man.

“It’s gone. There’s nothing to see, let’s go for a walk.” The security team leader reacted first and drove away the unknown onlookers.

Xiao Yishan’s butt hurt like hell, and he pulled Gu Anxin’s paw, “Miss Gu, you are a woman, it’s not good to hug me like this?”

In fact, what he wanted to say more was that if Gu Anxin hugged him today after being with Ling Yue, he probably wouldn’t have a good time in the next few days.

Gu Anxin gritted her teeth stubbornly, “I’m afraid you’ll run away again!”

Xiao Yishan touched his butt in pain, “Please, I fell like this, I almost broke my bones, where else can I go? Let me go.”

Gu Anxin dubiously looked at Xiao Yishan from top to bottom, then let go of him a little bit, but still clung to him, “I won’t let you go unless you tell me where third brother is.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.” Xiao Yishan planned to compromise first, although he didn’t really intend to tell Gu Anxin, but it was not good for them to talk about Ling Yue in public like this, after all, Ling Yue was already a “dead person”, it was not appropriate to appear in front of anyone who may have connections with the Lingtian Group.

“I’ll tell you, but not here, let’s go over there.” Xiao Yishan looked around, then pointed to the bottom of a staircase outside the shopping mall, “Let’s go over there to talk.”

Gu Anxin also looked around, and found that many people were looking at them, pointing fingers, thinking that the chase they staged today was too high-profile, and Gu Anxin was not someone who wanted to be the center of discussion, she agreed to Xiao Yishan’s suggestion.

“Okay, let’s go over there and talk, but don’t play tricks with me, or…”

“Otherwise what?” Xiao Yishan smiled, he didn’t have anything against her, nor was he afraid of her.

“Otherwise, I will tell your new love that you were in love with the big star Zheng Wanru two days ago!”

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