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When Xu Qingwan was dragged away by others, she seemed to be scared stupid. She actually forgot to resist. She just stared at Siyu blankly. The expression on her face could not tell whether she was jealous or resentful. What happened to her? She didn’t understand why it was like this.

The loser of the last life was still doing well now. Only she herself, in this life, apart from just getting acquainted with a group of nobles by relying on memory at the beginning, saving a lot of money on hand, and smoothly entering the entertainment circle, there was no one in this life to support her. Things were not going as she had expected.

Ji Lin was cold and indifferent to her, and then became even more bored, and even personally requested the whole movie circle to reject her, and the group of nobles she knew after her rebirth, one by one, made excuses to gradually alienate her. Even though she was holding her money, she couldn’t even repair her personal image.

Xu Qingwan didn’t understand which step went wrong and caused a completely different result from the previous life.

She was escorted into another car by bodyguards. Xu Qingwan looked at the retreating scenery outside the window with fear and recognized that this was the route to Huanyi headquarters. She couldn’t help swallowing nervously, and asked, “You…what the hell. What do you want to do, where do you want to take me?”

For some reason, an alarm was ringing in Xu Qingwan’s mind. A deep sense of crisis rose in her heart. She always felt that this trip would ruin everything. At the same time, she later realized that she was unwilling. Didn’t she accidentally squeeze Zhou Siyu? Was all this for her?

The car was quiet, and no one paid any attention to her. Xu Qingwan became more restless in this unbearable silence and couldn’t help but start to think about things. What did the Fifth Master Lu mean by “take her away”? Could it be that she was going to be dealt with? No, it’s impossible. She was a star and a public figure. Even the Lu family would not dare to do this…

However, Xu Qingwan knew very well that these words were just self-comforting, so she didn’t actually think so. She might go crazy because of the silence along the way. The Lu Family could almost cover the sky with one hand. In her previous life, she had never heard of anyone who had offended the Lu Family having a good end. Thinking about this, Xu Qingwan regretted it slightly. If she had known this, she would have ignored Zhou Siyu at the beginning, and this would also have saved her from having to burn herself.

In the end, Xu Qingwan saw the car parked outside the Central Artists Department. The people coming in and out here were famous artists. There were countless paparazzi squatting here around for 24 hours. Xu Qingwan’s face was suddenly gloomy. If she was detained and made to walk in, her image would be completely ruined!

Fortunately, the bodyguards didn’t seem to want her to get out of the car. Instead, they seemed to have come here to wait for someone else. Xu Qingwan breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time she was secretly worried. It didn’t take long before she saw a person walking out of the company. It was a familiar and handsome young man. The driver in the car was familiar with him so he opened the door of the passenger seat for the young man, and said respectfully: “Young Master, Fifth Master Lu said that this woman is your employee, so you are the one who will handle it.”

The young man said “Um”, as if he had known about this a long time ago and wasn’t surprised.

Xu Qingwan looked at him carefully again, and suddenly remembered, wasn’t this young man the president of Huanyi, Lu Xingzhou?

After Lu Xingzhou got in the car, the car continued to drive steadily. He glanced at the restless Xu Qingwan through the rear view mirror, and smiled inexplicably, “Xu Qingwan, right? You are really, too good. It’s not good to annoy Zhou Siyu, isn’t this just causing me trouble for no reason.”

Their Fifth Master Lu guarded the little girl like a calf, such that he could barely hold her in his hand. Although Fifth Master Lu doesn’t seem to realise it yet, but Lu Xingzhou was an outsider. From the side lines, he naturally understood that the Fifth Master Lu was almost in love with her.

When it came to Siyu, Xu Qingwan bit her lip bitterly, but this time she didn’t dare to say anything.

Lu Xingzhou continued, dropping a bomb without warning: “Your contract with Huanyi has ended, and I will let people take back all the resources you got through Huanyi’s channels.”

Xu Qingwan felt as if she was struck by lightning, and as if there was noone watching her from left to right, she jumped up and asked excitedly for the first time: “Why?! Mr. Lu, although you are the boss, you can’t be so unreasonable, right? It’s clearly written in the contract. I signed a five-year contract, and I have not violated any of the provisions. If you insist on doing this, you will have to compensate me ten times the penalty!”

Xu Qingwan, who had been reborn once, knew very well that Huanyi would grow bigger and bigger in the future and would become the well-deserved overlord of the entertainment industry. That’s why she tried her best to sign a contract with Huanyi as soon as possible. Without this backing, she would have no future. It would be hard for her to move an inch…No, where would she go in the future?

“Compensation for you?” Lu Xingzhou seemed to have heard some big joke. Without looking back, he threw a document to Xu Qingwan and said coldly, “This sentence should be reversed! Who said you didn’t violate the regulations? It is clearly written in black and white in the contract that the artist is not allowed to frame or discredit the artists of the same company. You know what you have done to Siyu. You are the one who will have to compensate the company, Xu Qingwan.”

Xu Qingwan’s heart trembled, this is ……What’s the meaning? Could it be said that her buying of the navy to discredit Siyu was exposed? But she obviously did it with very clean hands and feet, while Wang Dong also promised to help her handle it, so she should have left no traces behind.

Lu Xingzhou calmly replied: “Your friend, Wang Dong of the fashion company has given me all the evidence of your purchase of the navy, so you might as well confess first.”

Speaking this Wang Dong was a known person. He had tried to give Siyu a gift last time and was thrown out. He immediately collected the evidence of Xu Qingwan’s framing with his hind feet. Tonight, he received the news that Xu Qingwan had directly offended Fifth Master Lu, so he hurriedly handed in these evidences to show that he and Xu Qingwan were not in the same camp, lest Xu Qingwan drag him down.

Xu Qingwan didn’t expect that Wang Dong, who usually took good care of her, was the one who caused her trouble, and immediately turned green with anger.

Lu Xingzhou still didn’t think it was enough to irritate her, so he added oil to the fire: “Also, you bought the media to set up an artist named Han Tiantian, planning to use her recordings to make a fuss. Isn’t that fake? If I didn’t let someone stop it, I’m afraid that the draft would’ve already been sent out.”

Xu Qingwan was shocked and angry. Her first thought was that Siyu had complained. She was anxious and frustrated. For a while, she could not think what to say: “Mr. Lu, but Han Tiantian is not an artist of Huanyi, you shouldn’t care about her, right?”

“Who said so?” Lu Xingzhou said slowly, “I heard that this Han Tiantian has just terminated the contract with her original company and is looking for a new one. The person in charge of artists in Huanyi will find her tomorrow. I am planning for my prospective employees. Yes, it’s you, Xu Qingwan, even if you don’t have this contract, I can sue you to death based on the evidence in my hand.”

Xu Qingwan’s face turned pale, her blood lost.

Lu Xingzhou seemed to have given her two roads, but in fact, both roads were blocked, she had offended Huanyi, offended the Lu family, she was kicked out of the entertainment circle, and she also had to lose her fortune. Who else was there? Somebody who was willing to hold her and give her a hand? Those she used to befriend were snobby businessmen, and absolutely no one would dare to participate in this loss-making business.

The Lu family really knew how to plot against people. Lu Xingzhou did not physically torture her like Xu Qingwan had thought, but the choices before her were crueller and more ruthless, and almost immediately broke her psychological defence line. Xu Qingwan’s hand trembled slightly, she didn’t know at what point she would be able to start again if she lost completely now.

Just to live like a joke?

“Xu Qingwan, make a choice.” Lu Xingzhou stared at her with a cold light in his eyes, “Should I accept the cancellation and you will leave immediately and compensate Huanyi ten times the loss, or you want to be the enemy of the entire Lu family?”

He had calculated it. Yes, all the assets under Xu Qingwan’s name would be enough to pay the compensation, and it happened that they did not have to pay her anything. After all, the Lu family also had a business, so how could they be willing to lose money? It was naturally better to make the best use of everything.

Siyu was obediently led home by Fifth Master Lu straight away. Xu Qingwan was dragged away in front of her. Siyu wanted to ask him what would happen to her, but she caught a glimpse of Fifth Master Lu’s indifferent face which was still showing killing intent. She swallowed the question back obediently.

Siyu had never seen Fifth Master Lu holding a gun, so she didn’t think too much. Xu Qingwan would definitely inevitably suffer this time, but Siyu no longer wanted to care about her. She believed that Fifth Master Lu would behave appropriately. Compared to Xu Qingwan, naturally, she was more inclined to believe in Fifth Master Lu, after all, he was the one who was helping her.

Until they reached Siyu’s house, Fifth Master Lu didn’t speak and sat silently with a cold face. As usual, he stopped all the subordinates who followed, and led Siyu upstairs by himself.

In this strange atmosphere, it was not surprising for Siyu to feel embarrassed because she was afraid of him. Fortunately, Xu Qingwan, the muddy water maker, made Siyu have no time to think more, but once the two were alone, she recalled uncontrollably about the kiss that couldn’t be called a kiss.

What exactly did Fifth Master Lu want to do?

After returning home, Siyu took the medicine as usual under the supervision of Fifth Master Lu. She hadn’t noticed it but under the long-term use of medicine, she vomited blood less frequently when facing Fifth Master Lu. As compared to the beginning, it had decreased by a lot. Although it would still be uncomfortable, it was still within the tolerable range, and it was not as terrible as vomiting up blood before.

After taking the medicine, Siyu sat on the sofa obediently and looked up at the tall jade-like man in front of the window. She hesitated in her heart for a long time, but finally her curiosity prevailed and asked softly, “Lu Yuanhe, you did that before… What do you mean?”

Siyu regretted it as soon as she asked. This was really not a good time to ask, if she thought too much, it would be too embarrassing.

She was racking her brains thinking about the vague words, but Fifth Master Lu turned around and looked at her quietly for a few seconds. After a long while, he sighed slightly and his expression looked a little helpless.

“I told you a long time ago that you are my person.” He said, “I still don’t understand which word I said is not enough?”

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