TBVSR Ch. 31.2: Acknowledgement

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Jiang Yu felt really scared and powerless, she took out her phone with trembling hands and turned on the [Knowing] app. Then she sent an extremely broken voice message to the service account: “Can I give up this Qiu Li task, I can’t do it, it’s really too difficult. I can’t continue to get along with him in this way, in the future I might not be able to leave him.”

However, only a cold system voice came from the service account, “If the reborn person gives up the accepted mission at this time, the client will be compensated with the same remuneration funds- 300 million, please confirm, do you want to give up?”

Jiang Yu: …

There were only a little more than 200,000 yuan in her account, which she needed for Esmera’s tuition. If she gave up at this time, her account would be in debt of 300 million yuan. Once the account became negative, she would disappear immediately. This was the punishment for dishonesty.

Therefore, once you had accepted the task, you could only do your best to complete it, and you could not go back on it.

Of course, if the funds in the account were sufficient, occasionally a small task could be given up, but [Saving the Devil Boy] was not a small task!

Three hundred million, all the tasks in her life combined, she couldn’t earn that much.

The instinctive desire to survive finally made Jiang Yu choose “Don’t give up”.

Jiang Yu chose to send a message to the future [Qiu Li] for help, and roughly told him about the recent situation, “I really don’t know what to do to save him, he treats me well, I feel ashamed of everything, I don’t want to lie, but I seem to always have to lie.”

Soon, the future [Qiu Li] replied to her, “Do you know what the problem is?”

Jiang Yu: “What? “

[Qiu Li]: “Do you really think that he can’t see anything? Every time you say heartless words, every perfunctory smile, every seemingly caring move… He sees it’s all a lie, and slowly you’re killing his heart.”

Jiang Yu asked desperately, “Then what should I do?”

[Qiu Li]: “Perhaps, you should try to open your heart and accept him. After all, when I was young, my appearance wasn’t bad.”

Jiang Yu: Moreover she was also not wronged, wasn’t she making a profit?

But, was this really the case?

Jiang Yu actually knew in her heart that [Qiu Li] was right, how could he not see any emotional deception, this young man’s black eyes had seen hell before.

Time was running out, and Jiang Yu could no longer be indecisive.

To save him was to save herself.

Her mother said that it was easy to ask for priceless treasures, but it was rare to be sincere, and she should be willing to live up to it.

Two days later, Jiang Yu found Qiu Li.

He was playing basketball with a bunch of punks in a hip-hop underground basketball court.

There were no rules in this place, everyone came here with the purpose of venting. Therefore, the game was played roughly.

Hitting people, stepping on them, and even hitting people with the ball directly were all commonplace.

In the cold winter, the basketball court was hot. Qiu Li was wearing a black basketball jersey, dribbling the ball to break through, and his black eyes were full of malevolence.

The guys who blocked him were not good at all, and some people even slammed into him with all their strength.

As soon as Jiang Yu arrived at the side of the court, her outstanding appearance and figure was immediately noticed. Soon, a yellow-haired gangster came to her side and approached her very closely: “Miss, are you watching the game? Do you want someone to accompany you?”

Jiang Yu instinctively moved away from him: “My boyfriend is on the court.”

“Really, he can leave such a beautiful young lady here alone? I don’t believe it.”

Before he finished speaking, Huang Mao was caught off guard and fell to the ground. Qiu Li kicked him and stamped on his shoulder, then he said coldly: “Now, do you believe it?”

Huang Mao repeatedly apologized, and Qiu Li didn’t bother with him, he just turned around and took Jiang Yu away, walked out of the underground basketball court, and came to the side of the block.

“Who asked you to come?” Qiu Li’s voice was low, sounding unhappy: “Do you know where this place is and how many rogues there are here.”

Jiang Yu licked her lips and whispered, “If you don’t answer the phone, I would have to ask others about your whereabouts.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, I just came to see you.”

Seeing her low eyebrows which were pleasing to the eye, Qiu Li asked angrily, “Find me to make peace with you?”

“There is no quarrel, what is there to make peace about.”

“No quarrel?”

“You did something wrong, I criticized you, it doesn’t count as quarrel.”

Qiu Li looked at the little girl’s righteous appearance, and most of the anger in his heart dissipated all of a sudden, he still couldn’t be hard-hearted towards her.

He stretched his tone and said, “Okay, so Xiao Yu wants to criticize me.”

“You just did something wrong.”


“Will you still scheme against others like this in the future?”



Jiang Yu wore a sweatshirt when she came out to see him. It was still snowing outside. She walked over and lightly kicked his sneakers with her feet: “Are you cold? Ah.”

“It’s not cold.”

“I think you’re cold.”

The corners of his mouth curled up: “Then you come to warm me up.”

Jiang Yu was silent for a few minutes, then walked up to him, took his hand, and drilled into his arms and hugged him.

“Then let’s warm you up.”

In an instant, Qiu Li’s brain burst into sparks.

He really didn’t expect her to say it so casually, she actually…


The girl snuggled in his arms obediently, her head buried in his chest, and he could even feel her slightly restrained breathing.

The streets were empty, and his world was so quiet that only his own heartbeat could be heard.

“I will wear those shoes. I won’t say thank you, I will pay you.”

Qiu Li didn’t respond for a long time, until the snow started falling down. He held the girl’s back, pressed her into his arms, lowered his voice, and said, “I was wrong, I’ll change.”

Qiu Li was so stubborn, it was harder to make him apologize and admit his mistakes than to kill him.

However, at this moment, it was snowing heavily, and the girl gave him a tender hug, let alone let him admit his mistake, even if it cost him his life, he could give it to her.

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