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After getting in the car, he remembered that Yan Mu might not be at home. Lu Chengyu took out his mobile phone and called Yan Mu. After confirming that the other party was at home, so he was relieved.

After Yan Mu hung up the phone, he looked at the two friends who were playing games with him, and said, “Xiao Lu will come here later.”

Zhuang Yu would come as soon as he wanted to, but the next moment he suddenly remembered that it was night. Now…

Zhang Zeyun put down the gamepad and glanced at the time: “I’m going home to sleep.” He stood up, picked up the coat on the sofa, and said to Yan Mu, “Brother Mu, don’t let this chance go.”

Yan Mu glanced at him and said nothing.

“If you let this opportunity pass, you can only say that your emotional intelligence is negative,” Zhuang Yu stood up, reached out, and patted Yan Mu on the shoulder, “I won’t stay here to be a light bulb.”

Yan Mu sent his two friends to the door, stood outside and looked in the direction of the gate of the community for a while. He suddenly remembered the living room was messed up by his friends, and hurriedly went back to clean the living room and wash the fruits, striving for the living room to be neat and tidy when Lu Chengyu came…

The taxi stopped outside the complex. Lu Chengyu reported his name to the guard, and he only let him in after the guard confirmed his visit from Yan Mu.

The doorway to Yan Mu’s villa was some distance away, Lu Chengyu was not in a hurry, and walked forward unhurriedly. After a short walk, he saw a familiar figure in front of him.

Under the orange light, Yan Mu’s figure looked a little fuzzy, and his steps were steady. Lu Chengyu couldn’t help stopping, standing under the streetlamp, watching him step by step come towards him. He blinked and said with a smile, “Brother Mu is here to pick me up, right?”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu who was smiling, walked to him, and then walked side by side with him: “There are a lot of houses here. You drove here the first two times. I’m afraid you won’t be able to find the way by yourself.”

This reason was not clever at all. Lu Chengyu gave him a stern glance, “Mu Ge, you are too careful, I drive so fast. You can find the way fast, how can you not know the way when you walk?”

Yan Mu gave a dry cough, and then nodded: “Oh.”

Lu Chengyu felt that he could hear a little bit of grievance from the word and couldn’t help but laugh. “However, thank you for coming out to pick me up, otherwise it would be boring for me to walk by myself.”

From time to time, a car drove by them, and a babysitter pushing a stroller passed by. Lu Chengyu looked up and saw a pair holding hands. The elderly couple came over from the opposite side. Although the two of them had gray hair and their feet were squatting, they could see the world hand in hand and depend on each other.

Finding that Lu Chengyu was paying attention to the old couple in front of him, Yan Mu leaned in the direction of Lu Chengyu. The distance of half an arm became the distance of a fist. “There are many people in this community who have contributed to the country. Now they are old. When I get older, I will stay in the elder home here.”

Lu Chengyu took his gaze back from the two of them: “The living environment here is good.” In the golden capital city, this community still had so many green belts and land for public facilities. It could be seen that the construction of this community was not a small cost.

When the couple approached, they recognized Yan Mu and greeted Yan Mu with a kind smile. Yan Mu respectfully greeted them before moving on with Lu Chengyu.

Lu Chengyu looked back at the couple and saw that although they were wearing ordinary clothes, they gave people an intellectual taste. He couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t there many experts living in this community?”

“What is an expert?” Yan Mu glanced at the couple. “They used to be a part of national scientific research institution. Although they are now retired, they often participate in scientific research projects.”

“Very powerful,” Lu Chengyu said with emotion. These people were the backbone of their empire.

Yan Mu nodded, and after walking for a while, the two finally reached home. He found a pair of soft slippers for Lu Chengyu to put on and asked, “Have you had dinner?”

“I ate a little bit, but I’m not full,” Lu Chengyu remembered what Song Junyan said, sighed, and took out the phone to bring up the audio that was secretly recorded during the meal. “Song Junyan, although it’s difficult to make it to the lobby, if you don’t deal with it, I’m afraid that he will only create trouble.”

He pressed the play button and asked Yan Mu to listen to the story told by the illegitimate son. It was both sad and lively, desolate and inspirational. If it weren’t for the close relationship between Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu, unlike ordinary bosses and employees, then the story told by Song Junyan would be very believable.

After the audio was played, Yan Mu was silent for a while under Lu Chengyu’s sight, and finally said: “You are not full, do you want to eat a bowl of noodles, I didn’t eat much during dinner.”

“Okay.” Lu Chengyu thought about Song Junyan and felt that he had nothing to do. Also, he felt that it was too shameless of him to run over and eat a bowl of noodles.

Soon after two bowls of tomato egg noodles came out, Lu Chengyu was eating the noodles while saying: “It seems that Song Junyan’s purpose of approaching me is to provoke the relationship between us. Does he think that as long as the two of us have conflicts, I will stand on his side?”

Yan Mu shook his head, saying that he didn’t quite understand Song Junyan’s thoughts.

“Song Junyan is too far behind you.” Lu Chengyu took a sip of the noodle soup, and the sour and fragrant taste made him drink two more sips. “His method is more suitable for ancient inner palace[1], provided that he changed and became a woman.”

Yan Mu knew that Lu Chengyu was saying that Song Junyan could not be on the stage, but because of Song Junyan’s relationship with him, he turned his words around and said it jokingly.

Yan Mu said, “I only met him a few times when I was young. When I first saw him, he himself rolled down the stairs.”

“Then said you pushed him?” Lu Chengyu felt that Song Junyan’s personality was still a good thing. It was really possible to use this method that had appeared in the inner palace TV series.

Yan Mu nodded: “He thought his father would criticize me, but he was sent out of the Yan’s family home.”

For him, he would never consider this kind of method of hurting the enemy by one thousand by taking eight hundred damage. He was the grandson of the Mu family. If he didn’t want to see anyone; he just needed to say a word.

As for him pushing Song Junyan?

Not to mention that the Mu family did not believe it, even the Yan family did not believe it. Who would believe the words of an illegitimate child and doubt a successor who has performed well since childhood?

The reason why the Yan family sent Song Junyan away was because of his mind, misconduct, and lack of education. Wouldn’t it be more terrifying to lie and frame children at such a young age?

Although Lu Chengyu didn’t quite understand the kindness and grievances in the wealthy family, he knew in his heart that the Yan family didn’t like Song Junyan’s behavior, so he was sent away.

But Song Junyan’s mother should be a woman with a lot of thoughts, otherwise, why did she deliberately add the word ‘Yan’ to his name. He couldn’t bear the Yan family’s surname, but still insisted on having a relationship with the Yan family. To say that she didn’t even think about it, he didn’t believe it anyway.

But despite this, Song Junyan’s life seemed to be very moist. This may be Yan’s father’s handwriting. As an outsider, Lu Chengyu naturally found it hard to mention this kind of thing. “Probably because he was not accepted by the Yan family back then, so he is now thinking about dealing with the Yan family.”

“It’s okay,” Yan Mu said, “I’ll take care of this.”

Lu Chengyu felt that Yan Mu’s tone was like buying a cabbage. Such a relaxed tone made him feel a little bit too solemn.

After eating the noodles, Yan Mu said, “It’s so late, don’t go back tonight.”

Lu Chengyu glanced at the wall clock on the wall. It was three o’clock past nine, is it very late?

He withdrew his gaze silently, and then nodded, “Okay.” Perhaps it was because Yan Mu’s eyes were too serious as if he would be sad if he refused. So, he couldn’t say anything.

“You can watch TV by yourself, I’ll go upstairs to clean up,” Yan Mu handed the remote control to Lu Chengyu, turned upstairs, and prepared to go to the guest room to get a new set of bedding.

Seeing that Yan Mu had already gone upstairs, Lu Chengyu turned on the TV, just in time to see the male protagonist scrambling in front of his crush.

He reached out and touched his chin, then looked back upstairs again, his eyes stained with complexity.

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[1] Referring to conflicts between wives and concubines.

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