TCYEC Ch. 74

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Xue Chengxiu picked up his son from the kindergarten. Then he saw several cars of various prices parked outside his villa. His eyebrows jumped, and there was a bad feeling in his heart. Then he saw the bodyguard who went to the garage to park the car again. When he drove back, he said that the garage was full. He squeezed his son’s little hand, squinted his eyes slightly, his anger kept rising, and then opened the door and walked in. A large group of people in the living room were eating, drinking and chatting at if it was their own house, and seeing him acted very casual and waved their paws and said “Oh, you’re back”, they were more like the owner of this house than him, the actual owner.

Xue Yunmu was holding his father’s hand. He was very happy to see so many people coming to the house. He ran over and greeted people one by one. Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t resist such a cute god at all, so he stretched out his hand and wanted to hug him. But the little guy looked at the coffee table. Among the table full of various snacks, there were two knuckle-sized kittens in a small rattan basket. The little guy ran back in tears to his father. Aggrieved and said: “Dad, the cat candy that my brother gave to Mu Mu is gone.”

Wei Xiaofeng still maintained the posture of reaching out to hug, looking stiffly on the coffee table. He remembered that when he came, he put it in the small basket. There were about eight or nine kittens, but now there were only two. Don’t ask about who must have eaten them.

Xue Chengxiu picked up his son and walked over to look at the small basket. When he sent his son to kindergarten in the morning, there were ten kittens in the basket. It was Yang Yang who used sugar in the shape of the set of pottery kittens photographed at the charity party. Made for Mu Mu to play, now there were seven missing…

Looking around the circle of people sitting on the sofa, Xue Chengxiu directly turned on the taunt mode: “You have eaten all the children’s toys, you are starving to death. Is it?”

Everyone: “…” Fuck, isn’t that candy for eating but for playing? Then why should it be spicy and delicious?? Will they be poisoned if they have eaten it???

Xue Yunmu put his arms around his father’s neck and looked at the uncles and grandpas who ate his cat candy.

“Ahem…” Nong Yuan, the oldest there, hurriedly acted as a representative, and said embarrassedly: “Can’t you eat that candy? Xiao Mumu, sorry, grandpa didn’t know that it was your toy. Grandpa can buy it for you again.?”

Others agreed, apologizing and inquiring where to buy.

“It was made by Yangyang himself and is not available for sale.” Xue Chengxiu was indifferent, showing obvious complacency.

The people who couldn’t defend themselves were suddenly shown off to by him, and they coldly complained in their hearts: Haha, you didn’t do it yourself, what’s so good about it.

The cat candy was eaten, Xue Yunmu felt very sad, struggling from his father’s arms to the ground, he ran to the kitchen with the small basket with the two cat candies left.


Yu Siyang was suddenly hugged by his thigh. Hearing the little guy’s voice was not right, he quickly turned off the fire, knelt down and touched the little guy’s soft hair, and asked: “What’s wrong with Mumu?”

Xue Yunmu picked up the small basket and showed it to his brother, complaining aggrieved: “My cat was eaten.”

“Huh?” Yu Siyang was shocked.

Ge Rui, who came to the kitchen to help, blushed and said embarrassingly: “Head, we think this kitty candy was very cute, so we divided it up for one person…” They didn’t expect to grab the kid’s food to eat.

Yu Siyang’s expression was stunned.

Mumu used these candies to play with, and there was a lot of play for these candy cats where they were arranged as a prince and princess dog blood drama. During the play, several cats fell on the ground and rolled a few times.

“It doesn’t matter, brother will do it for you again?” Yu Siyang comforted, and the little guy nodded with a smile, and then laughed. Then he took a look at Ge Rui…

Then, should he tell these people that the candy they ate was picked up from the ground…

Seeing Rui sister’s embarrassed appearance, Yu Siyang decided, to kindly conceal this matter.

However, Yu Siyang concealed his decision in good faith. On the other hand, Mr. Xue unceremoniously ridiculed: “Those sugar cats were used by Mu Mu to play with them, and they fell on the ground and rolled around. You actually even ate them. It’s really a reincarnation of a starving ghost.”

The people with a green face: “…”

The group laughed at these people who came to eat, and Xue Chengxiu was in a good mood and walked to the kitchen.

God knows how bad his mood was when he just walked in and saw a large group of people coming to his house for a meal.

Originally, there was a Nong Yuan who kept him from confession every day. It was depressing enough. Now there were a bunch of light bulbs, and they had the time to disturb the world of other people. Why not do something that contributes to society.

Before Xue Chengxiu walked to the door of the kitchen, he suddenly smelled a slightly pungent scent. This scent was mixed with a variety of spices. It was extremely domineering and occupying one’s sense of smell. He took a deep breath, and the saliva secreted unconsciously, accelerating the speed of his walk towards the kitchen.

“Good fragrance, good fragrance…”

Under the guise of helping in the kitchen, Ge Rui, who was actually trying to eat the delicacies meticulously cooked by the head of the group, was excited. Together with Xue Yunmu, she stared at the grilled beef tendon[1] on the stove, constantly swallowing saliva.


Yu Siyang moved the beef tendon to the specially-made iron plate and was about to take it out. Xue Chengxiu who just walked to the kitchen took the lead and helped bring the cooking plate to the dining table.

He followed Mr. Xue and waited for the plate to be placed, then he took the lighter to ignite the hot pot, the flame heated the iron plate a little bit, the beef tendon and the butter on the iron plate were heated, making a sizzling sound, and the spices were strong. The spicy fragrance was evaporated by the high temperature and spread domineeringly in the dining room, and then slowly spread to the living room.

The few people in the living room who had been green-faced because they had eaten the sugar that fell on the floor smelled the scent, and immediately couldn’t sit still. They got up and walked to the dining room, gathered around the dining table, staring at the iron plate on the table with piercing eyes.

When Ge Rui came out to help serve the food, she was frightened by a few big men with bright eyes.

——Do these people have to look like they finally saw meat after being hungry for a month?!

——Although she was greedy just now, she was definitely not as hungry as these people. Humph, even if she were, she wouldn’t admit it.

Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu brought out the last few dishes together. What he was holding was the Dongpo pork that he had been thinking about for several days. Mr. Xue wanted to help serve it. He was not unhappy anymore. After serving it out, he even put it in the place closest to him.

“Xiaoyu, can we eat now?” As the oldest person, Nong Yuan spoke on behalf of everyone.

Yu Siyang nodded. Because there was a crab, he deliberately took out a bottle of Huadiao yellow wine from the wine cabinet. Although the best crab-eating season had passed, he didn’t know where Aunt Wang bought the blue crabs. They were still quite fat. Yes, he steamed it in the pot, adjusted some dipping sauces, and filled a large bowl, which was easy and delicious.

Among this group of people, except for Lin Houzhong, who came here for the first time today, Luo Peng, Zhan Heng, Wei Xiaofeng, Pei Ziteng, and Zhang Zhenqi are all familiar with each other. They were not at all polite.

When Yu Siyang went out in the morning, he asked Aunt Wang to stew the beef tendon. When he came back to cook the beef tendon, the heat was just right. When it was stewed, he put star anise, cinnamon and bay leaves, and put it again to be cooked. He then sprinkled allspice, fennel and white sesame and roasted it swiftly by the fire. The more they roasted, the more fragrant they were.

The beef tendon was stewed soft, and it was still crispy in the mouth, but there was no chewiness at all. The overbearing marinade mixed with various spices was stewed in it. When chewing, those tastes were brought out. The scent of the beef was intensely diffused in the mouth. The soft beef tendon was very chewy, and the more one chewed, the more fragrant it was. It was hard to stop eating after a few.

The beef tendon was roasted by the high temperature of the iron plate, and part of it was glued to the iron plate. It was burnt a little. Zhan Heng shovelled it a little bit with chopsticks and put it in his mouth for a try, and his eyes lit up.

The beef tendon that was burnt and stuck on the iron plate had another delicious taste. It had a slightly burnt taste, and the taste was slightly hard when it was roasted. It tasted crispy, and it was more fragrant than the beef tendon that was not burnt.

Zhan Heng hurriedly shovelled another piece to Wei Xiaofeng’s mouth, “Xiaofeng, open your mouth, this is delicious.”

Wei Xiaofeng glanced suspiciously at the slightly black beef tendon. He didn’t want to eat it but watching Zhan Heng waited eagerly for him to eat it, he thought to himself: There was really nothing he can do with him.

He opened his mouth and ate it… his eyes also brightened; it was really delicious.

Wei Xiaofeng pointed at the iron plate with his chin, and Zhan Heng immediately shovelled the burnt beef tendon, and then brought it to his dear mouth.

The others were stunned by the two people having a meal and showing affection.

Hey hey hey, can you have a face, while eating, forcing others to eat dog food, it’s too frantic.

Zhang Zhenqi felt that he could not be compared. He had a fiancé, so why should he be stuffed with dog food for some reason?

So, he took a piece of Dongpo pork and brought it to Ge Rui’s mouth, “Honey, open your mouth, it’s delicious.”

Ge Rui opened her mouth very cooperatively and ate the Dongpo pork, and she was shocked enough to look at Yu Siyang.

——Oh oh oh, the craftsmanship of the leader was really not comparable.

The Dongpo pork was made soft, waxy and crispy, it was red but not greasy. This taste could only be described as mellow.

Zhang Zhenqi was very depressed. He was obviously the one feeding her Dongpo pork. Why did his fiancee look at other men with beaming eyes? Although this Dongpo pork was made by that man, she shouldn’t watch him so enthusiastically.

The more depressed person was actually Mr. Xue.

These people came to his house to eat dinner, and blatantly show affection in front of him. Are they deliberately pissing him off?

Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Siyang, who was concentrating on eating Dongpo pork, and was very discouraged. When will this stupid boy get resuscitation? He had made it clear so many times, why was he still ignorant?

Otherwise, at this moment, he could also show off.

“Mr. Xue?” Yu Siyang blinked, wondering why Xue Chengxiu had to look at him with sad eyes, as if he had done something to hurt him.

After thinking about it, he took a Dongpo pork with his chopsticks, which he planned to put in Mr. Xue’s bowl, but unexpectedly, Mr. Xue quickly cut his chopstick on the way and ate the pork meat on his chopsticks in one bite.

Yu Siyang: “…” Is Mr. Xue so hungry?

Single dogs: “…” Hehe, another pair of showing affection, the lovers are going to mock us death ah ah ah ah ah!

Now the only two single dogs-Pei Ziteng and Luo Peng looked at each other and felt internal injuries at the same time.

Show affection, die fast!

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