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Fu Yuanzhou held the handle, and soon realized that he was actually attracted by Shen Xigou’s pheromone, his expression changed suddenly, and he almost smashed the handle to the ground.

He desperately smeared the handle with alcohol, so that the slightly pungent smell could cover the extremely light breath, and his heart beat fast.

After the temptation, what he felt was a deep fear—Shen Xigou’s pheromone was so powerful, he was afraid that he would repeat the same mistakes and be attracted by Shen Xigou again.

He couldn’t let this happen!

Fu Yuanzhou began to seriously consider the possibility of moving out to live. Since he couldn’t drive Shen Xigou away, he could move out and live somewhere else so that Shen Xigou could not find him.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this method was feasible, and he immediately wanted to discuss it with his mother, but now that she was asleep, Fu Yuanzhou decided to talk about it with her tomorrow, and strive to move out as soon as possible.

After cleaning up the game room, he went to wash up, wiped his hair and went to bed, then he picked up his mobile phone, and sent a message to Xie Lin: “What did you and my mother talk about alone?”

Was it still about the dating game? He didn’t type out the second half of the sentence.

Xie Lin replied to him but did not disclose the content of his conversation with Fu Yuanzhou’s mother. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t ask anymore, and finally had to give up embarrassingly.

“Then…” He hesitated for a long time, and then asked again, “What do you think about the game?”

Although his mother called it off at the time, he and Xie Lin had agreed, but Xie Lin just messaged him on WeChat. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, but he would be very concerned if he did not ask, so he still asked.

“Continue later.” Xie Lin returned to him, “You still owe me two days.”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou typed tremblingly, “Continue later!”

“You have already promised me, and there is no chance to go back.” Xie Lin said.

The trap that he entered by himself at the beginning could only be endured with tears. Fu Yuanzhou looked at the ceiling and sighed, then he accidentally caught a glimpse of the ring on the table, and asked, “Do I have to give the ring back to you?”

“Okay.” Xie Lin didn’t refuse, just said, “I’ll give it to you again when we officially start dating.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” There would not be such a day!

After finishing the conversation with Xie Lin, he had a lot of things in his heart, but he closed his eyes and gradually fell asleep. The next morning, his mother went back to the company. He didn’t see her, so he called her and negotiated with her about moving out on the phone.

His mother guessed that he was moving out because of Shen Xigou. She thought they were just in an ordinary conflict, but yesterday Fu Yuanzhou said very seriously that Shen Xigou was a dangerous person. So, she was a little concerned. Now it seemed that her child was being real. He was very apprehensive and even afraid of Shen Xigou, and he would rather go out to live than have any contact with Shen Xigou.

If it was before, she would definitely not agree. Xiaozhou was an Omega, and his temperament was immature. Living alone, he would definitely cause a lot of trouble, but recently, she had found that Xiaozhou was a lot more sensible, and not only had become very self-disciplined, he had also started studying hard, and showing filial piety to them, in fact he already had the appearance of a young adult.

But she couldn’t make her own decision on this matter, so she called her husband to ask his opinion.

Fu Yuanzhou’s father had always trusted his child. He thought that there was nothing wrong with it. It was fine to let the aunt live with Fu Yuanzhou. This was actually similar to now, because the two of them were too busy with work and often couldn’t go home. Both the aunt and Fu Yuanzhou only usually lived together.

Mother Fu communicated with the aunt again. She didn’t care where she lived and promised that she would take good care of Fu Yuanzhou. With their support, Mother Fu was relieved and agreed to Fu Yuanzhou’s request and said that they would often visit after getting off work.

“The company is very busy these days. When we are done, we will help you contact the house brokers and find a safe community.”

Mother Fu said to Fu Yuanzhou: “Actually, if Xiaolin and Xiaofei are willing, you can live on the same floor, and you can take care of each other. I would be more at ease if Xiaolin was with you.”

She knew that Xie Lin liked Fu Yuanzhou, but she was very reassured about Xie Lin’s character, she believed that he would not do anything excessive to her child.

Fu Yuanzhou agreed to everything. After hanging up the phone, he felt much better, and he hoped that he could move out quickly.

The next few days were relatively quiet. The game between him and Xie Lin was suspended, and Yu Fei joined them again. The three went out to play for two days. The rest of the time was spent doing homework or reading books. On WeChat, the other people jokingly asked how their relationship was going, and Fu Yuanzhou dealt with it at will.

As for Shen Xigou, Fu Yuanzhou would either not go out these days, or he would carefully observe when he went out, so as to make sure that he would not collide with Shen Xigou before slipping out.

Shen Xigou didn’t come to visit either. Fu Yuanzhou’s mother was not at home. He probably knew that he was unwelcome, and even if he came uninvited, he would be turned away, so he simply did not show up.

The National Day holiday passed quickly and was over in the blink of an eye. After returning to school, Fu Yuanzhou was noticed by everyone in the class. Except him, the limelight was naturally on Yuan Ye. Now the whole class knew that Yuan Ye had confessed to him on WeChat.

“So, what happened later?”

Someone looked at the two of them and smiled: “We are all friends, don’t hide it from us, just tell me, are you together!”

“Do we look like it?” Yuan Ye asked with a smile.

“I see…”

The boy’s eyes swept between the two of them. Fu Yuanzhou felt that he could not be misunderstood, and immediately clarified: “Don’t think too much about it, we are not together, Yuan Ye—”

“It was I who is pursuing Fu Yuanzhou unilaterally, but he didn’t agree to me.”

Even if he revealed that he was rejected, Yuan Ye didn’t have any embarrassed or downcast look on his face, he really didn’t look sad, which made the people in the class not quite believe it. They started booing and asking them again, so Yuan Ye said with a smile.

“Okay, don’t ask, if you provoke him, I have no hope. Don’t bother him, come to me if something happens.”

“Yo, even before the eight characters are written[1], you have learnt to protect others first. Hey?” The classmates teased Yuan Ye with a hilarious smile. Yuan Ye didn’t speak but had a smile on his face.

Fu Yuanzhou was unhappy and said unceremoniously, “You can stay where it’s cool. Have you finished your National Day homework?”

Everyone suddenly wailed, saying that he was too cruel, Fu Yuanzhou took out all his homework slowly, and these people suddenly changed their faces again, frantically trying to please him to copy his homework, and they all drooped after being rejected by Fu Yuanzhou. Then they had no time to pester the two of them anymore.

After finishing her recent work, Mother Fu started to help Fu Yuanzhou find a house, but she had high requirements for the house, and she still wanted two sets on the same floor, so she was not able to find a suitable one for a while. In addition, she was still very busy. It dragged on and on until Fu Yuanzhou’s mid-term exam.

This was Fu Yuanzhou’s first big exam since he was reborn. He still attached great importance to it. Before the exam, he reviewed frantically. In addition, he hadn’t seen Shen Xigou very much recently, so he temporarily put the matter of moving on hold and concentrated on his studies.

After the exam results came down, Fu Yuanzhou got the report card and saw that among the fifty people in the class, he was ninth, and he was making great progress. You must know that at the end of last semester, he was still counting down, and when he was reborn it had already been a few years and he had forgotten all the high school knowledge.

Yuan Ye, who was in the same class as him, and usually didn’t seem to be studying at all, was the second in the grade this time. No one could shake the throne of Ran Shutang’s first rank in the grade. He had a perfect score in mathematics, physics and chemistry, which was beyond his reach.

There was no suspense in the first rank in the third year. It belonged to Xie Lin, and Yu Fei was the third in the first grade. Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a long time after learning about their grades. Brushing the questions, his parents and auntie took turns knocking on his door, telling him to stop working so hard.

Naturally, Fu Yuanzhou had not forgotten one thing, that was, he had to thank Ran Shutang well.

Although after he got to know that Ran Shutang had a good impression of him, he didn’t let Ran Shutang help him make up lessons, but the materials that Ran Shutang gave him were still very useful to him, and he received such great help because of them. He had just found an owner for the stray cat casually, and the effort was not as good as the benefit.

Coincidentally, he also overheard Class 1 students saying that Ran Shutang’s birthday was next week, so he decided to prepare a present for Ran Shutang, but what did Ran Shutang need? Give him a set of online lessons or competition practice questions. Big gift bag?

Fu Yuanzhou was sitting in his seat, thinking about this question seriously, when the class bell rang, and the head teacher Da Yang walked into the class with a thick stack of paper in his hand.

At first, Fu Yuanzhou thought it was a test paper, but when he received it, he found out that it was a medical examination notice.

The physical examination notice listed the time and place of the physical examination. It was this Friday, and all students had to go to the hospital for physical examination in the morning.

Fu Yuanzhou felt that it was fresh, because the general physical examination was usually carried out by the testing party with the equipment in the school, and it was rare for students to get to go to the hospital.

“The precautions are all written above, everyone read it carefully.”

Da Yang said: “Specially reminding students whose gender is either Alpha or Omega, don’t take inhibitory drugs these two days, because the hospital will check your pheromone.”

“But be sure to remember to take the suppressant with you that day and take it as soon as possible after the examination. If there is any abnormality in your body, you must tell the doctor in time, don’t…” He coughed, “Don’t cause any trouble.”

He said vaguely, but everyone knew that he was referring to the craze of estrus. They were a little shy and looked around secretly. Most of their eyes were on the few Alphas and Omegas.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t notice their eyes, he just looked down at the physical examination items listed on the notice. Many of them were different from those in his previous life, such as pheromone secretion examination and gland examination.

“Don’t forget to go back and ask your parents to sign.”

This kind of physical examination was done once in a semester, and everyone was familiar with it. Da Yang didn’t say anything more and started to give them math lessons. On Friday, each class came to the hospital in batches for physical examination, and the physical examination of each grade was to take place on different floors.

Fu Yuanzhou took the list that was sent to him and searched for a few physical examination items, because this was Omega’s exclusive gland examination, he pushed open the door and entered the office, the doctor smiled at him, and said gently: “Okay, take off your collar.”

For the gland examination, naturally the glands had to be exposed, so Fu Yuanzhou took off the collar, because he couldn’t take suppressants during the examination, a sweet peach scent filled the entire office instantly.

The author has something to say: I am on time!

Yesterday, I asked everyone to guess the smell of Shen Xigou’s pheromone. You guys are so maddened. What kind of stinky tofu, spicy sticks, fried chicken, hot pot, and barbecue are all out. This makes me say something good. I can’t refute it. Now this kind of thing It is indeed the taste of extreme temptation QAQ

 (By the way, yesterday, the big baby really guessed Shen Xigou’s pheromone. I won’t say who guessed it because of the spoiler, but I must praise the big baby who guessed it, So smart!! =v=)

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[1] Eight characters are a concept in Chinese astrology which says that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. These eight characters are matched at the time of marriage to check the compatibility of the couple. So, these kids are making fun of YY saying that things are not even official between them but he is still so protective of FZ.

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