TBVSR Ch. 32: Lipstick

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Yuxi Middle School was a private school. It held a New Year’s Day party every year. Many celebrities were invited to attend in order to attract more investment and sponsors.

Therefore, the standard of the New Year’s Day party of the school was also very high, and each class was required to have at least two programs that could be displayed.

Tao Anxin would naturally not miss this opportunity. She had learned some dance in the interest class in junior high school.

Later, in order to study, she gave up dancing.

Although she gave up dancing, the foundation was still there. And she was also very smart. She practiced her dance hard. As her best performance, she danced this dance every New Year’s Day party, and her skills had become better and better.

Because she was an outstanding poor student in the school, whenever there was any scholarship or financial aid in the society, she would always show her family background and grades to the sponsor.

With this status, Tao Anxin could win the special prize of the New Year’s Day party every year, and get bonuses ranging from 30,000 to 50,000.

And every time after winning the award, Tao Anxin would also find a decent opportunity to give a return gift to Teacher Qin from the school’s entertainment department.

Compared with other classmates from wealthy families who were not familiar with the world, Tao Anxin, who was from an ordinary family, had a special understanding of the world under the influence of her parents.

When the head teacher counted the list of students who had signed up for the class, Tao Anxin raised her hand high by herself.

As soon as she raised her hand, the students who were eager to try also became dull.

Anyway, as long as Tao Anxin was there, everyone else would definitely not get the prize.

One reason was that she had a good relationship with Teacher Qin from the Cultural and Entertainment Department, and the other was that she was an inspirational poor student, and the school was also happy to award her a special prize for publicity.

So, they didn’t need to join in the fun.

Seeing that everyone didn’t raise their hands, Tao Anxin felt that it was meaningless.

It was too easy to win, but it made her lose her fighting spirit.

She needed a close opponent to win in a brilliant manner.

Therefore, she turned her mind to Jiang Yu.

“Student Jiang Yu, I heard that you have also learned to dance. Let’s go to the party together. It just so happens that my dance is a pas de deux.”

Jiang Yu was scratching her head while reviewing the textbook, and was preparing for the final exam, when Tao Anxin cued her name, so she suddenly raised her head: “What?”

Tao Anxin said with a smile, “I heard Huo Cheng say, you have learned dancing, do you want to show your skills on stage?”

As soon as she brought out Huo Cheng, the classmates began to wonder and they exchanged glances deeply.

Who didn’t know that Huo Cheng liked Tao Anxin and used Jiang Yu as a substitute when he couldn’t ask Tao Anxin out.

But during this time, it seemed that Huo Cheng and Tao Anxin were getting closer again. It was said that the two had established a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Tao Anxin deliberately mentioned Huo Cheng here, it was more or less like a declaration of war between rivals.

The students were immediately excited and posed like the melon-eating crowd to watch the show.

Jiang Yu didn’t think as much as they thought. Hearing Tao Anxin’s invitation to her, she suddenly thought of today from her previous life.

Today in the last life, Tao Anxin also invited Jiang Yu, after all, she was her “substitute”.

In the past, because of her low self-esteem, Jiang Yu would never dance in public if it was not necessary for the competition.

Because people with low self-esteem were the most afraid of being the focus of others’ eyes.

This also greatly limited the expressiveness and appeal of her dance, which made her seem mediocre in the art class.

Therefore, even if she had studied ballet, she never mentioned it in front of her classmates at school, for fear that others would ask her to show it.

In the last life, Tao Anxin invited her to dance with her, but because she was too nervous, she made frequent mistakes in the dance, which was very embarrassing.

And with her as a contrast and foil, Tao Anxin’s originally unremarkable dancing skills also looked extremely amazing.

This incident hit Jiang Yu hard, making her more and more disillusioned with ballet, and so she gradually gave up her dream of dancing.

It could be said that this incident completely changed Jiang Yu’s life trajectory.

Thinking of all the unbearable scenes in the previous life, it was really a sloppy hand.

Now, she could help so many people start over and change the regrets and mistakes of the past through [Knowledge].

Then her own regrets should also be redeemed.

Jiang Yu immediately agreed to Tao Anxin: “Okay, let’s dance together.”

The classmates looked at Jiang Yu in surprise, because they did not expect her to agree to Tao Anxin so easily.

Although they had heard that Jiang Yu had learned to dance, but she was so introverted that she was even nervous when she read poetry aloud in class, and she often mispronounced it.

Letting her dance in front of so many classmates and alumni, as well as people in the community, they didn’t know what kind of mistakes will happen.

After class, Tao Anxin approached Jiang Yu to discuss cooperation in dancing: “Let’s all play well and strive to achieve the best results.”

Jiang Yu nodded: “No problem.”

Tao Anxin took out her mobile phone and sent the dance video to Jiang Yu: “Just dance for a while, and follow the video to learn it. You have a foundation in dance, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to learn a dance.”

“No problem.”

Jiang Yu packed her schoolbag and was ready to leave : “Do you need to practice together?”


Tao Anxin didn’t want her to dance to the best of her ability, but she needed her as a foil for herself, so there was no need to spend time practicing with her, “You just need to practice this dance, don’t worry about me.”

Jiang Yu went home and watched the video. This video was not so much a duet dance, but a solo dance. She only needed to play two minutes in the middle part to perform a background dance for Tao Anxin.

But it didn’t matter, even if it was only two minutes, it was enough for her to play well.

The competition was divided into special prizes and first, second and third prizes. The first, second and third prizes had no bonuses and were awarded to programs; the special prizes had bonuses and were awarded to individuals.

Therefore, everyone who participated in the competition, whether it was the protagonist or the supporting role, had the opportunity to win the special prize.

As long as you can get the special prize, there will be 30,000-50,000 corporate sponsorship bonuses, which was easier than the tasks given to Jiang Yu by the app.

Although the Esmera Art Center waived her tuition for the first year, but to enter such an art palace, the tuition fee was only a drop in the bucket, and there were more places to spend money.

Jiang Yu didn’t just want to be ashamed. The cost of the Esmera Art Center wa also her practical consideration.

More importantly, Jiang Yu wanted to use the money to buy Qiu Li a gift, in return for the expensive dancing shoes he gave her before.

So, she had to be sure to get the grand prize.

New Year’s Day party, Yuxi Middle School sent invitations to well-known enterprises in the city according to the practice of previous years.

However, there were often very few people who came.

Who were the senior executives of these enterprises in the city who were not caught in a meal. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if they were free, they wouldn’t take the time to attend this kind of student party.

But today, all the invitation letters sent out had been responded to, and almost all the senior executives of the company had come to the party.

The reason was…

Xie Yuan responded to the invitation of the party for the first time.

The school leaders didn’t even dare to think that a big guy like Xie Yuan would agree to attend a party of this size.

And as soon as he came over, the other bigwigs who were also invited came one after another.

What a rare opportunity to get to know Xie Yuan. Usually, these high-level executives had to make an appointment three months in advance, but they still might not be able to meet Xie Yuan.

Therefore, this evening, the auditorium of Yuxi Middle School was full of friends and was very lively.

The school attached great importance to the program of this party, and invited a special makeup team to help the students with makeup in the background.

Tao Anxin was accompanied by two make-up artists, one helped her with her base makeup and the other with her hairstyle.

Tao Anxin was an inspirational and impoverished student of the school. Therefore, her dance program, as the finale of the audience, would be grandly launched.

Jiang Yu was the default supporting role in her show, and no one did her makeup.

Holding Jiang Manyi’s makeup box, she came to the corridor alone, and took advantage of the sunlight overflowing from the skylight to apply makeup to herself.

Behind the vanity mirror, Jiang Yu saw that the side door was open, and Qiu Li had come in from behind the door.

She turned her head and raised her hand at him: “Boyfriend, I’m here.”

Qiu Li walked over to her and saw that the clothes she was wearing today were not the usual swan stage clothes, but wide-leg pants with a simple white T, on her feet, she was wearing a pair of sneakers.

Although Jiang Yu’s figure looked thin, Qiu Li had carried her on his back, so he knew that her body was actually very strong and powerful. It was only because of her low fat percentage that she looked thin.

With such a figure, no matter what kind of clothes she wore, she could carry them with her own temperament.

“Won’t you dance ballet?”

Jiang Yu said while spreading powder for herself: “I won’t dance ballet today, but I’ve added ballet moves to mix and match.”

“Will you dance other dances?” Qiu Li was obviously a little worried: “It’s already full outside. If you don’t dance well, it will be very embarrassing.”

“That’s right, if you make a fool of yourself. Then I’ll tell others that I don’t know you.”

Jiang Yu felt that what he said was a bit too much, and muttered dissatisfiedly: “It’s been a long time for you to eat for nothing.”

Qiu Li seeing that she had so many makeup tools, sat next to her, took a brush and dipped it in blush, and sketched randomly on her face.

It seemed to be interesting.

Jiang Yu pushed his hand away: “Don’t make trouble.”

Qiu Li still wanted to do something, so he simply put the brush back in place, then squatted down, untied her sneaker laces, and re-tightened them carefully.

She felt a tightness on the back of her foot, stopped the movement of her hands, and glanced down at him.

The boy’s slender and beautiful hands carefully tied her shoelaces into a strong and tight bow.

There was a rare tenderness in his eyes, as if he had concentrated all his attention on doing this one thing.

Even after tying her shoelaces, he was not satisfied, so he took a lipstick from the vanity box, opened it, and smeared it on her lower lip.

“Do you know how?”

“I can learn.”

Qiu Li took the lipstick and spread it evenly on her lower lip.

Jiang Yu didn’t stop him, handed over her face, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the “service” he gave her.

After applying it, Qiu Li’s cold fingertips rubbed against her lower lip.

She opened her eyes: “Why?”

Qiu Li’s fingertips dipped a touch of bright red, rubbed against his thin lips, and licked it.

“It’s so sweet.”


Jiang Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, stood up, packed her cosmetic bag and prepared to warm up.

“Boyfriend, if you are really free, pray for me and that I don’t fall down tonight.”

Today in her last life, she was embarrassed.

Qiu Li looked at her back reverently, and said, “You won’t be ashamed if you fall.”


He smiled softly: “Because your boyfriend will come to the stage first, block your face, and save you.”

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