KHSW Ch. 329

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Ling Xi was slightly startled. Although Yizhi’s voice sounded very nice, why was she feeling uncomfortable?

“Recalling this, this scandal is nothing to me. Do you think I will be sad about this kind of thing?”

Xu Yizhi let go gently. Didn’t Chi Jingyu say that female artists would be sad when encountering such a thing? He had even thought of a way to comfort her, but now he had no use for it.

Seeing Ling Xi looking at him, he had no choice but to nod lightly.

Ling Xi’s heart warmed, “Don’t worry, my endurance is not that bad. Besides, isn’t there you behind me?”

Hearing Ling Xi’s occasional reliance on him, Xu Yizhi’s eyes became even more doting.

“By the way, I suddenly remembered that the general manager of our company actually wrote me a letter of apology today. Do you know what happened?”

Hearing her mention Zhu Wenyuan, Xu Yizhi’s body temperature cooled down a little. He was afraid of “freezing” Ling Xi, but he slowly calmed down a little, “During the meeting, he actually asked to terminate the contract with you.”

“Then what?” Yizhi must have done something or said something, otherwise Zhu Wenyuan would not have apologized to her.

“Then I told him that he no longer needed to keep the position of general manager of Yiling.”

“No wonder he wanted to apologize to me.” Thinking that Yizhi wanted to fire Zhu Wenyuan, she felt moved in her heart. “Well, our general manager is quite nice. He helped you carry the plate and eat for a long time. I didn’t get to eat the food you cooked.”

After dinner.

“Mom, I saw you on TV! My grandparents and great-grandfather also saw you.”

Ling Xi smiled and touched his head, “Then, what did you see mom doing?”

“Mom and a big brother were looking for treasure in a mountain village.”

Ling Xi suddenly remembered that Yizhi must not see that program. If he saw it, he might become extremely jealous.

As everyone knew, Chi Jingyu had already shown it to Xu Yizhi before.

She immediately put her index finger on Xiao Nuo’s lips and made a “shh” gesture, “Baby, please don’t let your dad see that program, do you understand?”

Although Xiao Nuo didn’t know why his mother didn’t want his father see it, he still smiled obediently and said, “Well, Xiao Nuo won’t let dad see it.”

In addition, Ling Xi had another layer of worries, “Then… did Baby Nuo notice the expressions of his grandparents and great-grandfather? Were they unhappy?”

Xiao Nuo thought for a moment and nodded slightly, “Yeah.”

Ling Xi’s heart dropped. At that time, she and Liming were acting as husband and wife. Her parents-in-law and grandpa must have felt uncomfortable.

Xiao Nuo added: “Grandma started crying later. She said those little brothers and sisters were so pitiful, and asked grandpa to donate some money to them!”

Ling Xi’s heart relaxed again, and she breathed out gently, “Huh~”

“Ling Xi, did you buy this bouquet of flowers?”

When Xu Yizhi saw the roses placed on the cabinet in the entrance hall, he asked casually.

Ling Xi then remembered that she seemed to have brought the flowers back, and immediately ran over with a guilty look on her face, “Husband, I was wrong.”

When Xu Yizhi heard the words “I was wrong”, his body shook violently, and his hands and feet began to feel a little cold. Could it be that… Ling Xi fell in love with someone else?

Why else would she apologize? Why did she just say she wanted to hug him for a while in the kitchen?

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