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The busy lighting engineers, sound engineers, photographers, and the assistants of the stars all looked at Luo Ning. The most taboo thing after coming to the crew was being too arrogant, but Luo Ning’s gentle and kind smile made people feel good at first sight.

Next to him, Qin Yize’s assistant, Xiao Qi, couldn’t help but say, “He smiles so gracefully, and his dimples are so cute! I wonder if he has a girlfriend?”

Sister Lin said calmly, “Don’t have too much wishful thinking, how many people can come here? He is an intern in the production crew of Yize Investment and is also being taught by the ace screenwriter Xue An’an herself. The background of this young man is definitely not simple. Whether he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend is not something we can ask.”

Xiao Qi curiously said: “Sister Lin, what do you think his origins are?”

Sister Lin stroked her chin thoughtfully: “I guess he’s a relative of the director or Teacher Xue, they have a very kind attitude towards him.”

While they were chatting, Qin Yize had already finished changing his clothes and came out, seeing this, Xiao Qi immediately walked over to help. But Sister Lin was surprised to find that her artist’s eyes when looking at the intern seemed a little strange.

Luo Ning loved to laugh very much and had a strong affinity. He quickly became acquainted with the young people in the crew. An assistant girl even thoughtfully brought him a cup of yogurt and handed him some snacks and fruits. During this time, Luo Ning, the “new intern”, became the favorite of the group and was given breakfast by everyone in the crew.

When Qin Yize saw that he was surrounded by several girls, he was very upset and walked towards him immediately.

The actor Qin Yize’s position in the crew was of course needless to say, so the staff immediately respectfully gave him a way out, Qin Yize strode in front of Luo Ning wearing a military uniform, and said indifferently: “Who is this? How come I haven’t seen him before?”

He said so, but his eyes kept staring at Luo Ning.

Luo Ning curled his lips, stood up and extended his hand to him: “Hello Mr. Qin, I’m an intern who just joined the crew, and I’m also your loyal fan. I liked your performance in “The Replicant Project” the most. It’s an honor to meet you in person!”

After speaking, he scratched his hair, pretending to be a little shy when he met the Great God for the first time.

Qin Yize: “…”

Xi Wei almost laughed when he saw this performance, but thinking it would disturb his nephew’s hard work, he immediately turned his head away to avoid laughing out loud.

Qin Yize couldn’t turn his head away, so he had to cough lightly as he said, “It turned out to be an intern, no wonder he looks like a student.”

Luo Ning praised: “Mr. Qin’s military uniform is so handsome, when I saw you coming out just now, I almost didn’t dare to recognize you, I thought I really saw a handsome general from the military.”

Qin Yize: “…”

This flattery was really embarrassing.

However, when Luo Ning praised him for being handsome in person, Qin Yize was still very happy, but on the surface he pretended to be calm and said, “Thank you.”

Luo Ning said earnestly, “It’s my honor to meet you for the first time. By the way, can I ask you for an autograph?”

Qin Yize’s mouth twitched slightly and he said, “Of course you can. Where is the autograph book?”

He quickly took out a blank book and smiled very happily: “Just sign it here, thank you Mr. Qin!”

Qin Yize signed for him with his head down and a serious look on his face.

Xi Wei really wanted to laugh, so he simply went to the side to see the layout of the set and to stay away from these two actors.

Li Xin rubbed his temples with a headache, and said to his assistant, Sister Lin, “This intern, if he encounters any difficulties in the production crew in the future and asks you for help, please help him, Sister Lin. His origin is not simple, in short, don’t treat him badly.”

Sister Lin nodded: “I understand.”

After the two played a scene of “fan needing an autograph when they meet their idol”, Luo Ning waved to him and followed Teacher Xue.

While filming had not yet started, Teacher Xue told Luo Ning how to write a character biography.

Character biographies were necessary for every script. The screenwriter should write clearly the personalities, appearances, family backgrounds, and story experiences of the several main characters, so that the directors and actors could clearly understand a certain character.

For example, in the drama “Feng Mars Chen”, although the story of the male protagonist’s family background was briefly mentioned, the biography of the characters was written in great detail – it was precisely because of the experience of both parents who sacrificed themselves in the battlefield as a child that the male protagonist was so serious and why he looked extraordinarily indifferent, but his heart was warm, which stemmed from the teaching and cultivation by his adoptive father.

If the plot was the frame, then the characters were the soul of the whole play.

Luo Ning listened to Teacher Xue tell a lot of details, while taking notes carefully.

Xue An’an especially liked this obedient and well-behaved intern, and couldn’t help but say, “If you really want to develop in the screenwriting industry, why don’t I accept you as an apprentice? I’ll teach you later.”

Luo Ning’s eyes lit up, and he immediately smiled and rolled his eyes: “Thank you, Master!”

Hearing his sweet cry, Xue An’an’s heart softened, and she couldn’t help rubbing his hair lightly, and said, “Follow me and study hard.”

Being able to have a suitable apprentice was also a bonus.

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