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Tang Bai snorted, and had no choice but to call grandpa first, but after Tang Bai called grandpa out from the weapon research room, he saw a dreamlike scene of a business negotiation on the dining table.

Father Tang: “Do you have any plans for the future?”

Xie Ruheng sat upright, telling his academic plans, future career plans, and even family plans like an interview, in such detail as to whether he could accept his child taking his partner’s surname.

Tang Bai: “???”

Tang Bai interrupted Father Tang’s assessment: “Dad, you see you keep asking brother Xie questions, and my mother’s cooking is so delicious, but you are too busy talking, the food is getting cold.”

Father Tang glanced helplessly at Tang Bai, who had turned his elbow outward even before he was married, “You child…”

“Uncle is well-informed, and I have benefited from his pointers, yes I have been pulling my uncle for guidance.” Xie Ruheng said sincerely.

It’s my fault that the capital of green tea mastery was my fault, so please don’t start arguing about me.

Father Tang: This kid can barely count as okay

Tang Bai: Brother Xie is so understanding

Xie Ruheng didn’t pick up the food immediately after blowing the rainbow fart, because he remembered that one of the dining etiquettes Tang Bai taught him was to wait for the elder to move the chopsticks first.

Seeing that Grandpa Tang and Father Tang on the dining table hadn’t moved their chopsticks, Xie Ruheng first spread out the napkin and put it on his lap.

At this moment, he was extremely grateful for Tang Bai’s etiquette teaching before. When any knowledge was useful, sometimes learning was not only for school exams, but for more important assessments in life.

“How many children are there in Xiao Xie’s family, and what do your parents do?” Mother Tang asked with a smile.

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng nervously, seeing that Xie Ruheng’s expression remained unchanged, he said calmly: “I am the only one in the family now.”

Mother Tang was stunned for a moment, and after she realized it, she was extremely guilty, “I’m sorry, I I didn’t know…”

“It’s okay, I also want to thank my aunt, the soup you made reminds me of my mother.” Xie Ruheng said softly.

I pretend to be strong because of green tea’s unique skills, please love me.

Mother Tang: He is such a strong and kind child

Tang Bai: My brother Xie is really beautiful and miserable

Grandpa Tang who had been silent all this time said: “Xiao Xie, Professor Fu Yun is in your department, right?”

“Yes.” When Xie Ruheng met Grandpa Tang’s seemingly kind eyes, his nerves became tense to the extreme.

“In the military academy, you can’t think about falling in love every day. The most important thing is to study hard and serve the country.” The implication was that I have someone watching you, so don’t touch my Tangtang.

Xie Ruheng said seriously: “Grandpa is right, we are still young, and I will not squander my youth until I have a career.”

Tang Bai nodded desperately, yes, brother Xie promised me that he would not fall in love and will focus on proper business!

Grandpa Tang saw that the two children had already made an appointment, and he felt a little complicated, “Let’s eat.”

As Grandpa Tang died down, the assessment of Xie Ruheng came to an end temporarily. Although the two hostesses did not let go of Xie Ruheng, the two omegas in the family kept expressing their concern for Xie Ruheng at the dinner table—

“Xiao Xie, eat more of this prawn.” “This soup is delicious, may I give you a bowl of soup.” “Brother Xie, would you like to eat sweet and sour pork ribs, I like this very much.” “Xiao Xie, do you like to eat sweet like Tangtang…”

After finishing the meal, Tang Bai said sorry to Xie Ruheng in a low voice while no one was paying attention.

At the end of the meal, Tang Bai finally realized that his family members regarded Xie Ruheng as his dating partner… That’s why Xie Ruheng was so serious during the meal, which made Xie Ruheng’s nerves tense.

“Don’t take the attitude of my parents and grandpa to heart—” Before Tang Bai finished speaking, Xie Ruheng lightly touched his head.

“It’s okay.”

Those phoenix eyes looked at him gently, “I’m very happy.” I’m glad you could introduce me to your family.

Looking at each other, Tang Bai was inexplicably afraid to meet his eyes, “Let’s… let’s go and see the mecha.”


Soon they came to the weapon research room.

Even though he was mentally prepared, when Xie Ruheng saw the dead Barbie fan’s rabbit mech, he still felt a great shock in his heart – the giant pink rabbit full of mechanical aura broke through the rabbits in normal understanding, not only with its plush appearance and petite body, but also its surface which was still shining with metallic luster. After the two cute front teeth had grown into giants, there was no doubt that it would bite off the enemy’s head in one bite.

This sense of oppression could not be seen in the reduced-scale pictures, but when the mecha became a real thing, this rabbit mecha looked particularly ferocious!

In particular, Tang Bai also thoughtfully introduced the Rabbit Mech’s killing move: “In the Mecha Assist mode, I have set three attacking killing moves, one is the Rabbit Iron Fist. When attacking, the agility and strength can reach 10. You only need to press the attack button, you can smash the enemy, and the cooldown time is fifteen minutes.”

“The other one is Tutu Gaze, which will emit Dead Sea laser light waves from the ‘Eye’. The cooldown time is ten minutes. The last one is Tutu Runaway. The surface of the mecha will activate an electromagnetic forcefield, and the cooldown time is also ten minutes.”

Xie Ruheng nodded, “Should I test these?”

Tang Bai shook his head and smiled mysteriously: “These are very simple, it doesn’t need to trouble Brother Xie to test, Brother Xie, what you have to test is the free combat mode! The other features can be performed even by ordinary people without mecha talent, but the free combat mode can only be used in the hands of mecha geniuses.”

Tang Bai proudly introduced the free combat mode: “The free combat mode I designed uses the most difficult neural link technology! Only the best mecha masters can perfectly control the free combat mode!”

After the neural link was applied to the mecha free combat mode, it not only tested the mech master’s thinking speed and body speed, but also instinctive combat response.

It took time for the brain nerves to transmit instructions to the muscles. Although this time was very small, with the help of neural links, this slight impact could disappear.

The neural link could perfectly capture the instructions issued by the brain, and directly convey the instructions from the brain to the mecha, without waiting for the brain to command the body, and then let the body control the mecha.

The advantage of this was that a mecha master could maximize the most instinctive fighting skills of human beings on the mecha, because when an ordinary person operated a mecha, he must first think about how to swing the lightsaber and how to block the shield. So, he was operating the mecha logic to operate the mecha.

The mecha that used the neural link technology did not need to change its mind, and the mecha master could counter the opponent twice as fast as the opponent.

However, most people thought that the free mode under the neural link was too demanding for mecha masters, and ordinary people could not give full play to the greatest advantages of this mecha, because ordinary people did not have such a high fighting awareness.

Three of the six professional judges gave Tang Bai nine points for the neural link technology. This technology was very difficult and had high requirements for mecha operators.

The combination of the neural link and the mecha required that the mecha could restore the actions of the operator to the greatest extent, but the machine was different from the human body. If the mecha could not restore these actions well when the person made punches or knee lifts, then the neural link implantation would have the opposite effect.

Mecha builders must ensure that every detail in the mecha design could match human actions, in order to give full play to the greatest advantages of the mecha to defeat the opponent.

After listening to Tang Bai’s introduction, Xie Ruheng was eager to try. He had longed for the neural link but never had the chance to try it.

Tang Bai saw Xie Ruheng’s heartbeat, and he hugged the rabbit helmet happily, “Dangdang~ Just wear it! Brother Xie, you can activate the neural link, and you will be even more powerful in the competition!”

Xie Ruheng: “….”

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