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After two years of working in the entertainment industry and seeing all kinds of monsters, Luo Peng felt that he was meeting such a foolish person for the first time…No, his ability to present facts and reason had changed from quantitative to qualitative.

Looking around, didn’t Yu Siyang agree to take over the endorsement of the Jade Hotel just because he was serious about “presenting facts and reasoning”!

Ten million a year!

Compared with the half-sold and half-free P&H, with the endorsement of the Jade Hotel, their Xiaoyu could already be regarded as a big-name brand endorser!

After seeing Yu Siyang signing his name on the endorsement contract, Luo Peng was in a good mood—heh heh, the off-road vehicle he had been fond of for a long time was finally ready to be bought.

Of course, as a professional broker, he “presented facts and reasoned” and asked Xiaoyu to take over the endorsement of the Jade Hotel. How could it be purely because of money?! He was not such a superficial agent.

He had seen the rectification and reform of the Jade Hotel in the past year. The newly appointed chairman was a very capable person. After Xiaoyu took this endorsement, his standing in the circle immediately improved a lot.

Well, it was better to help Xiaoyu get one or two public service advertisements, then his status as a first-tier actor would be more stable.

Yu Siyang signed his name on the contract, and when the last flick came down, he suddenly felt a little cold behind his back.

“Mr. Yu, happy cooperation.” Huo Zhilun, chairman of the Jade Hotel, stood up with a smile on his face.

Yu Siyang immediately recovered from the against natural law question of “It’s obviously warm spring, why do I feel cold?” He also smiled and held the other party’s extended hand, “Chairman Huo, happy cooperation.”

Huo Zhilun invited: “Is Mr. Yu is interested in visiting the hotel? How about I lead the way for you?”

Yu Siyang nodded and said politely: “Then I will trouble Chairman Huo.”

Huo Zhilun walked in the front, Yu Siyang walked side by side with him, Luo Peng and Tang Hang walked behind Yu Siyang, seemingly casual but protecting his safety, and the hotel’s senior management followed behind to accompany them. It was a visit to this century-old hotel that had been renovated.

The employees of the Jade Hotel did not know that the popular actor was already the spokespersons of their hotel. Suddenly they saw the rare hotel leaders who were accompanying the popular star around the hotel, all of them surreptitiously followed them or pretended to pass by while staring at Yu Siyang strongly.

“Ah ah ah ah ah he’s really handsome!”

“I actually saw the head so close, I must be dreaming.”

“I want to take a photo … I want to take a photo …”

The group walked all the way and heard all kinds of repressed excitement.

Huo Zhilun said with a low smile: “I heard that many of our hotel employees were fans of Mr. Yu. Now it seems that what they said is true.”

Yu Siyang said politely: “Thanks for their kindness.”

During the conversation, the group came to the hotel’s Chinese restaurant. In the Chinese restaurant, it was not the time to dine. There were no customers in the restaurant except for a few waiters on duty.

Yu Siyang looked around the restaurant and felt that it seemed a little different from what he remembered. It should have been redecorated again.

In other words, although he had worked at the Jade Hotel for many years, he had actually never been to many places in the hotel. The place he was the most active at was the back kitchen of the Chinese restaurant. He even did not come out to the restaurant frequently, but this time, Huo Zhilun led him to visit almost the whole hotel.

“Chairman Huo, can we visit the back kitchen of the restaurant?” Yu Siyang asked suddenly.

Although Huo Zhilun was surprised, he readily agreed and accompanied him to the kitchen.

The Chinese restaurant of the Jade Hotel occupied a total of two floors. The ground floor was the lobby and the first floor had private rooms of different sizes and styles. Therefore, the back kitchen also had two floors. The place where Yu Siyang’s accident occurred was the lower floor of the Chinese restaurant back kitchen.

When the accident happened, he had come out of the main kitchen on the lower floor and was about to go upstairs to get the scallops from the storeroom. He was stopped and he said a few words to the person who stopped him. The large earthen pot with simmering soup on the upper floor somehow rolled down. The speed was so fast that he couldn’t dodge it and was knocked down. For a long time after that, the Jade Hotel was a forbidden place in his heart.

He dared not come to his dying place.

But he was still alive, he always had to look forward to things since he was alive. Even Bu Shuowu could face his demons and come back to the hotel as a doorman. Why should he be afraid of this place? He also had to let go of this burden.

There was a screen painted with four gentlemen at the pass of the Chinese restaurant. Turning behind the screen, it was the lower level of the back kitchen. After entering, they could see a photo wall with five photos posted on it, a single star employee on top, and four side by side below, these were the outstanding employees awarded that month.

Once Yu Siyang’s photo was also shown on it, but now he did not recognize any of the people shown on it.

“These are the signature chefs of our restaurant.” Huo Zhilun explained: “The above guy is still going to be recommended to participate in the Bonova International Cooking Competition today.”

Another senior manager took on the spiel and smiled: “Speaking of which it’s also fate. Before in our hotel, there was another chef who also won the Bonova Gold Award. He coincidentally had the same name and surname as Mr. Yu.”

Yu Siyang nodded, his face was still smiling, but his voice was faint, “I know, I had a very close relationship with him.”

The senior management was taken aback for a moment, finding it a little unbelievable. The two seemingly unrelated people were actually in a good relationship? Moreover, one had passed away…

“I didn’t expect Mr. Yu to have met Chef Yu,” Huo Zhilun glanced at the senior management, and said to Yu Siyang, “Sorry.” The senior management also apologized again and again.

Yu Siyang shook his head, “I didn’t say it clearly. It’s just that I have been sad because he passed away.” As he said, he turned his gaze to the stairs where the accident had happened.

Huo Zhilun also sighed slightly, “Chef Yu was once the signature chef of our hotel.”

“Chairman Huo, let’s go and see something else.” Luo Peng patted Yu Siyang on the shoulder, comforting him silently.

Luo Peng once asked about him and Chef Yu. Although Yu Siyang didn’t say much, he didn’t know how good the relationship was between the two was, but he still remembered the particularly sad expression that he showed in the hospital when he heard about Chef Yu’s passing on the news.

After visiting the Chinese restaurant, Yu Siyang was a little absent-minded when visiting other places. Huo Zhilun had high EQ, so he ended the visit early, and after agreeing with Luo Peng for the time of the press conference, he politely sent them out of the hotel.

Outside the hotel’s gate, the parking staff who had been notified long ago drove the car to the door and waited. Huo Zhilun and the executives stood outside the door and shook hands with Yu Siyang to bid farewell to the three people and sent them to the car.

Not far away, a reporter arranged by the hotel to “lay in ambush” to take pictures behind the flowers, got some news out.

Before getting into the car, Yu Siyang glanced at Bu Shuowu, who was standing next to the door in a doorman uniform. It was this person again. If he wasn’t scrupulous about his image, he would like to frustrate him again. It had felt very good.

The Bu Shuowu, who stood upright, was scared stiff by Yu Siyang. He always felt that the star’s eyes were full of evil intentions when he saw him, but he couldn’t fight against such a star, and the other party could not be evil to himself. It couldn’t be he owed something to him, right?!

In the evening, a marketing account posted a picture of Yu Siyang and Huo Zhilun shaking hands at the entrance of the hotel, and also used a very sensational title to attract foodies and people who supported Yu Siyang to click on it.

The message sent by the marketing account was deliberately ambiguous, using leading words such as “it is said” and “suspected”. Although it seemed to be a variety of speculations, it was actually directed to the cooperation between the two.

Yu Siyang himself had occupied the hot search list for many days, and his topic had always been high. In addition, Huo Zhilun was handsome, young and promising. He was simply the standard male protagonist in the words of netizens and was very attractive to female compatriots. As soon as this post came out, it immediately became popular.

One was a red-hot celebrity who had beaten a French celebrity chef in culinary skills, and the other was the chairman of the hotel. On what could the two of them work together?

As a result, the netizens who moved their benches to eat melons started using their brains –

“Will Huo ask my head to go to the hotel to be a chef? My head is an actor, not a chef.”

“Sure. It’s Mr. Huo who asked me to guide the chefs at the hotel [Professional]”

“Don’t guess, you’re an actor, what kind of thing are you instructing? It’s impossible to go to the hotel to give the chefs instructions on how to act and let them perform cooking. Is it more realistic?”

“Hahaha, what the hell upstairs, if you want me to say, Mr. Huo must want to host a culinary art contest and wanted to invite my boyfriend to be a judge.”

“Wake upstairs, who is your boyfriend? The head is with Mr. Xue, and the Cod CP is king.”

“The Cod CP is a cult, Praise CP is the king.”

“Nonsense, it’s the Jade CP that is king, both Cod and Praise CP are ugly.”

The discussion under the marketing account was fanned by CP fans. They crooked the building, and the people in the product promotion department of the Jade Hotel didn’t know how to express their complicated feelings, so they could only ask the marketing company to arrange for the navy to break the crooked building back.

This time, Jade Hotel had also spent a lot of money to revive the brand of the century-old hotel. Taking advantage of the popularity of Yu Siyang, by using various channels of hype, layer by layer, they wanted to raise people’s appetite, earn enough attention, and then announce Yu Siyang as the spokesperson.

Sure enough, when the netizens who had been wondering for a few days saw the news that “Yu Siyang became the image spokesperson of the Jade Hotel” published on the official blog of the Jade Hotel, their enthusiasm immediately exploded.

As a century-old landmark, although the Jade Hotel’s popularity had declined over the years, but in the eyes of most people it was still a force to be reckoned with and high-level brand, this hotel was in the eyes of ordinary people, one word – expensive!

Two words-dead expensive!!

This hotel, which seemed to have always been in the cloud, invited one of the most popular stars, Yu Siyang, to come to be their spokesperson. It really… felt grounded inexplicably.

However, the Jade Hotel’s move was also well understood.

Yu Siyang was a man who defeated a famous French chef. He was still a popular star. In the eyes of the people in the hotel, catering, and food manufacturing industry, he had great commercial value.

Before he returned from France, various food-related companies found All Star Entertainment. When they returned, Luo Peng even got hot ears from answering the phone.

In addition to the Jade Hotel, several well-known hotel brands had contacted Luo Peng, wanting to invite Yu Siyang as their spokesperson, but they were pre-empted by the Jade Hotel which made the hotel managers beat their chests in regret.

As for the brands of snacks, dairy products, and beverages, Luo Peng pushed them forward.

Luo Peng had been very strict about the endorsements of Yu Siyang. He wanted to create an expensive and noble image, so he only accepted the big names. Fame came quickly and could be consumed quickly. There were too many messy endorsements, which consumed the audience’s favorability. It was hard to maintain a good impression.

Yu Siyang had been on vacation for a few days. The Jade Hotel arranged a press conference on the day before he was going to return to the crew to shoot. At this time, the topic was almost fermented. He came to the door and completely detonated the topic, at least in publicity. Before the film was shot, he had kept a certain level of topicality.

The process of the press conference was to be communicated through Tang Hang. Before that, Yu Siyang had another very important thing-to go to Yan Haiqing’s villa to try out the “Dead Land” scene.

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T/N: I have seen a lot of people wondering that since most of the people around YS are rich, why do they act as if he is the best chef, I feel that it is a combination of him being that good and the homely feeling he gives them. Also, you have to realize that as the winner of an international cooking competition, he must have mad skills. And lastly C-novels are prone to being a little hyperbolic so just take it with a pinch of salt and move on, not everything that happens in these novels can be answered by common sense…. Just enjoy the novel… Rant over…. Thank you for reading this

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