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…… This guy actually kissed him!

Qiao Xi froze in place.

Princess Black Bear was chatting with someone not far away, and she glanced over inadvertently, he did not know whether she saw it or not, but anyway, Qiao Xi had frozen into a stone.

There were all kinds of lively chatter and laughter around, but they were very quiet here for a while, only Jing Yan was still rubbing his cheek against him, murmuring: “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry…”

Saying that, and holding the little chick, he staggered to his feet and walked towards the stairs.

Someone greeted him: “Jing Yan, are you going to bed?”

Jing Yan didn’t speak, just waved his hand and walked up dizzily.

“It’s so early, it’s not even twelve o’clock.”

“Who told you to make him drink.”

“I just found out today that this guy’s drinking isn’t that good.”


Princess Black Bear chatted with people, hooked her lips, and at the same time sighed regretfully in her heart.

The cute little baby Qiao Xi was also interested in Jing Yan, it was so rare that she had a favorite boy, but hey!

As for Qiao Xi, he was like a doll at this moment, quietly carried by Jing Yan in his arms, without even saying a word.

Jing Yan pushed open a room, walked in and put Qiao Xi on the bed, then he squatted down and looked at him inquiringly with those drunken eyes.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Qiao Xi also stared at him.

Jing Yan stretched out a finger and poked Qiao Xi’s soft chest.

Qiao Xi shook twice.

Jing Yan smiled, tilted his head, and a piece of ignorant and soft warm light shattered in the usually cold and sharp silver eyes: “Alive.”

“…” Qiao Xi whispered, “You’re drunk.”

“Well, you’re drunk,” Jing Yan rushed over again, hugged Qiao Xi, and said lazily, “I don’t want to take a bath, just sleep like this. Let’s go.”

After speaking, he took Qiao Xi and rolled onto the bed.

Two of his shirt buttons were snapped open, revealing his curved collarbone and a faint chest, right in front of Qiao Xi.

Jing Yan’s body smelled a little bit of alcohol, but it wasn’t strong or unpleasant. For Qiao Xi at this time, what attracted his attention more was Jing Yan’s own smell.

Qiao Xi’s heart beat fast.

He whispered again, “He’s drunk.”

He must be drunk when he kissed him, and he was talking nonsense because he was drunk.

But no one in the room answered him, and only the soothing breathing of the man holding him was left.

He’s drunk, he’s drunk, he’s drunk, it was all the effect of alcohol!

Qiao Xi turned around with a “whoosh”, turned his back to Jing Yan, raised his wings and covered his face.

And even though the man behind him fell asleep quickly, his instinct was still there, he subconsciously tightened his arms, hugged him a little tighter, and kissed the back of his head two more times dazedly.

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

Don’t kiss, don’t kiss!

If you kiss again, I’m going to explode!

– It’s too hot in the room!!!

The noise in the villa continued until two in the morning before it slowly subsided.

Some people were drunk and went upstairs to find a room to sleep, and more people just lay down on the spot, so the living room looked like it had countless corpses just lying around.

At six o’clock in the morning, there was a faint light in the sky, shining in through the window.

A figure walked downstairs cautiously.

When he saw the scene in the living room, he paused suffocatingly, then walked to the open kitchen lightly, poured some water, raised his head and drank it.

After drinking, he put down the water glass and stared blankly in a daze.

A lowered voice suddenly came from behind: “…Qiao Xi?”

Qiao Xi was startled, turned around, and saw Lin Chu straighten up from the sofa, rubbing his eyes and looking at him.

After seeing him clearly, he was stunned for a moment, and said meaningfully: “That shirt on you doesn’t seem to be yours?”

Qiao Xi blushed instantly.

His transformation ball was lost during all kinds of play last night, so it was not on him.

Therefore, after transforming in Jing Yan’s arms at night, he became naked. He originally thought that he might change back at some point, so he just lay in bed and slept for a long time, but now he had to go to the toilet and was thirsty, so he had no choice but to take off Jing Yan’s shirt, put it on himself, then cover Jing Yan with a quilt with his upper body naked, and sneak downstairs…

This shirt still smelt of Jing Yan.

Qiao Xi was glad that the sky was not too bright, so even if his face was flushed, Lin Chu couldn’t see clearly.

“You two didn’t…” Lin Chu teased.

“No!” Qiao Xi with a conditioned reflex retorted, “No, nothing!”

“Hahahaha! Your reaction is too low even for three hundred taels of silver!” Lin Chu lowered his voice and snickered.

Suddenly, another person straightened up on the other side of the sofa, Ji Yang rubbed his eyes in a daze, and when he saw the two of them, he said sleepily, “You guys woke up so early…Fuck Qiao Xi, that shirt on your body is a beautiful sight. Jing Yan’s?! What were you two doing—”

“Nothing!” Qiao Xi was annoyed.

“Hahahaha, stop talking, you’re making me laugh to death!” Lin Chu patted Ji Yang.

Qiao Xi pursed his lips, poured some water and wanted to go upstairs, when Lin Chu suddenly waved to him.

Qiao Xi glared at him.

Lin Chu was lying on the back of the sofa and said with a smile, “Qiao Xi, don’t you seem to be transforming too often?”

“…Well.” Qiao Xi replied in a low voice.

“The real transformation period should not be like this. There must be something you didn’t notice that started to control this ability for you,” Lin Chu said, “but many people say that mastering transformation is like being opened up to your inner thoughts in an instant, and then you realize things about yourself, do you know what’s going on with yourself now?”

Qiao Xi tightened his hands: “…Well, I know a little bit.”

This was the third time.

——The third time he had transformed because of Jing Yan.

What had changed in him was self-evident.

Ji Yang looked at Lin Chu, then at Qiao Xi, thought about it, and said, “If you already understand what affects your transformation ability, won’t you be able to transform quickly and stably in the future?”

Anyway, his own ability hadn’t stabilized, and he couldn’t figure out the reason, so he could only speculate.

“Well, in theory,” Lin Chu said, looking at Qiao Xi with a smile, “of course, the premise is that you can’t escape, you have to face the discovery bravely.”

Qiao Xi trembled.

Ji Yang narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “I feel you are talking in riddles, but I don’t know.”

“Hahahaha!” Lin Chu was amused by his friends, he knew that Ji Yang could see that the atmosphere between Qiao Xi and Jing Yan was ambiguous, but he didn’t expect that this might be affecting Qiao Xi’s transformation.

However, he was so smart that he would guess it when he got completely sober, so he didn’t say anything, only said to Qiao Xi: “Qiao Xi, come on.”

Ji Yang wiped his face and said, “Although I don’t know what you are talking about, I have to say it! Come on, Qiao Xi!”

Qiao Xi was still a little nervous, but at this time, he felt amused by them.

These two were always like this.

No matter which one of them it was, or if they were together, as long as they got along with him, they would always notice any changes in him at first glance.

And they were always encouraging him, no matter how difficult it seemed or how impossible it was to overcome.

The morning light gathered little by little.

Under the gradually brightening sunlight, the young man in the wide white shirt nodded and raised his eyebrows: “I will do my best!”

He liked Jing Yan.

He had to face up to their feelings, he could not escape.

He had to try, and not to retreat.

When Qiao Xi went upstairs with the water cup, he ruminated in his heart.

But it was probably because he finally planned to face this throbbing in his heart, but the closer he got to that room, the more nervous Qiao Xi became, and his palms were even sweating.

He quietly went back to the room and saw the man lying on the bed, revealing a back with smooth and powerful muscles, and immediately took two sips of water.

The black-haired man was hugging the pillow, as if he was sleeping deeply, his hair was messed up, and he looked very cute and well-behaved now.

…This kind of Jing Yan seemed to be too much to be borne!

Qiao Xi was excited, but another problem also came.

His transformation was still unstable, and his body didn’t seem to have any intention of turning back into a beast at the moment, so he must wear clothes.

But the transformation ball must be worn close to the body, and the clothes would be ejected only when the mechanical shell sensed the owner’s body changes. Qiao Xi’s transformation was completed in the middle of the night, so there was no way to make the transformation ball spit out clothes at this moment.

As for the inside of the villa – anyway, the wardrobe in their room was empty and there were no spare clothes.

He could let the guards bring the clothes in. Originally Qiao Xi didn’t want to disturb the people in the villa, but that seemed to be the only way to do it now.

So, he walked to the bed and put the cup of water reserved for Jing Yan on the bedside table, making a slight noise.

He was afraid that Jing Yan would wake up thirsty with a hangover.

Everyone used up the cups yesterday. It was rare for him to find a clean one. Jing Yan could have wine from his glass last night, so he probably wouldn’t mind using the same cup with him.

At this moment, the eyelids of the man lying on the bed moved and opened a little.

Qiao Xi went around to the other side, took the phone that he had left beside the pillow, and was about to turn around when his wrist was suddenly grabbed, and a force pulled him back!

He exclaimed and directly hit the chest of the man behind him, and then he was turned over and pressed on the bed!

When he came back to his senses, the black-haired man was already supporting him, trapping him between his arms, as a pair of silver pupils stared at him.

The two were so close that Qiao Xi could even feel the heat coming from Jing Yan.

Qiao Xi was stunned, and his heart began to beat wildly.

Wake up, wake up! Why did you wake up suddenly? Why are you awake now!?

By the way, he was still wearing Jing Yan’s shirt! He won’t be considered a pervert, right!

Qiao Xi blushed again, swallowed his saliva, opened his mouth and said, “Jing, Jing Yan…”

The man’s eyes still had a hint of laziness, and his black hair was scattered on his forehead, looking both decadent and cute. The man looked at him for a few seconds, and suddenly pressed his hand on his body… slowly sliding down.

Feeling the force through a thin layer of fabric, Qiao Xi gasped, and instantly felt as if there was an electric current running through him, his body trembled, and he felt slightly tense and numb!

——What was Jing Yan doing…

Jing Yan was startled, raised his hand to look, then looked at Qiao Xi, dumbfounded: “…Alive.”

After speaking, he reached out and touched Qiao Xi’s face again, lowered his head, and moved closer to his face, it was as if he wanted to see him clearly…

The man’s warm breath sprayed on his face, those lips were close at hand, this time it was facing… his mouth!

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened, his heart almost jumped out of his chest, and his head began to feel dizzy.

To kiss him?! To kiss him on the mouth?!

–No! He, he, he, he couldn’t do it!!!

At this moment, his body finally began to change!

The young man snorted, his limbs shrank back, and his body also began to shrink. Within a second, his whole person quickly transformed back into a chicken, and was covered under his shirt.

When Jing Yan opened his shirt blankly, the dizzy little chick stretched out his neck and let out a loud noise-


Jing Yan was startled and quickly retracted his hand, his eyes finally became clear, and he said stunned: “Huh? Really happening? No, not dreaming?!”

He stepped back and said in shock, “Qiao Xiaoxi, were you really wearing my clothes!?”

Qiao Xi: “Oh – Ooh! Oooh!”

The little chick fluttered in place and began to croak frantically.

Jing Yan was in a mess, wait, Qiao Xi only cries when he seems to be frightened!

——So he frightened Qiao Xiaoxi?!!!

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