KHSW Ch. 126: Brother-in-law

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Chi Jiayang called, “Tell me Xu Yizhi’s address.”

After hanging up the phone, he quickly turned the front of the car. When he arrived, he happened to see Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi driving out of the villa, and immediately followed.

Ling Xi, since you have recovered your memory, why are you still with the man you hate the most?

Is it all for revenge?

“Xi’er, are you alright now?” She wanted to ask her this question yesterday, but she was afraid that Xi’er would find her annoying, so she held back and didn’t ask.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you because I was afraid you would be worried. Look, I’m fine now.”

Only then did Meng Xinyan feel relieved, and when she glanced around inadvertently, she saw a tall man standing outside the door, “This is my son-in-law, right?”

Xu Yizhi lowered his head slightly, looking very easy-going, “Mother-in-law, I should have come to visit earlier, I’m sorry I’m here only now.”

Meng Xinyan responded with a smile, “It’s okay, that you’ve just come here, son-in-law, come in quickly.”

Seeing that her mother was already smiling from ear to ear, Ling Xi found it slightly appetizing. When she called “Mom”, she didn’t see her so happy. Wasn’t she her daughter?

“Mom, is my sister back?” Meng Zidi was still doing his homework, but when he heard the voice, he ran out immediately. After seeing Xu Yizhi, he looked surprised, “Huh?”

Wasn’t this the man who went to their old house with his sister last time? He did look a lot like Elvis.

Meng Xinyan smiled and said, “Zidi, why don’t you call him brother-in-law?”

“Hello brother-in-law, I’m Meng Zidi, I’m really sorry about what happened last time.”

“What’s the matter?” Meng Xinyan was puzzled. She still didn’t know that Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi were turned away last time.

Xu Yizhi seemed to be very happy with the way Meng Zidi called him, and his stern face showed a little warmth, as he replied for the embarrassed Meng Zidi, “It was just a small matter.”

Meng Zidi looked at him gratefully.

Hearing that it was a trivial matter, Meng Xinyan didn’t ask any further questions, “By the way, I just bought fish at home, you sit first, I’ll go to the kitchen.”

“Mom, we’re going out to eat today. Didn’t I say last time that Yizhi’s parents wanted to see you?”

Meng Xinyan pulled Ling Xi into the bedroom with a nervous look on her face, “Xi’er, what should Mom wear for the meeting?”

Ling Xi held her forehead.

When Chi Jiayang in the car saw Ling Xi and her stepmother appear at the same time, his eyes widened. Didn’t Ling Xi hate that woman?

“Brother-in-law, is this your car?” Meng Zidi’s eyes were shining with golden light, and he almost stood up to kiss him.

Before Xu Yizhi could speak, Ling Xi knew what he wanted to say, “No, Zidi is still a student.”

The last time he heard that she liked this car, Yizhi said he wanted to give it to her, and this time he definitely wanted to say the same.

Xu Yizhi leaned closer to her, “Okay, I’ll listen to my wife.”

Ling Xi pretended not to hear, “Zidi, get in the car quickly.”

Chi Jiayang followed.

Huilan Hotel.

As soon as Su Zhiyan saw Ling Xi’s mother, she kindly forwarded her hand, “You are finally here, let’s sit down.”

Seeing the graceful and luxurious woman walking towards her, Meng Xinyan was a little nervous at first, but she didn’t expect the sudden change in her style of bearing. This mother-in-law really gave her a comforting look. She was used to it, but she really wanted to know who was following them.

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