APY Ch. 162: Quarrel

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As soon as Fang Tong’s face changed, she was about to speak, but Fu Fanghua held her hand under the table. Fang Tong saw the warning in her mother’s eyes and did not speak, but the smile on her face faded a little.

“This is not the same in our family. I don’t know how many girlfriends he had for a few years abroad, but he is good. He is devoted to his studies. I was so afraid that he would learn to be a nerd.” Li Wei said, obviously complaining, but there was no actual complaint in his tone.

Ji Ning rarely spoke, but with a smile on her face, she ate silently, and occasionally said a few words to Fu Fanghua.

The atmosphere at the table was very harmonious, but Fang Tong was a little absent-minded.

Mom knew that she had a boyfriend, and also promised that she would meet Ding Minghui, but now she said this at the dinner table, making it clear that she still doesn’t like Ding Minghui. Guests were present, so she could not show her anger.

After eating, Ji Ning helped Fu Fanghua clean up the dishes, Fang Tong wanted to help, but was chased out by Fu Fanghua, “I don’t need you here, it’s still early, you can take Boming down for a walk, and you would be able to digest the food.”

“Mom.” Fang Tong called out, lengthening the tone.

Fu Fanghua seemed to have heard the unpleasantness in her daughter’s tone, so she glanced at her and warned her, “Go quickly.”

Fang Tong moved reluctantly and went downstairs with Li Boming.

The community where Fang Tong’s family lived was also considered a high-end community. It was just developed two years ago. The environment is very good. Walking on the road of the community, neither Fang Tong nor Li Boming said anything.

“Fat…” Fang Tong said, but suddenly realized that he was already thin, and it was a bit inappropriate to call him this nickname again, so she changed her words in time, “Li Boming, the fact is, I have a boyfriend, please don’t let my parents know that I told you..” After making up her mind, Fang Tong said.

Li Boming’s eyes dimmed, but Fang Tong was walking beside him, so she didn’t see it, she just heard Li Boming say with a smile, “Tongtong, that’s an adult’s joke, don’t take it to heart, I didn’t know that they came here today with this purpose in mind, otherwise I won’t have come, and I’m sorry if it caused trouble for you.”

He sincerely apologized, but it made Fang Tong a little embarrassed, and her face was embarrassed, “That…”

“Tongtong, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. We have known each other since childhood. Although we have been separated for a few years, we have always been friends, haven’t we?”

Fang Tong was startled, glanced at the tall figure beside her, and smiled, “You are right, Li Boming, we are still friends, we will always be friends.”

“If you are not used to it, you can still call me Fat Ming, as I am not used to you calling me by my name.”

“I will still call you Boming in the future, okay.”

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

After speaking, Fang Tong also relaxed a lot, at least the awkward atmosphere between the two was gone, Fang Tong told Li Boming about the past few years and the detailed changes in the capital.

“If you have time in the future, you can play with me, and I will be your guide. You have been away for so many years, and you must be unfamiliar with the capital.”

Li Boming smiled slightly, looked at the smile on Fang Tong’s face, and nodded slowly, “Okay, but don’t think I’m annoying.”

Fang Tong reached out and patted Li Boming’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, absolutely not.” The two went up, after all, it was winter and the weather was still very cold.

Seeing that the two were talking and laughing when they came back, Li Wei and Fang Chengzhi looked at each other with a deep smile in their eyes.

The three members of the Li family left. Fang Chengzhi went out to see off the guests. When he came back, he heard Fang Tong arguing with her mother.

“Mom, you know that I have a boyfriend, why do you still say that, aren’t you lying?”

Fu Fanghua put away the smile on her face and looked at Fang Tong, “Why did I say that, you don’t know? I don’t agree with you and that boy.”

“But you promised me to meet him, how could you go back on your words.”

“When did I go back on my word, I promised to meet him, but I didn’t agree with you two being together.”

Fang Tong was annoyed, “Mom, you are breaking your word.”

“What’s wrong with my breaking your word? I’m your mother, can I still harm you?”

“But when you were with my dad, my grandparents also objected.”

“Me and your dad, and you and that kid, are we the same? Ah? “

“It’s the door of our house, Mom, can you stop talking at the door all the time, I told you I love him, even if he’s a pauper and has nothing, I’m willing, for him, I don’t need to buy a bag, I don’t want to buy shoes, I don’t need to buy clothes, and eat the food in the cafeteria every day, all of which I am willing to do.”

Fu Fanghua’s face turned pale, pointing at Fang Tong, “I think you have lost your mind and have gone crazy.”

Throwing her hands, she entered the bedroom and slammed the bedroom door with a loud noise.

Fang Chengzhi looked at his red-eyed daughter, “Tongtong.”

Fang Tong lowered her head, “Dad, don’t say it, I know you want to say I’m too naive, right? But Dad, the foundation of marriage is love. If two people don’t love each other at all, but are forcibly tied together, isn’t that a painful thing, Dad, this is about the happiness of my life, do you really want to see me suffer for the rest of my life because of money problems?”

Looking at his daughter’s red eyes, Fang Chengzhi couldn’t bear it, he sat down beside his daughter and took her in his arms, “Tongtong, Mom and Dad didn’t force you to break up with that boy, it’s just…” It seemed he didn’t know how to explain it.

“It’s just that Dad hopes your journey will go smoothly. You are not married yet, so you can’t understand the feelings of us parents. As parents, we always hope that our children can live a smooth and carefree life. Dad also can understand your feelings, after all, your father was also young once. Well, let’s meet that boy another day. If he is really nice, then I will make your mother understand, but if you put aside the family factor, and he still can’t satisfy your father in other places, then you have to seriously consider your parents’ opinions, is this okay?”

Listening to her father’s words, Fang Tong gradually calmed down, “Okay, Dad, I believe you will like him.”

Fang Tong’s tone was a little hesitant, “It’s just my mother…it seems she is very angry.”

Fang Chengzhi patted his daughter’s shoulder, “It’s okay, your father will go to coax your mother later, but you can’t be so angry with your mother in the future, it’s not been easy for your mother to raise you alone these years, the last time you made her angry, she secretly cried for a long time by herself at night.”

Fang Tong felt even more guilty, “Dad, I’m going to coax mother, and apologize to her.”

“Don’t go now, your mother is angry, let her calm down first. Don’t you have the contact information of the boy, call him first and ask him if he has time recently. Arrange for us to meet.”

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