RCFS Ch. 61: Junyao’s Exam 1

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At this time, the atmosphere of the emperor’s family seemed to be a little bad.

The old man sat on the sofa with an ugly face. He had also checked the family background of the girl, and it was exactly as the little girl said.

How could such a girl be worthy of his grandson?

“You should have a limit if you want to joke!”

A pile of information was thrown on the high-end coffee table, but Di Junxie didn’t even look at it, he just got up: “Three years, I will use three years to make her worthy of me.”

“Three years?” The old man was annoyed: “Junxie, be careful, after three years, you might have made wedding clothes for others for nothing!”

By then the Ye family would have risen up, and the girl might kick you away, there may be a time when you would have to cry.

Hearing this, Di Junxie pouted the corners of his mouth calmly, and his handsome face evoked a little enchanting look: “Is there a better man than me?”


Di Wei didn’t know what to say anymore.

Although what he said was the truth, he really did not like this girl very much.

There were so many excellent girls in Yan kingdom, why was he so optimistic about her?

If you look at the academic performance, her cultural class was not worth it. She even took the second-to-last position in the military exercise, and lastly, she was a member of the Ye family. This family looked like a waste!

He didn’t believe that in three years, this girl could grow into a woman worthy of his family’s Emperor.

The hardware was not good, and even if you upgrade it later, it would still be useless!

Battle of the Heirs?

Ye Yunxi rubbed her chin and thought about wanting to snatch the heir position from Ye Wanting??

Anyway, the character attribute had been unlocked, so inherit the style of the previous life and strive to be the first!

At lunch time, Ye Yunxi took Wang Tingting and Sun Chao to find a corner in the cafeteria and sat down. Helian Moxie also joined them.

“What are you talking about?”

“The way to get admitted to Junyao.”


Helian Moxie looked at Ye Yunxi dumbfounded: “Yunxi, will you teach them?”


Ye Yunxi brought out Junyao’s exam papers from a few years ago and spread it on the table: “According to my experience, Junyao’s annual tactical questions consist of four categories, which are rotated every four years.”

Several people stared at Ye Yunxi stunned.

Ye Yunxi gave them another surprise!!!

“Yunxi, do you really understand the exam pattern of Junyao?”

Wang Tingting looked surprised.

“I already said, you help me film, and I’ll help you get into Junyao.”

Ye Yunxi pushed the exam questions: “So you just need to do more exam papers from previous years.”

“Junyao…Is it so good for cracking the exam??”

Sun Chao thought it was a little incredible. If he could get into Junyao by just relying on previous year’s exam questions, wouldn’t it mean that a lot of people could be admitted to Junyao?

“The questions are different, but the formula is the same. The reason why entering Junyao is difficult is because the military test is difficult.”

Ye Yunxi recalled the previous situation when she took Junyao’s test.

“Military exam?”

Wasn’t it just the exam paper?

Ye Yunxi laughed, what you think is too simple!

“Junyao’s test, there has to be team cooperation.”

“Uh… what is the test?”

Ye Yunxi shrugged: “You should follow me when the time comes!”

Follow you?

Wang Tingting and Sun Chao looked at each other.

Follow you, can it really work?

That’s Junyao’s exam!

And Ye Yunxi, does she really have that ability??

“I believe in Yunxi, I’ll follow you!”

Only Helian Moxie firmly took Ye Yunxi’s side.

This was her good sister, if she didn’t believe her, who should she believe!

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