CFCS Ch. 191: Anyang Saga (12)

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“Reporting to Your Majesty, General Xue killed too many people, and those dead souls turned into evil spirits to haunt him. If these evil spirits are not removed, it will not only be bad for General Xue himself, but also affect Dayan’s national fortune and the safety of the people.” Xu Zhenren said with a serious face and an urgent tone, “If we don’t clear the evil spirit as soon as possible, I am afraid that there will be a big disaster!”

“General Xue is the hero of my Dayan, who will repel the southern barbarians. To protect the peace of the border side of Dayan, and to let the people of Dayan and Zhen rest in peace, Dayan cannot lose him no matter what.” The emperor also said with a serious and worried face, “How can these evil spirits be solved? It should not only make General Xue safe, but also remove the evil spirits and prevent disasters from coming.”

Xue Chengyu stood there expressionlessly watching the play, as if the serious atmosphere and the things being discussed had nothing to do with him. He was just waiting to see how the emperor and this Xu Zhenren would play out the scene.

“This Priest entered the palace today, naturally there is a way to clear the evil spirit, but…” The Taoist priest said with a hesitant expression, “It’s just that the method may be too difficult…”

“At this time, no matter what method it is, as long as it is useful, it must be tried, and Master Xu just speak it out.” The emperor said.

“In order to remove the evil spirit from General Xue, there must be someone recognized by the gods to help him lead away the evil spirit, and then purify it.” Xu Zhenzhen seriously said the lines Su Huai had helped him prepare.

“Who is a person recognized by the gods?” the emperor asked.

“Those who can cross a sea of fire without getting hurt, and who can lead a hundred birds to fly around and sing, they are the ones who are recognized by the gods.” Xu Zhenren said.

“A mortal body, how can you cross the sea of fire without getting hurt? How can you make the birds that don’t understand human language fly around?” The emperor frowned and said with some distress, “So, General Xue’s evil spirit, can’t it be cleared?”

“Your Majesty might as well tell the world to look for someone who can do these two things, but there are only three days, and after these three days, the time will be too late. And this person must be a female to be able to help General Xue clear the evil spirit after being approved by the gods.”

“That’s the only way to do it.” The emperor ordered, “Send my will and spread the world. Within three days, we must find someone who can help General Xue clear the evil spirit.”

“I’ll go back to prepare for the mountain.” Xu Zhenren saluted.

“Go,” said the emperor.

King Annan and Xue Chengyu seemed to have watched another good show, but they still didn’t say a word. Everything was decided by the emperor’s self-directed and self-acted performance. Civil and military officials could only cooperate as extras and wait to see what the final outcome of the play would be.

The next day, Xue Chengyu went out for a trip, and after returning to the house, he saw Jing Yang sitting at the table playing with a pile of bottles and cans.

Xue Chengyu put a wooden box on the table, sat down and looked at the bottles and said, “With these things, you can avoid being burned and attract birds?”

“Of course.” Jing Yang affirmed in a confident tone of voice and continued to prepare the contents of those bottles without raising his head.

“If you don’t have full confidence, then don’t do it. What if you get hurt?” Xue Chengyu said worriedly, “Let them go and perform this play by themselves, my father and Wang have already deployed almost everything. No matter how they play, the final result will be the same.”

“Of course, the result will be different. Now many people believe that you really are afflicted by evil spirits. If you don’t let the people think that the suffocating qi has been removed, it is likely to bury hidden dangers for the future.” Jing Yang said, “Most of the ordinary people, as long as they can have a good life, don’t really care who is the emperor, but more important than the emperor, they are more convinced of God, so I want the people to think that the Su family not being able to hold the throne, it is God’s will.”

“Then in case you are burned by fire…” Xue Chengyu could not care about anything, but only Jing Yang’s security couldn’t be ignored.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be brave enough to do something if I don’t have full confidence.” Jing Yang said confidently, “I have to take this opportunity to teach Su Huai a lesson, otherwise I won’t be able to express the anger in my heart.

After being silent for a while, Xue Chengyu put the wooden box in front of Jing Yang and said, “You should put this on when you are there.”

“What?” Jing Yang glanced at him suspiciously, then opened the wooden box.

Jing Yang took out what looked like a mask from the wooden box, but it felt like real human skin.

“Is this a human skin mask?” Jing Yang asked.

“Yes, if you wear this, you don’t have to paint your face with that mixture, and no one will be able to recognize you.” Xue Chengyu said.

Jing Yang squeezed the human skin mask with two fingers, and said with disgusted eyes, “This can’t be made of real human skin, right?”

“Of course not.” Xue Chengyu said helplessly, how could he use something made of real human skin for Jing Yang?

“Oh.” Only then did Jing Yang feel relieved, and began to study the human skin mask carefully, then he got up and walked to the mirror to try it on.

Jing Yang put the human skin mask on his face and found that he couldn’t see his original appearance. Although after wearing the human skin mask, his appearance became much more ordinary, but it was better than after putting on the mixture. The mixture was much stronger, why didn’t he think of using this thing? If he used the system to search, he could also do it himself.

Jing Yang walked over and sat on Xue Chengyu’s lap, looked at him and said, “How is it? Can you recognize me?”

“Of course I can, but others certainly won’t.” Xue Chengyu pinched Jing Yang’s chin.

“Then tell me, do you feel more about my original face, or more about my current face?” Jing Yang deliberately dug a hole for him to fall into.

“As long as it’s you, I can feel it no matter what it looks like.” Xue Chengyu put his hand between his legs, “I don’t believe I can’t touch it.”

“Rogue!” Jing Yang blushed, he quickly pulled back his hand and was about to stand up, but was hugged by Xue Chengyu and couldn’t stand up, he struggled and said, “Don’t make trouble, I’m not done yet.”

Xue Chengyu hugged Jing Yang into his arms and kissed him hard. After enough kisses and touches, he let him get up.

Three days had passed, and on the fourth day, on the stone slab under the altar on Mount Weishan, there was a road paved with charcoal fire from burning flames, with a total length of thirty meters.

Today, not only all civil and military officials were present, but also many people came, the scene was even more lively than the triennial sacrifice to the Gods.

After knowing the conditions for being recognized by the gods, many people were willing to risk their lives to give it a try. If they could succeed, they could not only help Xue Chengyu, but also become a person recognized by the gods. Maybe from now on, their fate would change.

Therefore, many females were gathered by the Taoist priests, waiting to walk through that sea of fire. But those people who were originally in the mood to go out, felt the scorching heat wave and the high flames from a distance, and they couldn’t help but feel timid in their hearts.

The emperor did not appear here today because he was not feeling well, but both the prince and Su Huai came.

Su Huai walked out of the sedan chair, he walked slowly to Xue Chengyu, looked at him with affectionate eyes, and said, “The prince is an indispensable general of my Dayan, and it is for the peace of the people of Dayan that he cannot be harmed. The southern barbarian soldiers have suffocated you with evil spirits. As a female Prince of Dayan, I enjoy honor, but I have never done anything for the people. Today, I will walk through this sea of fire. If I can move the sky and get the approval of the gods, I will clear the evil spirit and that would mean that as the female son of the Emperor, I have not enjoyed this honor in vain.”

Su Huai said affectionately, but Xue Chengyu was expressionless and unmoved, and he had no intention of answering him. The long silence made Su Huai feel a little embarrassed.

On the side, Xu Zhenren stepped forward to break the embarrassing atmosphere: “His Highness should think about it. Although His Highness’s status is noble, but after all, the body is mortal. If he walks through the sea of fire without the approval of the gods, he will probably be burned to death.”

“You do not need to persuade me, I have made up my mind.” After Su Huai finished speaking to Xu Zhenren, he looked at Xue Chengyu again, his eyes full of firmness and affection, “For the sake of the prince, even if I was burned to death, I will never regret it. If the gods have mercy on me and let me walk through this sea of fire, it also means that I and the prince are destined by God, and I will try it.”

“If the emperor is really recognized by the gods, it can help the prince to clear the evil spirit, but the way to clear the evil spirit….” Xu Zhenren paused and said, “I am afraid that this method will make His Highness’s innocence…”

“I don’t even care about my life, I don’t care about innocence, as long as I can help the prince, I will definitely not regret it.” Su Huai said with some shyness, “I think…, the prince is not a heartless person, even if there is no innocence, I am still willing.”

Xu Zhenren looked at Su Huai, and then at Xue Chengyu. Seeing Su Huai so affectionate and righteous, and with such a good-looking face, but Xue Chengyu was still unmoved, he had no choice but to continue, “Since His Highness has made up his mind, let’s try it out. This Priest still has two words to instruct His Highness, when you cross the sea of fire, you must be pious in your heart, and convey your most urgent wishes to the gods, so as to be able to move the gods.”

“Thank you for the guidance.” Su Huai finished speaking and went first to that blazing fire road.

The people were very surprised when they saw that Su Huai was going to go to the sea of fire in person, because Su Huai, as the female son of the emperor, actually doing this kind of thing in person that if it did not kill him, would likely injure him, made them very surprised. Although they didn’t understand why Su Huai did this, they were moved a little by seeing Su Huai walking towards the road of fire with determination.

Su Huai’s purpose was not only to move Xue Chengyu, but also to win the hearts of the people, and even more so that because then Xue Chengyu would have to marry him under the pressure of the common people.

“Wait!” Xue Chengyu finally spoke after Su Huai had walked a distance.

Su Huai thought that Xue Chengyu was finally feeling soft-hearted, and couldn’t bear to let him walk on the fire, and looked back at Xue Chengyu with teary eyes.

“You don’t have to bother His Highness to take risks.” Xue Chengyu said, “Since it’s to help me get rid of my misfortune, this kind of thing should naturally be done by my future Princess.”

Su Huai was stunned and said, “What do you mean, Shizi?”

Xue Chengyu didn’t answer him but walked directly to the sedan chair surrounded by his guards and helped Jing Yang out of it.

As soon as Su Huai saw the red dress and Xue Chengyu’s actions, he knew that this was the person he must have met the night he fell into the water. That day’s hatred of stealing his limelight and causing him to fall into the water for no reason welled up in his heart, and today he was going to steal his limelight again. Although Su Huai hated it, but when he thought about what he was going to do today, he was not too worried about being robbed of the limelight.

Xue Chengyu helped Jing Yang to walk to Xu Zhenren and asked, “Excuse me, Taoist, if I get the approval of the gods, what method would have to be used to help him clear the evil spirit?”

Xu Zhenren looked at Jing Yang, who was wearing a veil. He said to Xue Chengyu, “Those who are recognized by the gods should spend two days in the Lingquan Cave, and then soak in the spring for a day to clear the evil spirit.”

“Then according to Taoist, this matter is most appropriate if it was done by my betrothal partner.” Xue Chengyu said.

“This…” Xu Zhenren said, “There is nothing suitable or inappropriate, as long as you can cross the sea of fire and let the birds sing around, but…, it is very dangerous to cross this sea of fire.”

“Are you afraid? “Xue Chengyu looked at Jing Yang and asked.

“I…” Jing Yang had just said a word when Su Huai interrupted what he was about to say.

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