S&E Ch. 3 Bottleneck

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After Shuang Yi moved from the small ruined house she rented to Zhou Ningxu’s apartment, she suddenly faced an inspirational bottleneck.

On Saturday, Zhou Ningxu was shut up in his study and seemed to be at work. Shuang Yi had nothing to do and had to go to the group to chat.

Shuang Yi: I have encountered a bottleneck…

Mandy: Bullshit! Want to be lazy again.

Blue: Well, the senior actually used professional terms, bottleneck… what is that?

Mandy: It means someone deserves to be punched in the face ……

Lettuce: Ignore them, let us continue to chat

Shuang Yi: = =

Shuang Yi: I’m in love ……

Bunny: There there, don’t think too much, just write more. I will treat you to a meal.

Happy: seems like you have really encountered a bottleneck. And it is pretty serious one.

Shuang Yi: = =

Shuang Yi: I moved in with somebody ……

Lettuce: …

Happy: …

Ghost: …

Shuang Yi: What do you mean (一_一)

Mandy: It means! Lu Shuang Yi, tell us who that man is!

Shuang Yi: …I need to go to the bathroom for a second.

After coming back the group was filled with messages, asking for the name of the man…

Lettuce: Be quiet, everyone, let me gently persuade!!!

Lettuce (slightly smiling): Shuang Yi, it is said that you are in love!

Shuang Yi (huge smile): Yeah!!!!I finally caught one.

Shanshan: How’s his personality?

Shuang Yi: Uh, very gentle (self-hypnotizing, absolutely must not let people know that she is often scolded by that Zhou, she will lose too much face)

Tutu: Post his photo!

Shuang Yi: No, he will kill me.

Big bust: Then post your photo.

Shuang Yi:…It’s better to post his photo…

Shuang Yi looked for it on his company website, remembering that there was a photo of the Zhou person in a group of middle-aged bald men standing around. Having foils is very important, a group of middle-aged men and a 30-year-old Zhou person, it showed that he stood out among a group of people.

As soon as someone’s photo was posted, the people in the group started reacting like fan girls——

Blue: Ah, ah, how can such a man fall in love with you Shuang Yi!

Shanshan: He’s really handsome. The man in the suit looks so cool.

Happy: He must be very poor~>_<~

Shuang Yi: Well, he is the one in the legend that he is so poor that he only has money. I mjust save his life, Amen. Sisters, when you understand the true meaning of sacrificing one’s life for righteousness, you will understand my mood~~~~

The group fell silent….

Rabbit: Shuang Yi, with such elite partner, don’t you feel low self-esteem

Shuang Yi: T_T, I have always looked at other people’s wisdom and beauty like floating clouds.


……………… Continued group silence……………… …

Lettuce: How did you meet?

Shuang Yi: Blind date

Mosquito: This kind of man also needs to have a blind date? Is there a problem?

Shuang Yi: Contemplating, maybe, I haven’t tried his X function[1]

“What are you doing?”

“Ah!” Shuang Yi closed the laptop and turned back, “Zhou Ningxu! How can you spy on others’ privacy?!”

“I saw my picture. “Zhou’s face was expressionless.

“Uh, yes, I am recommending them to buy your company’s stocks.”

“Oh, so you are talking about my function to sell stocks.”

Woo! He really saw it.

Shuang Yi followed him into the kitchen depressed, Zhou Ningxu took out two apples from the refrigerator and took out the juicer.

Shuang Yi was bored: “I want the pineapple and oranges together.”


Zhou Ningxu took out the pineapple and oranges and said leisurely: “I have been busy at work these past two days. So, I probably won’t have time. The day after tomorrow we can find time to try it.”

“What to try?” Shuang Yi was silly.

“My function.”

Someone Zhou went to the study with apple juice, leaving a complete orange, a complete pineapple, and a completely petrified Shuang Yi.

Due to the psychological shadow left by someone Zhou yesterday, Shuang Yi’s bottleneck became more serious on Sunday, and she laid on the sofa to load creativity in her body.

Zhou Ningxu finally came out of the study in the evening, studied the corpse on the sofa, and confirmed that she was still alive. So, he picked up the car keys on the table.

“Let us go out and eat.”

“Woo, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to exist.”

“Spicy crayfish, boiling fish, crystal shrimp, crabmeat tofu…”

“Woo, I exist.”

“…Can you be anymore spineless?”

“Marx said that survival is the first duty of mankind.” Shuang Yi got up from the sofa, “Zhou Ningxu, what if I can’t write anymore?

” That’s not bad, I won’t have to see you floating around in the middle of the night.”

“…” She knew she wouldn’t find sympathy from him.

Going out and taking the elevator, Shuang Yi looked at the reflection of the two people on the elevator wall. Zhou had on very neat clothes. Well, she was, well, more casual… Then she remembered what the group of women in the group said yesterday.

“Zhou Ningxu, why do you like me?”

“I like you? Did I say it?” Zhou Ningxu began to recall.

“Hmm… Basically, I can see it by myself = =”

“…” Zhou Ningxu politely expressed silence.

When they got out of the elevator, and started walking toward the parking lot, Shuang Yi pulled Zhou Ningxu’s sleeve.

“Zhou Ning, how many points do I have in your heart?”

“Ah.” Zhou Ning said softly, “I think to tell you this is not very good, or we will fight before eating a meal?”

“…… You, come on, I’m afraid your holding back will affect your appetite = = “

Shuang Yi had an expression of “I know you well”.


“One hundred points?” Shuang Yi began to guess.




Shuang Yi’s hands trembled- Zhou Ningxu! If you don’t nod, I will strangle you!

Zhou Ningxu nodded very wisely.

“Fortunately, I don’t need to go back to my mother’s stomach to get reborn.” Shuang Yi was grateful, and then looked at someone suspiciously, “Had you never been on a blind date before? Didn’t they even have sixty points?”

“I used to just look at the hardware, the average score was about ninety.” Zhou Ningxu told the truth.

“Then why were you looking for me? Did I once rescue a puppy on the side of the road and show it to you?” Occupational disease began to raise its head.

“…… You’re not scared to death of dogs in this scenario?”

“Probably occupational disease.” Mr. Zhou Ning had a long time to think about this problem, “You know, playing the stock market, I like buying cheap stocks.”


“And if other value is added, maybe it will be one hundred after a while.” Mr. Zhou was addicted to explaining now, and out of humanitarian spirit, kindly comforted Shuang Yi.

Value added? 100 points?

“Wait! You said I could earn a hundred points?”

Shuang Yi suddenly thought of how the male pig in the novel would confess.

Heroine: How many points can I score in your heart?

Hero: Well, barely sixty!

The heroine gets sad and angry. The hero smiles: Although you only have sixty points in my heart now, but every year, one point will be added.

Heroine was disappointed: One point per year, won’t it take forty years to get full marks?

The actor continued to smile gently: Yes, so we will be together for forty years…

It’s so touching!!!

Shuang Yi looked at Zhou Ningxu with red hearts in her eyes.

My dear, you are getting better at sweet talk now, and still being so secretive, I love you to death!

Zhou Ningxu stroked his chin thoughtfully: “Well, maybe. With you every day, my aesthetic standards should decline year by year…”


Shuang Yi’s red heart turned into a bomb exploding into itself, she was said and almost wanted to vomit blood.

As a result, the weekend passed, and Shuang Yi was still encountering a bottleneck.

Tortoise: This is the story of two people living together. I think it’s more interesting to write about living together first^_^

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[1] Had Sex with him.

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