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The next day, Si Huang woke up according to her biological clock. After the morning run, he took a shower and ate, and Yu Xi had also gotten ready. When the two arrived on the set, they found that the number of fans gathered here today was even more than yesterday.

As soon as the fans saw Si Huang’s figure, they immediately burst into shouts, and they could vaguely hear “Your Majesty!” “Wow! He is as handsome as the legend!”.

Si Huang smiled at them and greeted all the staff on the way to the studio, until he reached Director Liu’s side, when the middle-aged and dark-skinned Director Liu saw her, his eyes were quite meaningful, “You don’t have any work today, don’t stay and go to rest.”

Si Huang was surprised, he heard Director Liu cough again, and then said: “Yesterday I forgot that you are a minor, but you are not allowed to drink in the future. Our crew must have a good educational tradition!”

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and he felt that these words were a bit familiar, as if someone had told her this not long ago. She nodded along with Director Liu’s will and said, “I see.”

Director Liu said again, “I just made soup this morning, and there is still some left. You can go drink it.” After speaking, he turned his head and ignored Si Huang.

Si Huang took the thermos bottle that the staff seemed to have prepared long ago, thanked Director Liu who was now ignoring him, and found an empty seat to sit down without disturbing Director Liu and their work.

Yu Xi standing next to her whispered, “Why do I feel a little weird.”

Si Huang rubbed her fingers against the thermos cup, “Even you think it’s weird, then it’s really weird.”

Yu Xi: “…”

Si Huang opened the thermos cup, the amount inside was just right, and it seemed like it was made just for him. If it was said that Director Liu was kind and dedicated to taking care of her… Si Huang would not believe it, Director Liu was not such a careful and considerate person.

The memory in her mind flipped, and a person’s face appeared, causing Si Huang to pause and press her temple, showing a slightly annoyed expression.

Yu Xi: “What’s wrong?”

Si Huang shook her head, “If you have nothing to do for the time being, give me a supplementary lesson.”

As Si Huang’s manager and supplementary teacher, Yu Xi always carried the textbooks that Si Huang wanted to learn. As soon as she opened her mouth, he sat down across from her and listed all the courses she would need to take for the Jinghua University entrance exam in the future.

Yu Xi was undoubtedly an academic bully. If it was not for worrying about his mother and sister, as well as family problems, it would have been no problem for him to enter Jinghua University. However, in the days of teaching Si Huang, the pride of Yu Xi from before had almost disappeared – this guy’s learning ability was outrageous!

The surrounding staff knew that Si Huang’s study was not a pretense, so they didn’t come up to disturb him.

For three days in a row, Si Huang lived leisurely and abundantly. As a second male character who ran through the whole play, her role was not much. As long as she did not NG, there was always a lot of free time. The extra time was used by her to make up lessons, browse Weibo, watch the stock market, and do some secret work. One day, she had dinner with Grandma Yu, which was very good.

Today, Si Huang had just left the crew and was about to drive back to the hotel when she saw the army green Hummer parked not far away.

The man in the car also noticed her, pushed the door open and walked down, staring at her in silence.

Yu Xi was startled, “He…”

Si Huang had already walked over there as she said to him, “You go back first.”

Seeing Si Huang getting into the Hummer, Yu Xi moved his lips and wanted to say ‘Come back early’, but the words were swallowed back.


The army green Hummer drove out of the garage, and Si Huang in the passenger seat asked, “Where are we going?”

Qin Fan didn’t look back at her, and said calmly, “Have dinner.”

About ten minutes later, the Hummer stopped at Xiangyuan. Si Huang got out of the car and followed Qin Fan.

Qin Fan had already made a reservation for a private box, and the two sat opposite each other. The waiter came to confirm the order, and after receiving Qin Fan’s response, he pushed the door and went out.

At the table, Qin Fan handed Si Huang a stack of documents.

Si Huang took it, opened it and saw what she had wanted to see, so with a smile in her eyes, she raised her head and smiled at Qin Fan: “Thank you, I’ll treat you this time.”

“No.” Qin Fan was expressionless, “This is what I promised you.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows but did not argue with him.

At this moment, the door was knocked, and several people came in with the dishes.

Si Huang looked at the wine bottle in one waiter’s hand, raised her eyebrows, and didn’t say anything when she saw someone put a wine glass for her. On the opposite side, Qin Fan raised his eyebrows, “Give him tea.”

The waiter who was arranging the cups paused and followed Qin Fan’s instructions.

After a while, the waiters left quietly.

Si Huang looked at a table of sumptuous dishes and asked Qin Fan, “Have you invited someone else?”

Qin Fan looked up at her, “Just the two of us.”

Si Huang narrowed his eyes. It was a bit strange for two people to have such a rich meal.

“Let’s eat.” Qin Fan finished, and then he started eating on his own.

Si Huang looked at him for two seconds, and then picked up her chopsticks.

The two of them ate quietly.

With a table of dishes, Si Huang was full after eating a few bites of each dish. When she put down her chopsticks and picked up the teacup, Qin Fan, who was opposite her, also picked up his wine glass. Si Huang’s eyes flickered, and she lifted the teacup to gesture to him.

Qin Fan’s face was still grim, but the pressure in his eyes had obviously weakened. He suddenly stood up and strode to the position beside Si Huang, the distance between them lessened from one meter on the opposite side to the point where they could reach out and touch each other with their hands. He just bumped the wine glass and Si Huang’s teacup with a thud, and then downed the wine in one gulp.

Si Huang took a sip of tea indifferently and asked, “What happened?” His reaction was a little unusual today.

Qin Fan put down the wine glass, “I’m going out recently.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows, “For a long time?”

“It won’t be long if it goes well.”

“Well, the journey will be smooth, and I wish you success.”

The two of them didn’t speak for a while. More precisely, Qin Fan was silent, and Si Huang didn’t take the initiative to raise a topic.

Qin Fan poured another glass of wine and became bored, so he stared straight at Si Huang and suddenly said: “If I ask you to call me brother, it will really treat you as a brother.”

Si Huang didn’t understand what he meant for a while. Then Qin Fan added: “When I’m away, call me if you have anything, just the number in your phone.”

Regarding Qin Fan’s ‘work’ content, Si Huang could still vaguely guess based on hearsay in her previous life. His ‘work’ was very secretive, and he absolutely could not answer calls from outside casually, but he said it without any force.

Si Huang did not answer, nor did she show any expression on her face.

Qin Fan frowned, “Answer me.”

Si Huang didn’t know when it was, but she couldn’t feel even a little fearful and cautious seeing his cold face and smiled casually: “I see.”

A hint of helplessness flashed in Qin Fan’s eyes. This kid’s attitude was clearly very perfunctory, he didn’t have the habit of sticking his face to a cold butt, but he couldn’t rest assured about this bad boy, “Don’t drink in the future, dry your hair before going to bed, you are still growing, don’t rely on youth to not take these things seriously.” Thinking of Si Huang’s work, he added, “If you really can’t escape from the entertainment, it’s fine. If anyone dares to force you to drink, you don’t need to give them any face, you can bring out Tie Lao and the others directly and call me if it doesn’t work.”

“Okay.” Si Huang’s reaction was still indifferent, making Qin Fan wonder if he had really listened, or whether his words were going in the right ear and coming out from the left.

But even so, Qin Fan took a sip of wine, stared at her and told her over and over again: “Your body is your capital, don’t ruin your body for work, and when I’m not here, don’t commit crimes in the middle of the night, and you’re not allowed to go to that place again. If you are really interested in nightclubs and other places, I will take you there in the future.”

Si Huang did not persuade him to drink, and looked at him indifferently throughout the whole process, not dodging his gaze, “You mean, you can stay with me in the middle of the night while I commit a crime?”

Qin Fan’s eyes lit up, “Don’t think about messing things up.”

He didn’t drink anymore, but his eyes were getting deeper and deeper, and his tone more and more drunk-like.

Seeing that he had finished drinking the bottle of wine, Si Huang sighed inwardly at his drinking capacity. Seeing that the man had stretched out his hand and picked up the teacup in front of him, Si Huang didn’t even have time to stop him, and Qin Fan had already drunk it. The tea in the cup was drunk, then she paused, “Drunk?”

“It’s not enough.” Qin Fan’s tone was indeed not mixed.

Si Huang didn’t believe that he really had not become drunk at all, so she didn’t mention the tea cup, “Go back after eating.”

“Let’s go.” Qin Fan stood up. A hand stretched out to Si Huang, standing still.

Si Huang looked at him inexplicably.

The tall man put on the face of Emperor Gao Leng and said in a tone that was not angry and proud: “Help brother.”

Si Huang: “…”

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