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Early the next morning, when they learned that Luo Ning had given birth early, His Majesty and the Queen came to the hospital impatiently. Qin Rong and Yu Lan came to the door with a bunch of presents as well, and even Uncle Ling An, who happened to be in Capital Star, also came to the hospital to visit Luo Ning.

As a result, everyone found that there was only one daughter in Luo Ning’s arms.

His Majesty Caesar smiled and asked, “Aren’t they twins? Isn’t there another one?”

Qin Yize and Luo Ning looked at each other, so embarrassed that they didn’t know how to answer.

Ling Yuan explained: “The younger one is not yet full-term, so it has to be raised in an incubator!”

Caesar looked back at him: “Not full-term? Aren’t they twins? The older one is full-term, so how could the younger one be premature?”

Realizing that he had slipped his tongue, Ling Yuan immediately coughed, and silently turned his head to look out the window.

At this moment, the gray-haired old expert opened the door and came in for inspection. Caesar also knew him, and immediately stepped forward and asked, “Professor, what’s the matter with the baby being raised in the incubator?”

The old professor said: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the baby is less than seven months old and needs to be raised in an incubator. We will closely observe his development, and we will take him out after all his body organs are fully developed.”

Caesar’s brows furrowed even tighter: “Since they are twins, why is the younger one less than seven months old?”

The old professor said, “They are not twins, but sister and younger brother who were conceived separately.”

Caesar was a little puzzled: “Separately conceived?”

The old professor explained seriously: “That is to say, during the pregnancy of His Highness Luo Ning, Mr. Qin and His Highness had an intense sex life without knowing it, which caused the pheromone disorder in His Highness’s body. At that time, he became pregnant with his second child.”

Everyone: “…”

All of them looked at Qin Yize in unison.

Qin Yize felt chills down his spine, wishing he could dig a crack in the ground and bury himself.

Luo Ning also blushed in embarrassment, wishing he could bury his face in his daughter’s arms.

Doctor! Can you stop being so direct? Is it really okay to explain so directly in front of the elders?

The atmosphere in the room was a bit weird, and the old expert smiled and said: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the baby is not yet seven months old, but we have checked carefully, and he has developed faster than ordinary babies, maybe it will take less than three months, we might even take him out in two months.”

The doctor also kindly asked someone to push the incubator over.

Everyone looked at the little guy sleeping in the nutrient solution, and then looked at the eldest daughter in Luo Ning’s arms. There was a big gap between one big and one small.

They were not twins, but the older sister was actually three months older than the younger brother.

He became pregnant with a second child during her pregnancy, which was also unique in the entire empire.

His Majesty Caesar looked at Qin Yize and said coldly: “You had two babies at once. But your method is quite novel.”

Qin Yize blushed so much that he was about to explode, and he didn’t know how to explain it.

Luo Ning was also very embarrassed, coughed, and said, “Father, have you had breakfast? Let Yize take you to eat something.” He was obviously changing the subject, and Caesar loved his son so he didn’t continue embarrassing Luo Ning.

Qin Yize brought the group of elders to a high-end restaurant near the hospital and booked a private room.

Along the way, the elders were silent, while Qin Yize felt like there was a target on his back, and every step he took seemed to be rushing to the execution ground.

After arriving at the restaurant, Qin Yize turned around to fetch food for everyone, acting very polite and attentive.

After he left, Ling Yuan laughed dryly and said, “Although this matter is a little strange, it turned out to be good. Two births at a time are not bad, and it’s quite easy.”

What to say, Qin Rong’s expression was serious and he didn’t speak, Caesar kept staring at Qin Yize’s back, so Ling An had no choice but to stand up and smooth things over: “It’s good that both children can be born healthy, in fact, even though they are not twins… Cough cough, there is not much difference.”

Caesar finally looked away from Qin Yize’s back and said indifferently: “Let’s say they are fraternal twins to the outside world, and let the hospital keep their mouths shut.”

Qin Rong nodded in agreement: “Well, it is really not good to spread this kind of thing.”

Caesar said: “There is no need to hold the children’s full moon banquet, after all, the older one is approaching full moon, but the younger one is still in the incubator, so there is no way to explain it.”

Everyone: ” ……”

Ling An wanted to laugh but held back and stood up to help Qin Yize get the food. The table was quickly filled with breakfast, and everyone chatted nonchalantly while eating, and no one mentioned the fact that the two children were born in different months.

Qin Yize blushed as if he had been cooked and didn’t dare to look at His Majesty at all.

Ling An patted him on the shoulder lightly, leaned over and said, “I used to think that you were very upright and serious, and I was worried that you two would have a boring life after marriage. Now it seems that I was worrying too much. You two have a good relationship. You still have to be intimate during pregnancy?”

Qin Yize’s ears turned red, and he said awkwardly: “I didn’t expect this to happen…”

Ling An finally couldn’t help laughing, and leaned into Qin Yize’s ear and said: “If you mark thoroughly, the probability of an Omega becoming pregnant is very high. Even if they are not completely marked, he may still get pregnant if you don’t take contraceptive measures. Pay more attention in the future and don’t let such embarrassing things happen again.”

Qin Yize nodded with a blushing face: “I know Uncle, I will pay attention.”

Seeing this Alpha blushing, Caesar didn’t say anything more – as long as his son liked it, let them do as they pleased.


Luo Ning recovered quickly, and a week later, he and Qin Yize were discharged from the hospital with their daughter.

As for the younger son, of course he was still raised in the incubator.

When they got home, Mother Yu Lan had already set up the baby’s room, and Luo Ning put his daughter in the crib, seeing his white and tender daughter put him in a great mood.

It was said that daughters were the most caring, and they were right. When the two boys of the big emperor’s family were born, they competed every day to see who cried louder. When they were a little older, and they could walk, the palace was almost demolished, and the emperor had a terrible headache everyday.

How good was it to have a daughter? Well-behaved and obedient, quiet, neither crying nor fussing, and would bend her eyes and laugh when teased by her father.

Not to mention how cute his daughter was when she smiled, she was simply a little angel.

Luo Ning liked this Omega daughter very much, holding her to play with her every day, Qin Yize also liked his daughter very much, and stayed with her from morning to night. The two fathers were about to spoil their little angel to the sky, while wanting to give her the best in everything.

Only on weekends did the two think of visiting their other cub in the hospital.

The youngest son was growing very fast and getting healthier. The incubator seemed to be unable to hold him anymore. Every time Qin Yize saw him, he would punch the air and kick the glass box, as if he wanted to jump out of the box.

Luo Ning was a little worried: “Is this child suffering from ADHD?”

He suddenly remembered the monitoring screen he saw when the children were not born. He was obviously three months younger than his sister, but this little guy had quickly grabbed his sister’s nutrients and squeezed his sister into a corner. Luo Ning had a bad feeling at the time, always feeling that this little guy would not be safe.

Seeing him moving around in the incubator now, Luo Ning’s premonition became even stronger.


Two and a half months later, the youngest son’s internal organs were fully developed, and his facial features became clear. After the hospital’s evaluation, he was considered to be able to leave the incubator. After receiving the news, Qin Yize and Luo Ning went to pick him up.

Unlike their daughter who was well-behaved and quiet, this little guy started crying as soon as he entered the villa.

“Wow wow wow… woo woo…”

While crying, he punched and kicked at the same time, Luo Ning almost couldn’t hold him, but Qin Yize had sharp eyes and quick hands, and pulled his son into his arms.

The deafening cry woke up the daughter who was taking a nap. The daughter who seldom cried also started to cry, but her voice was choked and she looked very wronged.

Luo Ning’s heart ached, and he wished he could beat up this brat.

However, the little guy who came out of the incubator looked much better, and his facial features seemed a bit like Qin Yize. Such a young child must be ignorant, and Luo Ning couldn’t bear to really beat him, so he could only hug him and coax him to sleep patiently.

In order to prevent the two children from affecting each other, Luo Ning carried him to the baby room opposite. The little guy was probably tired from crying, and after being hugged and coaxed by Luo Ning for a while, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Both Luo Ning and Qin Yize breathed a sigh of relief.

But Qin Yize always felt that it was impossible for the youngest son to be so peaceful.

Sure enough, at three o’clock in the morning that night, Luo Ning and Qin Yize were awakened by a burst of crying. The youngest son cried so heartbreakingly that the roof of the entire villa almost collapsed, and Qin Yize had a headache. He immediately went downstairs to see him.

In the end, when he picked up his son, he found that even though the little guy was crying so hard that his eyes… he didn’t have a single tear in his eyes.

This was pure howling!

Qin Yize said with a sullen face, “What are you howling for?”

The youngest son ignored him and continued to cry.

Qin Yize had no choice but to carry his son upstairs for Luo Ning to coax. As a result, as soon as Luo Ning hugged him, the little guy immediately calmed down, grabbed Luo Ning’s fingers with a smile, and put Luo Ning’s hand into his mouth with a look of liking.

Luo Ning’s heart softened, so he had to sleep with his son in his arms.

Qin Yize slept next to Luo Ning.

As a result, just as he fell asleep, the brat started crying again, and it was useless to coax him.

As soon as Qin Yize turned over and got out of bed, he immediately stopped crying.

Luo Ning was helpless: “It seems that our son doesn’t really want to sleep with you.”

Qin Yize: “…”

What else could he do?! If he cried like this again, his daughter would wake up too.

Qin Yize had no choice but to go downstairs to sleep in the nursery with a dark face.

Looking at the colorful baby room wallpaper, Qin Yize was really itchy with anger.

This little cub pushed his sister aside when he was still in Luo Ning’s stomach, and when he got home, he even wanted to grab his father’s place… If he knew that Luo Ning was pregnant when he was making out with Luo Ning, he wouldn’t have done it, after all the second child turned out to be such a little bastard.

Seeing that he was still young, bear with it first.

When he grew up in the future, Qin Yize swore that he must take good care of this brat.

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