FPH Ch. 18

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Gu Nian’s head was poked by Mu Lanshu, this time with a lot of strength, Gu Nian frowned in pain, her hand covered the place where Mu Lanshu had poked, it was already red.

“Mom!” Gu Nian was also a little irritable, and was particularly aggrieved, “If they tell you that, you will believe it? Why don’t you ask me what’s going on? It’s not a heinous thing, I’m only 24 years old, don’t make it look like I can’t get married. You don’t know what kind of character I am? If it wasn’t for the other party’s overdoing, would I have embarrassed him?”

Mu Lanshu became stagnant, thinking of it, Gu Nian’s character was indeed very good. Even if the other party said something unpleasant, she would let it pass with forbearance. Only when other person goes too far would she turn her face.

The other party must have been too much to make Gu Nian turn her face.

It was just that she received a call from her colleague, Auntie Su, who kept scolding Gu Nian on the phone, saying that in Shengyue, she splashed water on the other party’s face, pointed to his nose and called him ugly. She also called in the security to beat up the other party.

When the boy came back, he was so angry that he went straight to her and asked her how she introduced such a person, saying that he only went to see Gu Nian just to give her face. This made Aunt Su embarrassed, and she said that Gu Nian had really tricked her. She looked like a gentle girl that day, who knew she was like this.

Mu Lanshu had no choice but to apologise to the other person, but her heart was on fire, so she hung up the phone and waited for Gu Nian at home. It was easy for a person to think wildly and get into the horns when being alone. So, she started thinking about how difficult it was for her to raise Gu Nian by myself over the years, she just wanted to see this child have a family to rely on, not like her.

But why did Gu Nian just not understand her painstaking efforts?

At that time, Mu Lanshu thought that Gu Nian had messed up the blind date on purpose. So when Gu Nian came back, she started to scold her indiscriminately.

Now seeing Gu Nian’s aggrieved red eyes, her forehead pierced red, her mouth opened and closed unconsciously.

After a long time, she asked dryly, “What the hell is going on?”

“He looked down on me. When he came up, he said that he was willing to come see me to give Aunt Su face, also he was willing to come see me because of his kindness towards me. He also said that if he told anyone that I’m a policeman than it will disgrace him and asked me to change jobs. Isn’t he just a manager of a bank? He feels so proud about himself. He is so rich and respectful, but it is so embarrassing that he was picking up on other people’s looks.”

Mu Lanshu’s expression also changed, she was dissatisfied with her daughter’s job because of the danger. But how could a stranger who had just met Gu Nian look down on her? Why did he have to despise her work?

In order to raise Gu Nian, she even cleaned toilets and worked as a nurse where she had to clean the faeces and urine of people. She felt that there was no shame in earning money from her own labour, and there was no distinction in work, and everyone lived by their own serious skills.

She said that to her daughter because she was a mother. She just said that for the sake of her daughter, but what gave a stranger the right to look down on her daughter!

“I secretly took a picture of him, you can see for yourself.” Gu Nian shoved the phone to Mu Lanshu.

This was when Chu Zhaoyang was teaching that person, and she secretly filmed it from behind.

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