RCFS Ch. 98: I’m the Boss 4

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“Don’t look at her, the heir of the Ye family is now me. If you are disobedient, your salary will be deducted this month. If you are disobedient next month, it will be deducted again. If you continue to be disobedient, your salary will continue to be deducted until you can see clearly. I’m the boss!”

The girl looked at everyone arrogantly, her red lips spit out cold and ruthless words, which made people tremble subconsciously!

This new heir was so powerful!

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More than 100 Awesomeness XP had been contributed till now, and the system gentleman couldn’t help but scream!

“But Miss Yunxi, doesn’t this big thing have to be approved by the master?”

Someone subconsciously used Ye Jianxing to suppress Ye Yunxi.

However, you didn’t even think about it, who was the boss of the hands-off and let Ye Yunxi do everything?

The girl smiled slightly and said lightly, “A big deal? It would be a big deal to fire you all. Butler Wen has said about such trivial matters as salary deduction, the heir has the final say, right, Butler Wen!”

Ye Yunxi smiled and looked over, and Butler Wen nodded indifferently: “Yes, Miss Xi, the salary deduction is really not a big deal, you don’t need to disturb the master.”

As she guessed, Ye Jianxing was definitely an old fox.

“It’s fine if you want to go to grandfather, but when you get to grandfather’s place, I’m afraid it would not be just a salary deduction, but a direct dismissal. Who would be so disobedient?”

The face of the person who had just spoken changed suddenly.

They now understood that Miss Wanting was no longer the heir. Since the master had appointed Miss Yunxi as the heir, he would definitely stand on Miss Yunxi’s side.

This Miss Wanting had really fallen from the divine position!

“If you understand it, go to work.”

Seeing her indifferent eyes and high-level attitude, the people subconsciously shivered, and before they could realize they had already started to pack up the things in the room.

“You, you!”

Ye Wanting exploded with rage!

Why did these people defect so quickly!

Sure enough, a slave is a slave, a bunch of bitches who change with the wind!

“Dog slave, changing with the wind!”

Ye Wanting directly scolded and said what was in her heart, the people who heard her were stunned for a moment, then they all stopped and looked over with anger.

What century was this, how were they slaves?

Even though Miss Yunxi just now scolded them, she never said a word to belittle them!

We are working, maybe even part-time workers, you are the boss, but we are not slaves!

“What are you looking at, I’m talking about you bastards with no backbone!”

The servants looked anxious, looked at the things in their hands, then looked at the suitcases, suddenly they opened the window without saying a word, and threw everything out of the window.

“You, are you crazy!!”

Ye Wanting was going crazy, what were these people doing!

That was her baby, it was very expensive!

She rushed to the window sill like a madman, but the things were scattered on the ground and covered with dust.

Was this group of people intoxicated by Ye Yunxi? Why did they do these things!

Ye Wanting turned her head back angrily, but saw the people walking in front of Ye Yunxi one by one and said, “Miss Yunxi, we have done the work, and we also threw the things away. If Miss Yunxi wants to deduct a part of our salary, you can deduct it!”

“Yes, even if you deduct, it’s fine! We were really blind, how can we see such a person?”

“Let’s go, the garden hasn’t been mowed yet!”

“Well, let’s go, Miss Yunxi, goodbye!”

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