RCFS Ch. 96: I’m the Boss 2

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Ye family house was located in a villa area on the outskirts of the city.

This house was bought when Ye family house was at its peak, and even though the family was slowly dying, and their various industries had shrunk, but the house had been completely preserved under Ye Jianxing’s single-handed protection.

When they were brought into the living room, someone came over to carry their luggage as they walked to the second floor.

Since Ye Jianxing was not around, the housekeeper Wen greeted and assigned them rooms.

“Master, your room is still in the same place, young master, your room is next to the young lady, it’s on the second floor.”

Ye Yunji nodded, but his eyes couldn’t help but look around.

They were finally back!

He was born here and grew up here!

He had a lot of memories of this house. When he left, he was very emotional. Now that he was back, he was even more excited.

All of this was brought back by his sister!

Looking at Ye Junpo again, he saw that the corners of his eyes were slightly red, he was obviously more moved than he was.

Could he bear it?

Here lay his memories of more than 30 years, about his parents, about his childhood, about his children!

When he had a quarrel with his Dad, he put all these memories in the dust. Who would have thought that when he came back now, those memories would be like an opened Pandora’s box, all of which rushed into his mind at once.

Dad… even if I come back, I still don’t want to talk to you!

Ye Junpo walked upstairs with his bag on his back, but when he opened the door of his room, he was startled.

“What, what’s going on?”

Hearing this, Ye Yunxi and the others also ran over and found that his father’s room was actually full of a girl’s belongings.

Skirts were thrown on the bed, dolls covered the balcony, and even the tablecloths were edged with lace!

Ye Yunxi frowned slightly, was this Dad’s room?

“What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just my room.”

Ye Wanting walked out slowly, still wearing pyjamas, apparently just having woken up.

“Didn’t I let you guys move out yesterday?”

Ye Yunji couldn’t help but think, why didn’t this person leave, she’s still here?

Ye Wanting glanced at Ye Yunxi, hummed, sat down on the bed, and looked at the fingernails she had just painted.

“No one helped me pack my luggage.”

Ye Wanting sneered.

“Then second uncle also didn’t leave?”

Before the words were finished, Ye Junlai came to separate the crowd and walked over with a smile: “Oh, brother, I’m sorry, there are too many things, and I haven’t finished cleaning up yet, till than you will have to live elsewhere first.”

Ye Yunxi could see that the family didn’t want to leave at all!

But they had to go, this house was no longer where they should live!



Seeing that Ye Junpo was about to surrender, Ye Yunxi raised her voice to stop him and stood at the door.

The father and daughter looked very disdainful, in fac they looked like how they should be treating them.

Ye Yunxi curled the corners of his mouth and turned to Butler Wen, “Where’s grandfather?”

“He went to play chess with Mr. Hao early in the morning.”

Sure enough, he wasn’t home.

What an old fox.

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth: “Then trouble Butler Wen, call everyone in the family.”

“Call up?”

Butler Wen was a little puzzled, what was this lady going to do?


Hearing this, he could only call everyone up.

“Little Miss!”

The servants greeted each other in turn, Ye Yunxi nodded, and glanced at the father and daughter in the room: “Miss Wanting has too many things, go, help her clean up and make room for my dad.

“There are not enough people?”

The whole family came to help, she wanted to see if there were enough people!

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