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Gu Nian opened her eyes in the darkness.

The pain of the hangover made her unable to help but press her temples and moan softly.

If I get drunk again, I’ll hang myself on the southeast branch.

Gu Nian warned herself in her heart, stretched her white arm out of the bed, habitually touched the pillow, and found her mobile phone.

The curtains in the room were drawn as she was used to, and the light of the mobile phone was particularly dazzling after a long sleep. Gu Nian slightly squinted her eyes and glanced at the time displayed on the screen.


It was another half past ten morning.

Gu Nian wailed in a hoarse voice and threw the phone away. She habitually rolled herself into the middle of the big bed, loosened her arms and—slap.

Gu Nian’s body froze suddenly.

If this incomparably real feeling was not a dream, then under the side of her palm, this warm and delicate touch, very similar to human skin, was…

Gu Nian panicked a lot in her heart, but gritted her teeth tightly on her face, so that she couldn’t hum a single word.

She froze her left arm and did not dare to move it. With her right hand, she struggled to find the mobile phone she had thrown beside the pillow. The screen was turned to the darkest, and then she carefully shone the faint light along her arm.

Pressed on the side of the neck by her slipping hand, the man’s sleeping face was quiet, the slender and slightly curled eyelashes hung down densely under the eyelids, the bridge of the nose cut out the most sharp and perfect lines in the half-light, and the thin lip color was full of curvature, this face was still amazingly beautiful in every detail when seen from such a close distance.


Gu Nian couldn’t care less about being amazed, her heart was in the process of rebuilding the universe right now.

Why did she double-handedly give someone to——!

Last time at least it was just messy clothes, but this time, except for her arm that was draped around the man’s neck and did not dare to move for fear of waking him up, Gu Nian could clearly see the thin quilt that barely covered his waist and abdomen. The black satin pajamas that complemented his white complexion so coldly were completely stripped off.

What’s more –

Gu Nian rigidly fixed her gaze on the side of his palm, in the shadow blocked by her arm, there seemed to be a little trace of something at the position of his collarbone.

With the last hope that “it must be just an illusion”, Gu Nian carefully and slowly moved his palm away.

The faint light of the mobile phone screen was extended, and on the man’s sharp collarbone line, there were two crooked black words –

Gu Nian.

And like the seal of an important document after a signature, what replaced the red thumbprint was a faint, bite mark.

[This is a signature… This is a seal… Well, you will be mine from now on, don’t forget me!]


The fragmented picture was playing back in her mind.

Gu Nian: “………”

She actually crossed the last red line that she had held on to for so long after drinking.

Destroy it, world.

Gu Nian was spreading herself out on the bed like a dried salted fish in despair when she heard rustling under the quilt.

Gu “Salted Fish” Nian stiffened suddenly.

When she was struggling between pretending to be dead and pretending to be asleep, a slightly scorching breath came from behind her, and the scorching heat hugged her, and it felt like she was scalding through her pajamas.

Right next to her ears, that familiar voice was something she had never heard before. It carried a laziness that was not clear yet, and precipitated a soft, hoarse and sexy voice that seemed to melt her slowly.

“Are you awake…”

“——” Gu Nian froze into a stone.

“I want to sleep for a while more, can I, Nian Nian…”


What do you read?? What do you read??

That’s the progress in one night, so what did she do after drinking yesterday that was worse than a beast!?

Gu Nian went crazy.

After countless reconstructions of the Earth in her mind, she finally turned slowly, tearfully, and cautiously.

Her breath brushed against his neck.

At a very close distance, even with the dim light in the room, eyes that had adapted to it could easily see the half-deep and half-shallow “stamp” bite mark on his collarbone that was branded next to her signature.

Gu Nian bit the corner of the quilt: woo woo woo bit so hard, it almost broke the skin.

Before she could open her mouth, her breathing seemed to wake him up. The man hid back in the dark, his voice mixed with drowsiness and hoarseness: “Don’t bite me…it hurts.”

Gu Nian: “!” Oh God, you beast!!

Gu Nian was speechless for a while, and finally apologized in a trembling voice: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I will never drink again.”


The person in the dark in front of her was quiet for a long time.

When Gu Nian was in despair, the person under the quilt opened his arms, suddenly stepped forward to hug her, and then buried her tightly in the crook of his neck.

Luo Xiu: “It’s okay, I’m very happy.”

Gu Nian, who was hugged in a daze, “?”

Luo Xiu gently kissed her ear and temple: “Because I finally don’t have to bear it anymore. I like you, Gu Nian.”


Gu Nian’s newly established brain system crashed again.

The voice next to her ear was gentle enough: “What did you say last night?”

Gu Nian trembled: “What did I say?”

“You said I belonged to you.”


Gu Nian reconstructed the scene in her head and the earth exploded into fireworks, the heartbeat broke through the shackles of the soul, and her reason basically returned to the cloud.

Luo Xiu liked her.

And while she was drunk, she took people as her own.


Gu Nian was in the midst of despair and another demonic emotion that she dared not look directly at or admit, and when she was feeling the torture of conscience and the temptation of human nature, there was an obvious electronic ringtone outside the door.

“Tick tick.”

Gu Nian turned around in a daze.

This was the sound of the electronic lock unlocking the main entrance on the first floor of the villa.

But only she, Luo Xiu, and Ms. Gu Yuan knew the passwords for the three passports in the villa area——


Gu Nian’s mind went blank for two seconds.

Before her more horrific thoughts had time to take shape, Ms. Gu Yuan’s loud voice came from downstairs.

“Gu Nian?”

Gu Nian: “——?!”

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