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On the first day, they finished the bridal room scene. The next day, everyone found that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye seemed to be avoiding each other, and the atmosphere between them seemed to have fallen into a cliff and frozen.

Jiang Zheng sat on the lounge chair with a cold face, staring at the script with both eyes, but the dream that she had last night was churning in her mind. In the dream, she was tightly hugged by Ji Muye. Yesterday’s bridal scene continued in her dream, and the lingering that was pinched off by the camera continued along with Ji Muye’s kiss. Jiang Zheng believed that although she was a career fan of Ji Muye and had no other intentions, she was also human and had impulses. She was not ashamed to have sex dreams, but she was ashamed that she actually dragged Ji Muye into her dreams. It was nothing more than a dream, the key was that she still responded so fiercely??? In a shameless way, they seemed to have fought all night. Boo!

Desecrating the wall of her house, she felt that her sin was unforgivable, so she mourned all morning, scaring Han Yi into thinking she had hysteria.

Ji Muye didn’t feel much better when he woke up early in the morning. Last night, he tossed and turned, and couldn’t sleep all night. All he thought about was Jiang Zheng’s fair shoulders, her warm lips, and the sentence she had said: I gave you courage. At that moment, he really envied Cui Ling, the person he was playing.

He was mentally preparing in his room for such a long time that he frightened Jing Meini into thinking that he had fainted.

Unlike Jiang Zheng, who closed herself and wailed in her head, when the studio was resting, Ji Muye was not like usual, sitting next to Jiang Zheng whenever he was free, but turned into a little bee and went to the props team to give others advice. After a while, he went to the service group to give advice and suggestions to others and was very busy. He wanted to avoid Jiang Zheng for as long as he could.

Everyone looked at him, but they didn’t dare to say or ask.

That night, in the dead of night, some people were snoring, and some people were worried.

Jiang Zheng, who couldn’t sleep, put on a sports suit, put on a hat and mask, and went downstairs to run quietly. Han Yi originally wanted to go as well but he was rejected by Jiang Zheng.

At ten o’clock at night, the Qiang Village was very quiet. If you listen carefully, you could hear the sound of the river below the cliff, and even the sound of the fire from the fire pit coming from someone’s watchtower.

Jiang Zheng ran along the path, and the only sound she could hear was her feet touching the ground on the bluestone slab. The mountain wind whistling past her ears and the sweet air between her nostrils completely opened her heart and lungs, and the more she ran, the more comfortable she became.

She simply ran up the mountain, her figure was drawn thin and long under the moonlight, and suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind her.

Jiang Zheng blinked, then she sped up and kept running forward, but the footsteps behind her got closer.

The people living here were all simple Qiang people, and all other crew members knew her. Could it be that there were uninvited guests in the Qiang Village? Suddenly she regretted not letting Han Yi follow along. Although Han Yi was small, he could at least scare the bad guys.

Her heart sank, and she quickened her pace again. The sound of footsteps behind her was getting closer and closer, and she was too scared to look back. Suddenly, she tripped over the raised stone slab under her feet, and her upper body fell forward instantly… Just then an arm stretched out from behind and grabbed her.

When she turned around suddenly, she saw Ji Muye’s nervous face.

Jiang Zheng quickly stood up.

As soon as Ji Muye saw Jiang Zheng, he overlapped her face with that of the bridal chamber that night, his legs became unsatisfactorily weak, and he looked away uncomfortably, “Hello.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

The atmosphere was awkward and cramped.

After a while, the two opened their mouths at the same time.

“I’m going up the mountain!”

“I’m going down the mountain!”

The atmosphere became even more awkward and cramped.

At this time, the moonlight was bright white, and the mountain wind blew up, blowing the broken hair around Jiang Zheng’s ear.

Ji Muye was in a trance, remembering how he involuntarily reached out and tucked the hair on her temples that night in the bridal chamber.

With this thought in mind, he stretched out his hand.

Jiang Zheng didn’t dare to move.

Ji Muye withdrew his hand, pursed his lower lip, and decided to be an upright gentleman, and try his best to admit his mistakes and no longer avoid it.

“Teacher Jiang, I’m sorry, that scene in the bridal chamber a few days ago… I shouldn’t have taken the initiative to kiss you.”

Jiang Zheng was stunned, only to see Ji Muye’s extremely heavy expression, and thought he was going to say something important, it turned out to be this matter? He did this for the needs of the plot. Everyone knew it, and so did she.

She asked tentatively, “Could it be because of this incident that you have been embarrassed to talk to me these days?”

Ji Muye, who was poked in his mind, wanted to cover Jiang Zheng’s mouth, but he endured it and lowered his head, and responded with an almost inaudible hum.

For the first time, Jiang Zheng saw Ji Muye showing such youthful shame and embarrassment. She smiled secretly for a while, and said, “I also feel sorry to Teacher Ji.”

Ji Muye raised his head.

Jiang Zheng said with a serious face, “I shouldn’t have secretly pinched your earlobe. I couldn’t help it. And I even pinched it three times.” The touch was simply too wonderful.

Ji Muye: “?” Wasn’t that just because of the plot? Did liking the rounding of his earlobes equal to liking him?

Jiang Zheng kicked a small stone on the ground and whispered, “I just think your earlobes were so red, like a ruby, so it should be very nice to pinch.”

Having said that, she no longer cared about any problems with people, she just showed a cute and lovely smile, “Sure enough. It’s very good to pinch.”

Ji Muye felt like a balloon, he had just been filled with hope and vitality by Jiang Zheng, and suddenly the air was completely released by her as well.

He took a step forward angrily, Jiang Zheng blinked and leaned back slightly.

Ji Muye tilted his head, revealing a beautiful profile, “Pinch again.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

“If you squeeze again, I will forgive you.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

The author has something to say: I want to pinch too.

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