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Shen Xigou immediately looked up at the LED screen. The large screen was showing the real-time image of the venue, and Yu Fei’s figure appeared in it. The camera particularly favored his face and gave him a close-up again.

Through the screen, Shen Xigou confirmed Yu Fei’s location and found him. Yu Fei was not participating in any event now. He had the task of cheering for his class players. As long as he was there for even one minute, the girls would be full of energy and achieve good results in the competition.

Yu Fei was quite absent-minded, he just wanted to find Fu Yuanzhou, or wait for Fu Yuanzhou to find him actively, so he had been paying attention to the people around him, and he soon found Shen Xigou, after all, his mixed-race appearance was really striking.

“Lorenzo?” Yu Fei looked surprised, “Why are you here?” He paused, and then quickly asked, “Are you here to look for Yuanyuan? Have you seen him?”

“Yes.” Shen Xigou said.

After being silent for a few seconds, Yu Fei said, “I told you that he is not the ‘Seven’ you are looking for. Don’t disturb him anymore.”

“He is Seven.” Shen Xigou was very determined.

“Do you have clear evidence?” Yu Fei asked.

Shen Xigou said: “Do you have clear evidence that he is not?”

Of course, Yu Fei didn’t, so he simply avoided answering this question and said instead: “If you are too entangled, he will hate you.”

“He already hates me very much.” Shen Xigou said, “I don’t know why, but he hates me so much that he doesn’t want to admit that he is Seven.”

Yu Fei was speechless.

“I’m so sorry to be hated by him all of a sudden.” Shen Xigou’s voice was low, but he showed a little smile: “But if he didn’t cut off contact with me for no reason, I would not have met him until a long time later. I had no way of knowing… He is far more perfect than I imagined.”

Yu Fei frowned slightly, in his heart, his Zhou was naturally perfect everywhere, but this did not mean that he was willing to hear this from other men.

“I came to you to ask for your help.” Shen Xigou said, “I came here today to meet Seven, but I was invited by you in name. That’s what I told him.”

What he was asking Yu Fei to do was naturally self-evident. Yu Fei smiled and asked calmly, “Why should I help you?”

“Because you also need my help.” Shen Xigou said, “Help to keep your secret safe.”

Sure enough.

This was not unexpected for Yu Fei. Shen Xigou knew about his purchase of banned drugs. He had long expected that one day Shen Xigou would threaten him with this matter.

“Although you can tell Yuanzhou.” Yu Fei didn’t intend to compromise, “Do you think he will trust you more, or will he trust me more?”

Fu Yuanzhou was deeply disgusted by Shen Xigou and he had no credibility in front of him at all. It was very clear.

“I won’t tell him.” Shen Xigou raised his lips, “I will talk to your cousin Xie Lin.”

Yu Fei’s eyes sank, Shen Xigou had stabbed his sore spot, indeed, if he told Xie Lin, this matter would be different.

Xie Lin didn’t believe that he had pheromone insensitivity. If Shen Xigou provided Xie Lin with the evidence of him buying that medicine, Xie Lin would definitely make him go to the hospital for an examination. He had thrown away the medicine before. So, if he was checked now, the truth would be exposed.

He didn’t speak, so Shen Xigou smiled and said gently, “I don’t need you to do anything for me, as long as you acquiesce in that you invited me whenever I come to meet Seven.”

“One month.” Yu Fei said, “Only one month.”

After a month, according to the progress of the treatment, his “illness” should have fully recovered, and Shen Xigou would no longer be able to threaten him.

“Okay.” Shen Xigou smiled, “After a month, I will let the transaction person destroy the electronic documents.”

While the two of them were talking secretly, Yuan Ye and Fu Yuanzhou had both returned to the stand where their class was standing, and Yuan Ye was asking him worriedly: “Did he do something to you just now?”


After getting rid of Shen Xigou, Fu Yuanzhou also breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that Yuan Ye seemed to want to go back to teach Shen Xigou a lesson, he shook his head and said, “He helped me.”

“He will also help you?” Yuan Ye didn’t believe it. From his point of view, it was good if Shen Xigou didn’t harm Fu Yuanzhou. How could he help him?


Fu Yuanzhou responded in a low voice, lowered his eyes, and suddenly felt a little depressed.

He recalled the events of his previous life. In fact, he always knew that Shen Xigou had an almost morbid desire to protect him, and would never allow anyone to touch him, not even himself. When he hated Shen Xigou and was strangling him to death, Shen Xigou’s first reaction was not to survive, but to worry about whether his fingers would hurt.

After he was locked up by Shen Xigou, his mood changed from anger, fear, to numbness. There were several changes in the middle, and he also experienced many things, including several attempts to commit suicide.

Every time he was rescued by Shen Xigou, what he saw when he opened his eyes was that Shen Xigou was with him. While Shen Xigou was taking care of him while he was recovering, he had seen a bandage wrapped around Shen Xigou’s arm, which showed that he was also injured.

At first, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t care, and Shen Xigou didn’t mention where the injury came from, but more and more, Fu Yuanzhou gradually discovered that whenever he hurt himself, or when he broke down emotionally, Shen Xigou’s body would also have more injuries and scars.

Later, Fu Yuanzhou realized that Shen Xigou was self-harming.

He didn’t allow anyone to hurt Fu Yuanzhou, but he was the one who hurt Fu Yuanzhou the most, so he wanted to punish himself in this way.

This was what made Fu Yuanzhou feel the most pain and fear. He didn’t understand why Shen Xigou was doing this. It was clear that as long as he was released, this nightmare of mutual torture between them would end, but Shen Xigou was still obsessed, and he still wanted to be with him day and night, guarding and imprisoning him.

He collapsed again, he questioned why Shen Xigou did this to him, he was too excited, he held Shen Xigou’s arm, reopened his wound, such that blood penetrated the bandage, and even stained his clothes with a rich blood color.

“Because I will die if I leave you.”

Shen Xigou held his hand and wiped away the blood stained on his hand little by little, with a very gentle smile.

“Seven, I’m serious. Do you understand? Once I leave you, I’ll die.”

“To live or die is meaningless to the original me, but because of meeting you, I really want to live, in order to keep looking at you.”

“So, I can’t let you go, I’m sorry.”

He didn’t understand what Shen Xigou meant, but he could feel that what Shen Xigou said was true.

He was the meaning of Shen Xigou’s life.

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