PSG Ch. 3

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Warning: 18+

Shou was completely shocked.

He didn’t know that this deputy directors had two faces: one face in the day and another at night. A totally two-faced person.

Shou shrunk his neck back and hid his face behind his wine glass, trying not to let the other person recognize him. He figured that they had only met once so the possibility of recognizing him was not that high.

Who knew the Gong would lean against the bar counter and chuckle as he asked, “It has only been a few days since we met and you don’t recognize me already?”


Shou braced himself as he lifted his head and met an electrifying gaze from magnetic peach blossom eyes[1].

He awkwardly waved his hand. “Hello Deputy Director. Have you eaten your dinner yet?”

The thin lips of the Gong were pressed against the rim of the cup as he laughed low, the laughter was even more seductive than before, and he looked at Shou as a predator looked at his prey. His eyes stared at Shou and he said: “Not yet.”

Shou was experiencing a weird kind of dizziness, as though his soul had been hooked. Even when he opened his mouth to speak, his voice sounded light. “Then, quickly go and eat. Don’t let your boyfriend wait.”

Gong understood that Shou was referring to that little guy earlier on and casually explained with one sentence, “I don’t know him.”

Shou’s rationality returned, and his heart became aware. Ok ah, another hook up king.

Gong straightened himself up and moved closer to Shou. His large hand went to hold Shou’s waist. He gently bit Shou’s earlobe with his teeth.

“I don’t want dinner. I want to eat you.”

Shou’s entire being became soft.

Shou had not seen the world. He was an uke[2] that could not bear teasing. Especially before a veteran like Gong, Shou could be considered as delicate as a little chick.

Shou stared at the Gong who was enveloped in the dim lighting. His thoughts were chaotic.

He told himself, tonight was about letting go and finding fun. Now, such a good quality man had thrown himself to him, wasn’t it for the best?

Plus, if this guy’s dick was large enough, he could even take a picture and send it to the cannon fodder to humiliate him!

The thrill of revenge filled up his heart, Shou made up his mind and said okay.



As though he was possessed, Shou got into the Gong’s car. The moment the two were in the car, they started kissing.

This was Shou’s first time doing it in a car. Even though the rear seat of the Range Rover was rather spacious, Shou still sprained his old waist. Thus, the experience did not feel too good.

Gong, on the other hand, was quite satisfied and even felt the wish to continue. The lower half was hard as it poked the Shou’s butt, and he asked if they should go home together to continue.

Shou coldly pulled up the zipper of his trousers, said no need and without even turning his head back, stepped out of the car.

It was rather ruthless.

Shou got a taxi to go home. As he opened the car window and allowed the cold wind to blow, he felt rather ridiculous.

He never expected there would be a day where he would have sex with a man that he had only met once. He said it was to take revenge against the cannon fodder, but by doing so, how was he from the douchebag he had cast aside?

Maybe he was born to be a loose person, Shou lowered his head and thought sadly.



The next few days passed as usual. That night’s events were just like a dream, the only traces were left on his underwear.

Shou comforted himself to not take it to heart. It was only a one-night stand, no big deal.

A week later, the development manager once again looked for Shou. He said that the bidding for the previous party had become more stringent and they had requested for a second bid.

Shou recalled that it was Party A and his reaction changed as though he had been struck by lightning.

Unable to evade, Shou once again put on his suit to go to the Gong’s company. But this time, he wore the new leather shoes he had bought.

Today the Gong wore a dark colored shirt. Like before, he paid unscrupulous attention to detail as he sat in the middle. Paired with those metal-rimmed glasses, he looked both refined and serious.

Shou felt guilty. Whenever he looked at the Gong, his eyes drifted away quickly, as though he was afraid there would be an awkward situation.

However, even when the two men had a short eye contact, the Gong’s expression remained impassive, as though he was looking at a stranger.

Shou felt relieved.

However, at the same time, he felt a little disturbed. It couldn’t be that the Gong had too many hook ups and had long forgotten about him.

If it was so… That was really too much!

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[1] Such eyes are said to often bring romantic luck.

[2] Bottom in a BL relationship

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