PSG Ch. 4

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Shou did not prepare much for that day’s meeting as it was more for the sales representative to talk incessant nonsense.

Shou sat quietly. Gong was less than 3 metres away from him, his bony fingers twirling a pen freely.

That night, it was those fingers that were stroking his little junior up and down, Shou thought.

He had to admit, the hand technique and strength was good, just like the blind massage[1] he often went to.

Shou’s thoughts uncontrollably drifted off even on a such an important occasion. He did not even hear when the sales representative praised him to the skies.

When he regained his senses, he just noticed that the Gong was paying attention to him and his mouth was slowly saying the words, “Very good.”

Shou’s cheeks grew warm.

This time, after the meeting ended, both sides exchanged business cards. When Shou was about to leave, Gong stopped him. Shou was startled as Gong handed him a brown envelope and said, “You dropped this.”

That envelope did not belong to Shou, but he still took it.

After leaving the company’s building, Shou found a corner and sneakily opened the envelope. In the end, it was medical report for infectious diseases, with the name on the report: Fu Xing Wen.



The medical report was comprehensive, and all the indicators were normal. But Shou thought about it, and after reading it, he felt that something was not right.

What did this have to do with him?

Shou dug out the business card he received earlier and gave Gong a call. The other person picked up within a second.

“Why did you give me this medical report?” Shou asked.

The other person answered leisurely, “To prove that my body is healthy and able to maintain a long-term relationship.”

Shou was confused. “What long-term relationship?”

“Sexual relationship.”

Shou was so shocked he hung up right away.

Shou carried his shoulder bag and walked angrily to the subway station. Halfway through, he was so angry that he gave Gong another call; and shouted at Gong. “I am not that kind of person!”

The man on the other end of the call smiled and his tone was light, “I know. You don’t have to make it so complicated. Just two adults taking what they need. You can think about it first. After all, I am quite a good sexual partner, no bad habits in bed. At most, the level of the postures used would be a little difficult. Of course, if you can’t bear it, you can bring it up.”

“I don’t need this. Thank you.” Shou rejected him immediately.

It was like rejecting a real estate sales advertisement.



There were 2 reasons for Shou’s rejection.

Firstly, a relationship that was only about sex and without any true feelings, was unhealthy in his eyes.

Secondly, the last time was not that great.

In the afternoon, Shou returned to his own company. He saw that the sales representative had a grave expression as he hurriedly pulled the development manager into an empty meeting room and closed the door. When they came out, both their expressions were grave.

Shou’s heart became cold and he had a bad feeling.

And that was why for the rest of the afternoon, Shou was absent-minded and the coding he did had many errors. He endured it until it was about time to get off work. Then, he gritted his teeth, took out his phone and sent Gong a text.

“Sorry, deputy director. I was too impulsive today. I hope that you will be able to separate personal matters from work and not make things difficult for our company.”

After a while, Shou received a reply from Gong.

“Earlier I took a closer look at your company’s proposal. I think I need time to consider ~”

The wavy line at the end was very expressive. Through the words he could see the other party’s arrogant and smug expression.

Shou instantly became angry. “You are using your power to force me!”

“I am not forcing, I am blackmailing.”

“You are just a deputy director[2]. I want to look for your director[3]to complain!”

“Go and complain. I am the director. My surname is Fu. That is why everyone calls me Director Fu[4].”

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[1] It is believed that blind people are more in tune with the body of the person they are massaging, and are thus better massage therapists.

[2]Deputy Director is called fu zhongjian in Chinese.

[3] Director is called zhongjian in Chinese.

[4] Fu zhongjian.

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