TCYEC Ch. 87.2

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“Xiao Wang, do you still have “MODE Impression”?”

Suddenly, an older voice interrupted the former general manager’s contemplation. Li Yitian looked up and found himself standing next to a small newsstand. The woman was asking the middle-aged man sitting in the newsstand.

The middle-aged man stood up and smiled brightly at the old lady, and Li Yitian could vaguely see that his legs and feet were not comfortable, “Aunt Chen, do you want last month or this month’s issue?”

“Of course, it is this month.”, said the old lady: “My granddaughter told me that the cover has a horribly handsome male celebrity called Yu Siyang, and there is a cute cat on his shoulder. What’s the matter with the little girl now, handsome is handsome, but it’s also horrible? Was he handsome or horrible?”

Xiao Wang said: “It’s a coincidence, Aunt Chen, it sold out this morning.”

The old lady was surprised: “It sold out so soon? It’s broken. My granddaughter asked me to help buy it when she went to school in the morning. I forgot to buy it. My granddaughter said that she would cry for me to see if she didn’t get it.”

“That’s really unfortunate. There are so many people, and it was sold out in less than half an hour.” Xiao Wang smiled: “I heard that the chef on the cover is very popular now, so it sells quickly.”

“The chef? Isn’t it a movie star?” The old lady looked dumbfounded.

Xiao Wang was also dumbfounded: “A girl told me that he cooks delicious food, isn’t he a chef?”

Xiao Wang and the old lady looked dumbfounded, staring at each other for a while, the old lady then “hmmed” and said, “Whoever he is, I can’t buy it. My granddaughter will make trouble with me when she comes back from school.”

Xiao Wang silently hid the only copy of “MODE Impression” in his hand. He had already turned the pages and read it, so it was not good to sell it like that.

Although the old lady was old, her eyes were sharp. Seeing Xiao Wang move, she turned her gaze and saw a cat wearing a Christmas hat on the cover. She immediately asked, “What are you doing? Isn’t that a “MODE Impression??”

“Aunt, I have turned this magazine over, so it is old.” Xiao Wang said with a bitter face.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.” The old lady waved away his protests proudly.

But I mind! ——But Xiao Wang didn’t dare to say that as Aunt Chen had given him a lot of help over the years. She now only wanted a magazine, and he happened to have it. How could he not give it?

The old lady bought the magazine and was finally able to deal with her granddaughter, so she bought a few bottles of drinks by the way to take care of Xiao Wang’s business.

There were two sisters next, who came after seeing the copy of “MODE impression” in the hands of the old lady, and immediately rushed to the newsstand. They urgently pointed to the magazine in the hands of the old lady, and asked: “Boss, do you still have more?”

Xiao Wang shook his head regretfully, “Really nothing.”

The girls didn’t give up and wanted to buy it from the old lady. The old lady stared and said, “This is for my granddaughter.” After speaking so, she turned back to the neighborhood.

Li Yitian stood on the sidelines and watched the whole process, and his heart really had mixed emotions.

The newcomer he thought was unappealing had such following, but he was blinded by his inherent experience. He wanted to use the opportunity of suppressing the newcomer to suppress Xu Yan according to his previous routine. His original plan was to replace the cover of Yu Siyang, but he was dissuaded by Xiong Shubiao, if he really changed Yu Siyang’s cover, he was afraid that he would not have had a good end.

Li Yitian was frustrated, carrying the evaluation that “the company suffered huge losses due to his personal gain”, he was afraid that it would be hard to find a job in the future.

Outside the newsstand, a delivery truck stopped. The deliveryman took out a bundle of ten magazines from the rear compartment and delivered it to Xiao Wang’s shop. He asked him to sign for the receipt, “Boss Wang, “MODE Impression” There are only ten copies for replenishment.”

The two girls screamed with excitement, “Ah ah ah ah”, and directly removed the packing rope by themselves. One person took five copies, and after paying the money, they shouted and jumped with excitement and ran away.

The deliveryman and Xiao Wang were stunned-Were these girls or robbers?

Fortunately, the girls had given money, and not just grabbed it.

The former general manager of “MODE Impression” looked at the scene in front of him obscurely and was full of emotions: Elitism is not necessary, and it is not necessary to judge people by appearance, and he didn’t know if there was any chance of turning his fortunes over in the future.

Because of the lack of stock, “MODE Impression” and Yu Siyang dominated the hot topics for a few days, but they continued to replenish the products, and the popularity also dropped. “MODe Impression” began to work on the launch of their annual magazine. The trailer of “Pretending Overload” was also released, officially launching the movie promotion period.

To say who were the happiest fans these days, it was the Yu Siyang’s food group.

The head of their family first got a cover at the end of the month, and served people meng with a cat, and even brought up the sales of P&H. Although the fans were depressed because of the lack of stock. After several days of hot searches, the trailer for the movie came out again.

The trailer was only one minute, there was no specific content, it just showed the important characters in the movie, but the way of showing was simply hilarious.

For example, Dongfang Zhe, played by Yu Siyang, had a fairy qi fluttering with clouds and mist when he first appeared on the stage, and suddenly he started coughing because of the dust in the next second. People who coughed shouldn’t put up such a big smoke. Another example was Ximen Guang, played by Hong Zhehao, who fought against the man in black in the last second and killed him fast. The next second he saw his grandmother and immediately pretended to be dumb, drooling and smirking. If it wasn’t for the grandmother’s great power, he would be poked into a sieve by the black man.

But Jin Ce put an easter egg at the end of the trailer—the end of the trailer was slowly drawn into a distant view, and then turned into a picture played on TV. Then, after the camera turned, Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were sitting on the sofa in a row, watching TV dumbfounded.

Yu Siyang said: “There are really no special effects? I thought the director was joking.”

Hong Zhehao said: “The director is very poor and has no money for special effects.”

Yu Siyang said, “I thought it was his mantra to call himself poor…”

Hong Zhehao said: “…I didn’t expect him to be really poor.”

Then, the screen went black, and a row of large letters read “The poor crew just doesn’t have money for special effects, how about it”.

After the movie’s official Weibo released the trailer, both Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao reposted the Weibo.

Yu Siyang V: “#Pretending Overload Trailer##First Film# Our crew is really poor and righteous @Pretending Overload @Director Jin Ce @Hong Zhehao”

Hong Zhehao V: “#Pretending Overload Trailer##First Film# The crew who could only shoot in real life seem a bit sad @Pretending Overload @Director Jin Ce @Yu Siyang”

After the two people posted their Weibo, the commentary style reached harmony and unity for the first time, and all comments were “hahahahahahahahaha”.

Then, the movie “Pretending Overload” opened a publicity campaign with the theme “The poorest crew in history shoots a hilarious movie with 0 special effects”.

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