PPM Ch. 1: An Awkward Reunion

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City Y, Sept.

Over the luxury yacht, fireworks were blooming, and the night was full of stars.

Li Shengxia slammed open the door of the suite 8888 and walked away. After going out, she realized that she had just smashed Mo Nianchen with her high-heeled shoe, and now she was left holding one remaining shoe.

This bastard! She must be crazy to believe him! The result was so embarrassing!

Li Shengxia suddenly remembered the doll torn by him when he was a child, her most cherished toy, which he destroyed without pity.

Anything she liked, he liked to destroy it.

He grabbed the toys she liked and smashed them in front of her eyes.

He bought the clothes she liked and burned them in front of her eyes.

He would seize the men she liked and destroy them as she watched.

Encountering him was the worst nightmare of her life. From childhood to adulthood, he seemed to live only to humiliate her.

“I hate you!” were the words on his lips.

“Me too!” was her duplicitous response.

At the age of seventeen, she wrote a love letter and handed it to him, clearly seeing the disdain in his eyes, but she still waited for him on a rainy night with anticipation! Of course, he never showed up.

The next day, she resolutely set foot on the flight to study abroad, and he came to tell her to just forget about the letter and asked her to stay by his side!

Hehe! Just how lowly she was to need him to show mercy like this!

So, she left without any hesitation, isolating him from her world forever!

She thought that they didn’t owe each other anything, and from then on, they would walk their own path! Who knew that after so many years, she would fall into his hands again!

Never mind! Just brush it off as being molested by a pig!

Li Shengxia went out of the room, but she didn’t expect so many people on the luxury cruise ship. She wanted to leave this ghost place as soon as possible, but who knew that someone suddenly stopped her from behind-

“Li Shengxia? Isn’t that Li Shengxia?”

“Li Shengxia? Are you here to attend Young Master Yin’s engagement banquet?” The person who spoke was Li Shengxia’s former high school classmate.

Young Master Yin’s engagement banquet? Who? Li Shengxia’s expression froze instantly, then, more people started looking at her!

Everyone else present was dressed up beautifully, except Li Shengxia, the dress she had prepared before was torn to shreds by Mo Nianchen, so the clothes she was wearing now were a bit embarrassing.

“It’s really Li Shengxia!”

“Who is Li Shengxia?”

“It’s Young Master Yin’s ex-girlfriend.”

“That bitch who took Young Master Yin’s breakup fee and left? What is she doing here!”

“And her clothes, it’s such a mess. I guess she got to know that Young Master Yin is going to marry another woman, so she couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I heard that Young Master Yin once gave up everything for her to elope, but this shameless woman chose money… His sincerity fell under her feet and she stomped it hard with her feet!”

“How could there be such a person? She has already received money, and she still dares to appear here now, which is too shameless!”

“It’s more than just being shameless. She has set new limit of shamelessness.”

“Look at her dejected appearance, how could Young Master Yin like this kind of person in the first place–“

Li Shengxia really didn’t expect that today would be Yin Tangyi’s engagement day, let alone his engagement banquet. The engagement banquet was actually held in this luxury yacht, and by coincidence, she appeared here in such an embarrassing manner!

She just felt that today was the biggest nightmare of her life, and she just wanted to get away quickly!

But in the crowd, there happened to be a voice that came over at this time –

“Shengxia, I didn’t expect you to come, but I’m glad you came to bless me.”

The person who spoke was Li Shengxia’s former friend, to whom Yin Tangyi was engaged, Wen Ting’er.

In the past, Li Shengxia said that Yin Tangyi was good in front of Wen Ting’er, but she never dreamed that Wen Ting’er would actually think about Yin Tangyi… and successfully made Yin Tangyi agree to marry her!

The word hypocrisy were clearly written on Wen Ting’er’s face.

“I just happened to pass by.” Li Shengxia said coldly.

“Shengxia, I know you used to like Tangyi very much, but that’s all in the past. Now, I’m his woman. Don’t forget that you received the breakup fee.”

She took special care to highlight the word ‘breakup fee’. The bite was exceptionally clear!

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