RCFS Ch. 79: Battle of the Heirs 2

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The battle of the heirs was here, and the equipment could not be ignored!

Moreover, the money she had earned by racing had not been used much yet!

They had money, what would they be afraid of!

As soon as she pushed them into the dressing room, Ye Yunxi began to pick a tie. She had enough money on her body to squander it!

Although Ye Junpo was broke now, he was once the young master of the Ye family. After changing his clothes, his whole person felt completely different. !

And after Ye Yunji put on his clothes, he also looked different from usual. In addition, he had recently started exercising with Ye Yunxi in the morning, because of this his slender body had grown a little muscle, and it made him look a little more masculine.

“Just these two sets, pack them!”

“No, no!”

Ye Yunji pulled his sister away: “Buy it here? Are you rich?”

“Don’t worry, brother, we are not short of money now!”

The bank card flashed, Ye Yunxi swiped the card directly and Ye Junpo couldn’t help frowning: “Yunxi, where did your money come from?”

There was obviously no money in the family, why did his daughter suddenly have more money in her hand?

“Oh, those people said that the money for the movie wasn’t spent completely, so they will return some of it. Dad, since we are going back to our home, we should use it, for once. Why shouldn’t we go back in an upright manner?”


Ye Junpo also wanted to go back in an upright manner, but…

“Dad, let Yunxi do what she wants this time, she should be happy.”

Ye Junpo looked at his son, and in the end he had no choice but to agree: “You’re not allowed to be like this in the future!”

“Okay dad!”

Ye Yunxi smiled, paid the bill and left.

As for her clothes, she could just use the one she wore during dinner that day.

Anyway, it was also a formal dress, and it was also suitable to wear it back to a banquet.

However, after returning home, Ye Yunxi received a package.

It was sent by Di Junxie.

When she opened the package, it was the best looking blue starry sky dress she had tried that day, but she couldn’t buy in the end.

This person was really strange. He didn’t allow her to buy it that day, but he mailed it to her today!

There was also a card inside the parcel, with a few words written on it: ‘I wish you best of luck, the flag will be victorious’.


Ye Yunxi couldn’t help laughing, this Emperor Junxie actually knew what she was going to do.

Even the dress was sent!

“Yunxi, are you ready? We’re going out.”

“Come on!”

After packing, Ye Yunxi opened the door and walked out.

She stood there quietly, like the stars in the sky, bright and moving.

“My God, sister, when did you buy this dress, it’s so beautiful!”

It outlined her delicate figure very well, and her skin was as white as snow, she looked so beautiful!

Ye Yunxi brushed her long hair and smiled slightly: “Let’s go, brother!”

The family of three stopped a taxi and went straight to the hotel.

Family banquets were held once a year. This was a family tradition. It was intended to consolidate the relationship between families, and some important things would also be mentioned in the family banquet.

For example, this family banquet was to announce the new heir of the Ye family in advance.

The old man Ye Jianxing had been in charge of the family for more than 30 years. No one in the generation of Ye Junpo could inherit it, so now he could only rely on the younger generation.

The Ye family uncle had five sons in this generation, except for Ye Junpo, the remaining four sons were Ye Junlai, and his son and daughter were extremely capable leaders.

The family banquet was set in a hotel for two reasons. First, the old man didn’t like too much noise in the house. Second, going to the hotel could save a lot of trouble.

At this moment, there were cars parked outside the hotel, and people in formal suits walked into the lobby with smiles.

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