KHSW Ch. 198

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When Chi Jiayang learned of his mother’s decision, although the expression on his face was angry, he could not disobey.

“Okay, I get it, Mom.”

After Wang Suping hung up the phone, Chi Jiayang seemed to have lost his soul, and he didn’t know when the phone slipped from his hand to the ground.

How could this be? Why does Mom want me to marry Ou Mengxue? The person I love is Ling Xi!

In Chi Jiayang’s office.


Chi Jiayang, regardless of whether there was a child in her belly, slapped her fiercely, and Ou Mengxue also fell to the ground, covering her hot face. She didn’t expect Chi Jiayang’s reaction to be like this. Instead, this was the first time Chi Jiayang has beaten her.

“Brother Jiayang…” The tears accumulated in her eyes made her look beautiful.

It’s just that Chi Jiayang’s mind was full of Ling Xi now, “Tell me, was it you, did you make my mother change her mind?”

Ou Mengxue’s tears kept falling, “No, it was not me, brother Jiayang, it was aunt’s own decision, and I was shocked when I heard it!”

“Then why didn’t you refuse?”

“Brother Jiayang, how could I have the heart to refuse? I am also a mother now, and I have to think of my child, he is also a life, how can I bear to watch him die like this?”

Chi Jiayang collapsed on the sofa in despair, “Ou Mengxue, you know, the person I like is Ling Xi, it has always been her, even if you marry me, you will not be happy.”

Ou Mengxue disagreed, as long as she could be Mrs. Chi.

She continued to sow discord, “Brother Jiayang, Ling Xi is not worthy of your love at all. As early as five years ago, her innocence was ruined. She didn’t even know who that man was. She said that that man was Brother Jiayang, and then she gave birth to a child, it’s just a pity…”

“What did you say?” When Chi Jiayang heard that Ling Xi’s innocence was destroyed, the whole person seemed to be crawling out of the abyss of anger, but Ling Xi didn’t tell him about it… “You just said she gave birth to a child?”

Ou Mengxue slowly got up from the ground and sat beside Chi Jiayang, “Yes, Brother Jiayang, she gave birth to a child.”

Chi Jiayang suddenly remembered what Ling Xi said, “the child you saw just now belongs to my husband and I, and it’s our own.”

He muttered to himself, “Could it be that the child is not Xu Yizhi’s, but his?”

Ou Mengxue’s eyes had turned red. “Brother Jiayang, what are you talking about a child?”

Chi Jiayang set his eyes on her, as if looking at another person through her.

“I’ve seen that child, hahaha…”

Chi Jiayang laughed until tears came out, “Why did she never tell me? Hahaha…”

How could he believe this?

Listening to Chi Jiayang’s words, Ou Mengxue was a little confused, and was curious about the child he was talking about. Ling Xi’s child had long been…

No, he was rescued by the monk at that time. Could it be that… Ling Xi had already found that kid?

“Brother Jiayang, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hide it from you.”

“Go out and let me sit alone for a while.” Chi Jiayang stopped smiling, his tone full of gunpowder.

Ou Mengxue walked out of the office and turned back every three steps, but saw the people outside the door rushing away, and their faces were all weird.

No, she had to go and see for herself whether Ling Xi had really found the child.

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