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Airport. Arrival Hall.

A beautiful figure flashed past in a hurry. She lowered her head wearing a mask, not attracting anyone’s attention. A man followed behind her with the luggage.

The two quickly walked to the parking lot, and there was already a car parked there which had been waiting for a long time.

After boarding the car and sitting on it, Jiang Zheng pulled off her mask and let out a long breath.

Han Yi then sat in and said in a deep voice, “Go to the hospital. Take the VIP lane.”

The driver in front said yes, and the black nanny car moved into the traffic entering the city like a shark.

Seeing that Jiang Zheng’s complexion was very bad, Han Yi comforted her and said, “I asked Jing Meini. Ji Muye has already had an operation, and everything is going well. He only needs to rest for a while, and he will recover soon.”

Jiang Zheng clenched her fingers and said in a low voice: “Is it a joke to fall off the horse? In case of sequelae, he is still so young, and his acting career has just reached a new level…”

Some time ago she finished filming the main show, so she went abroad to shoot commercials, attend fashion shows, and take a vacation by the way. Ji Muye was still filming “The Wind and Cloud of the Ancient Capital”. Everything was going well, but yesterday someone suddenly broke the news that when Ji Muye was filming a war scene, his horse was startled by the sound of the cannon and threw him down violently, and he passed out on the spot. If it wasn’t for a staff member who quickly pulled him over from under the horse’s hoof, Jiang Zheng became more and more frightened as she thought about it, and her shoulders trembled slightly, “The doctor’s arrangement is the best.”

Han Yi hummed. Yesterday, he and Jiang Zheng were rowing on the beautiful Seine River, and suddenly saw the domestic microblog break the news, and he hurriedly called Jing Meini to confirm that something had happened to Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng’s expression changed on the spot, and she told him to book a ticket to return home quickly. She did not even give him a little buffer time.

He didn’t know how he spent the first ten hours, and he had to call the brand owner to explain the situation, and then he had to find a way to buy a plane ticket back home. And most importantly, all eyes were now focused on Ji Muye’s injury. With so many cameras pointing at the hospital, if Jiang Zheng hurried over, it was obviously aiming the muzzle of the gun.

He didn’t understand what the relationship between her and Ji Muye was now.

The two were separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, and Jiang Zheng would stare at the phone and smile from time to time, but she didn’t say anything when he asked her about it.

Just as they got off the viaduct and entered the urban area, Jing Meini called and gave the address of another hospital.

The nanny car turned around and headed west of the city.

Jiang Zheng saw that the people who were staring at the hospital entrance on the live broadcast were still standing where they were. She really admired Jing Meini for being able to transfer Ji Muye in full view of so much public.

She didn’t dare to let Han Yi inquire too clearly, for fear that she would not be able to bear it.

However, when Jing Meini led her to the ward on the top floor of the hospital, and she saw Ji Muye, whose left arm was bandaged and hoisted high, half of his face was bandaged, and his body was full of tubes, she seemed to have fallen into ice instantly, and her eyes went dark.

Jing Meini coughed twice and pulled Han Yi out.

Jiang Zheng was in a daze for a long time before she saw the person on the hospital bed clearly.

The tears that were still in control just now could no longer be held back, and suddenly gushed out of her eye sockets.

It was just that she hadn’t seen him in half a month, and the person who read poems to her and made her laugh from time to time had become like this.

Jing Meini glimpsed Jiang Zheng’s trembling shoulders from the window, sighed secretly, and lit a candle for Ji Muye in her heart.

Jiang Zheng cried for a while, but her phone kept vibrating, it was Su Yue calling. She dared not pick it up, for fear that she would cry if she did.

Sneaking into Ji Muye’s fan base, sure enough everyone was crying.

Jiang Zheng cried even harder, tears streaming down her face, and she didn’t even notice that Ji Muye’s fingers trembled slightly in front of her dim eyes.

After waiting for a while, she wiped away her tears. Seeing that Ji Muye’s lips were a little dry, she took a cotton swab and dipped some warm water to gently moisten his lips… Someone’s fingers were so comfortable that his lips almost curled up, it was a pity that Jiang Zheng didn’t see any abnormalities because she was so focused on not hurting him.

Jing Meini dragged Han Yi outside and talked for a long time, until the two of them had nothing to talk about, and then slowly returned to the ward.

Han Yi hurriedly persuaded Jiang Zheng to go home and rest first, as the dark circles under her eyes were almost coming out after more than ten hours of flying. Tomorrow, when Ji Muye woke up from the anesthetic, they would come to see him again.

Seeing this, Jiang Zheng couldn’t keep it anymore.

Jing Meini stood at the door, watching the two of them go away, and when she turned her head, she saw Ji Muye pulling off the bandage on his face with one hand, and taking off the oxygen tube with the other…then he smirked.

She said angrily: “You dare to lie to Jiang Zheng, I think you are too impatient.”

Ji Muye recalled Jiang Zheng’s tenderness to him just now, and how her smell lingered in his nose, and he said faintly: “I I didn’t lie to her, except…” He shook the bandage in his hand, it was really scary at first look.

He could hear Jiang Zheng’s suppressed sobs. This surprised him. He knew it would be fine to pretend to be in a coma.

He had an accident yesterday morning, Jiang Zheng got the news and rushed back in the afternoon. By the time he knew about it, it was already this morning, and he had just finished the operation.

It was just a fracture operation, and actors basically encountered this kind of thing quite often. But what if Jiang Zheng came back and found that he was only slightly injured, and then flew away immediately?

That’s why he came up with this plan. As a result, Jiang Zheng cried for more than half an hour.

Now…it felt a little troublesome.

The first time she saw Jiang Zheng crying so badly, Jing Meini had already asked for blessings for him. But she changed the subject, “Muye, don’t you think your biggest gold finger is Jiang Zheng?”

Ji Muye: “?”

Jing Meini: “You have such amazing fans, who can compare to you Ah.”

Ji Muye: “…”

The trending search about Ji Muye’s injury had been on the Internet for two days. His studio confirmed the fact that he was injured to fans and the public on the first day of the accident, but the incident happened suddenly, and the studio did not clarify how seriously he was injured.

After he was temporarily sent to the first hospital, someone broke the news about the address of the hospital on the Internet and posted a photo of him being pushed into the hospital gate. This time, reporters who were moved by the news and fans who were worried about his injuries rushed over. It was a mess for a while, and the hospital was overwhelmed.

The studio posted a second Weibo, hoping everyone stay calm and restrained, and not disturb the normal work of the hospital. Ji Muye was receiving treatment and his condition was stable. This microblog reassured the fans, but the reporters tried their best to take photos of Ji Muye himself. Some people even disguised themselves as nurses and sneaked into the hospital with their mobile phones. If they hadn’t been recognized, they really don’t know what would have happened.

Seeing this, Jing Meini immediately transferred Ji Muye secretly and arranged for an operation.

His fans, praying for Ji Muye’s blessings, had already erected high-rise buildings, and many people even began to recall the details of his debut.

Early the next morning, Jiang Zheng went to the hospital and sat by the bed for a while before Ji Muye woke up.

Jing Meini: The acting is really good.

Ji Muye’s eyelashes trembled, his lips trembled, Jiang Zheng felt more and more uncomfortable seeing him like this.

It was not like there were no similar cases before. It was true that some actors had seriously retired due to accidents during the filming process, and slightly missed opportunities and started to go downhill.

Ji Muye stretched out his hand tremblingly, fingers hanging down weakly, Jiang Zheng bit her lower lip, and held his hand tightly, “Teacher Ji, don’t be too sad, it’s just a minor operation, and it will heal soon.”

“I’m recovering.”

Ji Muye squeezed out two tears and hummed weakly.

Just when the doctor came, he said with a bright smile, “Mr. Ji, you’re awake.”

Ji Muye hummed weakly.

The doctor frowned: “According to the dose of anesthetic, you should have woken up yesterday afternoon. Did the pharmacist give the wrong amount?”

Ji Muye: “…”

Jiang Zheng looked at Ji Muye nervously. She had heard that excess of general anesthesia could make people stupid, but brother Mu would surely be fine.

Jing Meini hurried to smooth things over, “Maybe he was too tired and wanted to sleep more.”

The doctor nodded, “It’s also possible.”

Jing Meini hurriedly found an excuse to invite the doctor out.

Jiang Zheng took a deep breath. The bandage on Ji Muye’s head was untied today, and a red spot was exposed on his temples, which looked really scary. She comforted herself that with the development of medical aesthetics now, there might be a way not to leave scars.

“You don’t have to come every day…” It seemed that it took all of Ji Muye’s strength to squeeze out these seven words.

Jiang Zheng hissed at him, “Don’t talk. I just want to experience the role of a nurse, maybe I can use it in acting next time.”

Ji Muye pursed his lower lip. She had always had the skill to make people feel comfortable.

Jiang Zheng was busy all morning, peeling apples for a while, and wiping Ji Muye’s face for a while. The nurse Jing Meini hired had no chance to do anything.

At noon, Jiang Zheng brought a bowl of pork rib porridge. This bowl of porridge was made from the bone broth that she had asked her aunt to cook for a long time. It was to complement the healing, since she hoped that Ji Muye’s bones could heal soon.

In the end, when Jiang Zheng helped him up and handed the spoon to his right hand, Ji Muye turned his face away and said, “I don’t have any appetite.”

Jiang Zheng said patiently: “Eat a little. Otherwise, how can you have strength? What about it?”

Ji Muye pursed his lower lip and did not speak.

Jing Meini saw him doing this through the window and thought to herself: What a dog.

Jiang Zheng had no experience in coaxing people, as her family had always coaxed her.

She imitated her aunt Chen Meiting’s tone of coaxing her to eat, “This porridge is made by my aunt with all her painstaking efforts. If you eat more, my aunt will worry less.”

Ji Muye stared at her wet eyes, “You can feed it to me?”

He tried his best to lift his right arm, but only a little bit.

Jiang Zheng hurriedly said sorry, then she picked up a spoon to scoop a small spoonful of porridge from the surface, pouted and blew on it, and then brought it to Ji Muye’s lips.

Ji Muye suddenly turned into an obedient baby, opened his mouth obediently, and drank it.

It was the first time that Jiang Zheng saw him so cute and weak, and immediately became motherly, and scooped up another spoonful.

After taking three sips, Ji Muye shook his head and said he didn’t want to drink any more.

Jiang Zheng suddenly felt dizzy. Was this sick or was there a mutation due to which he became younger?

Even after coaxing for a long time, Ji Muye just didn’t open his mouth.

Jiang Zheng put down the porridge bowl, and said helplessly, “What do you think you would like to drink?”

Ji Muye bit his lower lip, “Just call me Brother Mu… and I’ll drink it.”

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