APY Ch. 170.1: Little Sister-in-law’s Help

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Shen Xitong was in a good mood today. She was thinking of going upstairs to see Chu Yunrong when she ran into Sister Song. Sister Song’s expression was cold and respectful to her, but she didn’t show the love from her heart which she showed to Shen Qinglan.

Shen Xitong pouted, thinking she is just a servant.

She went upstairs, Chu Yunrong’s room door was closed, Shen Xitong knocked on the door, but no one answered, so she called again, “Mom, are you there?”

Chu Yunrong was drinking porridge, which was obviously sweet. But she felt unusually bitter in her mouth. She didn’t expect that Shen Qinglan knew that she liked lotus seed porridge, and had asked Sister Song to make this porridge for her.

She had heard the knock on the door a long time ago. After listening to the knock, she knew that the person outside the door was Shen Xitong. Usually, she would get up and open the door immediately. Today, for the first time, she didn’t want to.

It wasn’t until Shen Xitong called again that Chu Yunrong responded, but did not get up to open the door, “Tongtong, mother is a little tired, let me rest for a while.”

Shen Xitong’s expression changed slightly, and the hand holding the doorknob gradually loosened, then she obediently replied, “Okay mom, you take rest.”

Chu Yunrong drank the porridge slowly, and her mind was very chaotic. One moment it was Shen Qinglan’s sweet laughter when she was a child, and the next moment was Shen Xitong’s arrival at Shen’s house. At that time, she hugged her thigh and said cautiously, “Your daughter is gone, I will be your daughter in the future, okay? I will be an obedient daughter, a daughter who will never leave you.” When Shen Qinglan had just returned to Shen family home, she looked at her cold, unfamiliar and alienated eyes, and she was instinctively unprepared for her approach.

Chu Yunrong’s vision blurred again, and as soon as her hand was loosened, the spoon fell to the ground and broke into several pieces.

There were also a few drops of porridge on the floor.

With a startled expression, she squatted down, trying to pick up the debris on the ground, but her hand was cut off.

She sat on the ground with her hands on her chest, and seemed a little uncomfortable. After a while, she stood up, took out her mobile phone, and called Shen Qian.

“A Qian, I lost the most precious thing.” Her voice was hoarse with crying.

Shen Qinglan sent Grandpa Fu back to Fu family home and left. As soon as she drove the car out of the compound, she called Jin Enxi, but she didn’t get through. She went to Shang Yayuan and still didn’t see Jin Enxi. However, everything in her room was there.

Shen Qinglan was not worried that Jin Enxi could not be found. With Jin Enxi’s ability, even if something happened, it would not happen to her.

Originally, she wanted Jin Enxi to help find out who was the woman who pretended to be Leng Qingqiu. When Jin Enxi said she wanted to investigate, Shen Qinglan felt that it was unnecessary, but now, she felt it was necessary to investigate this woman.

She was now very sure that this woman’s target was her, did she know who she was? As soon as this idea came up, it was denied by Shen Qinglan. If this woman really knew who she was, then she would never be so calm when facing her.

When this woman saw her, her eyes seemed to be more curious. What was she curious about? Shen Qinglan thought of a possibility, and her face changed.

No, it’s impossible. The people who knew her at the beginning were all dead, and the few people who were alive were all credible people. It’s impossible for anyone else to know her previous identity.

And Kim Eun-hee also said that even someone with higher technology than her would not be able to retrieve the destroyed archives.

When Jin Enxi was away, Shen Qinglan called Daniel and learned that he had not come back yet, “Daniel, have you told others about the time of our art exhibition?”

Shen Qinglan asked suddenly.

“I told the planning company that I’m abroad now and I can’t make it back. Someone has to start preparing for the exhibition. What’s wrong, Qinglan, did something happen?”

Shen Qinglan’s expression relaxed a little, “It’s alright, I was just asking casually, when will you return to China?”

“There are still a few days, the results of the competition will come out tomorrow, and after the award ceremony, I will come back. Qinglan, are you really not coming to the ceremony? After all, it is you who won the award, can I help you accept the award?” Daniel’s tone seemed embarrassed, and he wanted to persuade Shen Qinglan to attend the award ceremony in person.

“No, you are the representative.” Fu Hengyi should be back in a few days, and she didn’t want to leave the house at this time.

Daniel felt a little regretful, “Qinglan, don’t regret it later, I tell you, this work of yours will definitely win an award.”

Shen Qinglan smiled lightly, she had more important things than this.

If Daniel knew that Shen Qinglan’s so-called more important thing was to welcome Master Fu home, it was estimated that he would vomit more than three litres of blood.

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