KHSW Ch. 162

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“Young man, listen to me, I’m not sick, I’m being held by force here, can you let me out? I beg you.”

Chi Jingyu frowned slightly. Everyone in the mental hospital said that they were not sick. Who knew if what she said was true or false? What should he do if she bit someone after leaving here?

“Why are you locked up here?”

The woman’s expression changed from anxiety to grief, “My husband cheated in marriage, I originally thought that for the sake of the child in my belly, I would endure whatever he did, but I didn’t expect that he would try to kill me for that vixen. When that did not work, I was put in a mental hospital, I escaped several times, but I was caught by the doctor, I know you are a good person, you let me out and save me, okay?”

The woman looked at the door panel pleadingly, helplessness in her voice.

After listening to the woman’s words, Chi Jingyu sighed deeply, “Okay, I will find a way to let you out.”

If it weren’t for the fact that her situation was similar to that of his mother, he would not be so kind.

Finally, the nurse came to deliver his meal, “Come here to eat.”

Unexpectedly, there was a black shadow approaching behind him, and he swung down.

However, before Chi Jingyu could see clearly, the woman bit his wrist like crazy.

Chi Jingyu let out a painful cry, “Ah—” He was about to throw her away subconsciously, but he was stunned when he inadvertently saw her face, and even the pain from his wrist was ignored.

Staring closely at her face, her brows, and her chapped lips, Chi Jingyu’s heart suddenly surged with sourness, his lips trembled slightly, but in the end he seemed to use all his strength to shout out “Mom”.


The woman was startled suddenly, her eyes lost their lustre, and she just kept biting him dazedly.

Seeing that the woman finally stopped, Chi Jingyu continued, “My mother’s name is ‘Yang Huilin’, and my name is ‘Chi Jingyu’, you are my mother… right?”

After a while, a teardrop fell from the woman’s eyes, her teeth slowly loosened, and she looked up at Chi Jingyu.

“Jing… Jingyu?”

“Mom, it’s me, and I’m your Jingyu! I heard that my name was given to me by my father.”

“Jingyu—” The woman went from sobbing in disbelief to howling in ecstasy.

“Hello, go through the discharge procedures for two people.” Ling Xi gently pushed up the sunglasses.

“Do you have an appointment with the doctor in charge?” Although the little nurse said this politely, she asked with a look of boredom.


“Then what are the names of these two patients?”

“Chi Jingyu and Yang Huilin.”

The nurse’s expression was a little weird, “I’m sorry, we don’t have the patient ‘Yang Huilin’ you mentioned here, but Chi Jingyu was admitted to the hospital a few days ago, and his condition is not stable yet, so he can’t be discharged.”

Ling Xi turned her head and smiled coldly, “Who is the director of your mental hospital? I want to complain about your doctor’s misdiagnosis.”

The nurse’s face changed immediately, “If you say that again, we will call the police.”

“Okay, you can call the police. The bigger the trouble, the better. It’s exactly what I want.” Ling Xi’s aura was terrifying.

“Wait…wait, I’ll call the dean.”

After a while, the dean walked up behind the little nurse with a gloomy face, “Did you say the doctor in our hospital misdiagnosed?”

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