APY Ch. 147: Little Alcoholic

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Yu Xiaoxuan was awakened by thirst in the middle of the night and got up to drink water, only to realize that this was not her home at all, nor was it an accommodation provided by the company. Except for the jacket, everything else was still neatly worn on her body, seeing this, she took a sigh of relief and walked out boldly.

The living room was pitch-dark. Yu Xiaoxuan touched the wall with her hand and found something similar to a switch. When she pressed it, the living room was instantly flooded with light.

Yu Xiaoxuan closed her eyes subconsciously, and when she opened her eyes, she was blinded by the sight in front of her: dark coffee-coloured retro wallpaper with dark patterns, huge crystal chandeliers, leather sofa, and a woollen rug on the floor in front of the sofa…. all of this highlighted the low-key and luxurious connotation of this house.

She took a deep breath. The owner of this house must be a real connoisseur. She glanced at a photo on the cabinet. After a while, when she saw who the person in it was, she suddenly realized that it was one of the houses of the dead shemale, that made sense, that dead shemale was indeed a hedonist.

Knowing that the owner of the house was Han Yi, Yu Xiaoxuan’s heart was completely put down. She had probably fallen asleep in the car, and he didn’t know where she lived, so he brought her here. She didn’t know where Han Yi had gone, the whole house was quiet, and it seemed that there was no one else here but herself. It was estimated that Han Yi was somewhere else now.

The kitchen had an open plan, and there was also a bar with all kinds of wine glasses. Yu Xiaoxuan glanced at it, and it was quite beautiful, but unfortunately, she didn’t have much knowledge about such wine glasses, so she poured herself a glass of water, after drinking it, it seemed that it was not enough, so she drank another cup, and then put down the cup with satisfaction.

Yu Xiaoxuan had just woken up, so she was not sleepy. She wandered around the living room curiously, then her eyes lit up as she stared at a huge wine cabinet, which was taller than her. There were many wine bottles inside.

Yu Xiaoxuan walked over and took a closer look. There were many varieties of wine, beer, foreign brands, liquor… It could be said that there was a little of everything, but without exception, they were all from expensive and good brands.

Her eyes were attracted by the bottle on the top of the wine cabinet. It was a bottle of wine. She stood on tiptoe but still could not reach it. Unfortunately, her height was a pain. She tried to jump, but it didn’t work, then suddenly she saw a small bench in the corner that was out of tune with the entire decoration style.

She ran over and took the small bench, um, it was just right.

She took down the wine and looked at it carefully, the text on it… Hehe, she didn’t know the language.

The bottle opener was placed in a compartment of the wine cabinet. Yu Xiaoxuan opened the wine and went to the bar to get a delicate goblet. The red wine was slowly poured into the goblet, and Yu Xiaoxuan picked it up and shook it, then she smelled it again, um, it smelled good.

Yu Xiaoxuan sat on the sofa with the wine and a wine glass, took out the remote control, turned on the TV, and randomly switched to the broadcast of an idol drama she had seen before.

The TV series had been broadcasted a year ago, and it was a tragedy. She cried and cried when she watched it at that time. Now that she was watching it again, Yu Xiaoxuan still thought it was good.

While watching TV and drinking a sip of wine from time to time, Yu Xiaoxuan felt that her current life was the most comfortable in this period of time.

Han Yi woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. The faint movement in the living room made his mind clear suddenly, which had still been a little confused. Could it be that there was a burglar in the house? The light coming in through the crack of the door indicated that the living room was brightly lit at the moment, were the thieves were so arrogant now that they dared to come in and steal things so openly?

Han Yi got up and walked around the room but couldn’t find a weapon. After thinking about it, he took off his shoes and held it in his hand.

He quietly opened the door, and then the sound of the TV clearly reached Han Yi’s ears. Han Yi paused, suddenly remembered something, then his face turned dark, he wore his shoes again and walked over.

Sure enough, it was the dead girl Yu Xiaoxuan.

“Not sleeping in the middle of the night, what kind of demon are you?” Han Yi yelled at Yu Xiaoxuan.

Yu Xiaoxuan raised her head, saw Han Yi, and smiled, “Hey, dead shemale, it’s you.”

Her face was full of tears, and there were two suspicious objects hanging under her nose. Han Yi’s face was full of disgust, but he pulled out two pieces of paper and handed them to Yu Xiaoxuan.

“Why are you crying in the middle of the night, I’m sick to death.”

Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t answer, but her tears flowed even more fiercely, “He died,” she pointed to the TV, “He died to save the heroine, but the heroine didn’t know he was dead, and she thought he betrayed her and married someone else in order to get revenge on him. How could there be such a loving man in the world, why haven’t I met such a man.”

Han Yi followed her finger, looking in the direction she was pointing, and his face turned even dark. It was okay to use such an idol drama to deceive a little girl. How old are you, and you still cry because of such a plot?

It seemed that the more she talked, the sadder she became, Yu Xiaoxuan hiccupped, then took a sip from the wine glass.

Only then did Han Yi notice the wine in her hand, and his eyes widened. When he saw the wine bottle that she had casually placed on the sofa, his face was already ashen.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, you…you…” He pointed at her, speechless.

Yu Xiaoxuan was still immersed in the plot of the TV series, where did she have the presence of mind to notice that a volcano that was about to erupt was standing beside her.

Han Yi picked up the almost empty wine bottle, and he was so distressed that he was about to cry. This was the rare red wine he bought from overseas for hundreds of thousands of dollars just a few days ago. Before it could be drunk, Yu Xiaoxuan spoiled it and nothing was left.

At this moment, Han Yi had the heart to eat Yu Xiaoxuan. He had a hobby of collecting good wine. This wine was definitely not the most precious in his hands, but it was definitely the one he had had for the shortest time.

“Yu Xiaoxuan.” Han Yi’s voice was gloomy, which was the prelude to a storm.

Yu Xiaoxuan raised her head, glanced at him, and shook her head, “Dead shemale, don’t shake, it’s making me dizzy.”

She was very dissatisfied.

Han Yi’s peach blossom eyes were filled with ice, but his mouth was smiling softly. He slowly lowered his head, then stopped at an arms distance from Yu Xiaoxuan, and said with a gentle voice, “Yu Xiaoxuan, you drank my drink. How should you pay me for the wine?”

Yu Xiaoxuan felt that the world was spinning, where could she hear what Han Yi said, she just looked at the magnified beauty, her eyes narrowed, and she stretched out her hand to cover Han Yi’s eyes. “These eyes are so beautiful.”

Her hands were warm, dry and soft, with a hint of wine scent. Han Yi was startled and stopped moving.

Yu Xiaoxuan pinched Han Yi’s face again, “The skin is even better than mine, really.” Her little mouth pouted slightly.

She reached out to touch his cheeks and then touched his lips, it felt good, she couldn’t help pressing it, um, QQ, it felt a bit like jelly to the touch, Yu Xiaoxuan thought, so she stuck out her tongue and licked it, eh, not sweet?

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