APY Ch. 166: Annual Meeting 4

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He was very tall, even if she was wearing high heels, she had to raise her head slightly to see his expression.

At this moment, his face did not have the usual warm smile, and he was quiet. This appearance was somewhat similar to Shen Qinglan’s usual appearance.

“You attended the annual meeting for that man just now?” Shen Junyu looked down at her with indifferent eyes.

Not wanting to be looked at like this, Fang Tong took a step back and distanced herself from Shen Junyu. Thinking of his words, her eyes darkened, which meant he heard what she said just now? How long had this person been standing here, and how much had he heard just now.

Seemingly thinking of what she was thinking, Shen Junyu said lightly, “I have seen everything that should be seen, and everything that should not be seen.”

Fang Tong froze when she heard the words, her expression seemed a little annoyed, “I didn’t expect the dignified Young Master Shen to eavesdrop.”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping, I was watching openly.” Shen Junyu said lightly, seeing that Shen Qinglan had not come up, he came down to look for her, and he saw such a good show on the deck.

He had no impression of the man, but it seemed that he was the girl’s boyfriend. The little girl was good-looking, but her eyes were not good.

Fortunately, Young Master Shen just thought about it in his heart. If Fang Tong knew about his thoughts, Fang Tong would be depressed again.

Annoyed by what Shen Junyu said, Fang Tong took off the coat on her shoulders and kept it in Shen Junyu’s arms, “Thank you for the coat, Young Master Shen, I’m not cold now.”

Just after she finished speaking, she sneezed three times in a row, her body shaking involuntarily. How could it be so cold on this deck, and how did she stay on this deck for so long just now.

Shen Junyu’s face seemed a little helpless, he picked up the coat and put it on her again, looking at Fang Tong like a wilful child, “I told you that you will catch a cold, but you’re still not obedient.”

Fang Tong rolled her eyes in a childish manner. She wanted to take the coat off her shoulders, but he held down her hand, “Don’t make a joke with your body.”

Fang Tong met his eyes, suddenly startled, she let go of his hand, and let him wrap his coat around herself tightly.

Shen Junyu’s eyes swept across her cheek intentionally or unintentionally, and suddenly, he raised his hand and touched her cheek, rubbed her cheek lightly, and took it away.

“There was something dirty on your face.” Shen Junyu said lightly, in a gentle tone.

Fang Tong was slightly stunned, “Thank…Thank you.” Fang Tong was very uncomfortable with Shen Junyu’s sudden change of attitude.

“Where’s Lanlan?” Not wanting to face the embarrassment of the person in front of him, Shen Junyu changed the subject.

“Qinglan should still be inside, I’ll give her a call.”

“No, I’ll go in and find her later. It’s cold on the deck, so you should go in too.”

This time Fang Tong didn’t refuse and went in obediently.

Shen Junyu followed her in, determined her position, and started looking for Shen Qinglan. He didn’t look in the crowd, but looked at the corners, and sure enough, he found Shen Qinglan very quickly.

Walking over, he found that Shen Qinglan seemed to be talking to a woman, the woman had her back to him and was wearing a fiery red evening dress, but he couldn’t see her face clearly, and she left even before he got close.

Shen Junyu glanced at the woman’s back, “Who was that?”

“A friend, I didn’t expect to meet her here, so I just chatted a few words.” Shen Qinglan said casually, but Shen Junyu didn’t take it to heart.

Shen Junyu didn’t ask more, and pointed in Fang Tong’s direction, “Your friend is waiting for you there, you can go too, the lottery session will start soon, don’t run around.”

Afraid that Shen Qinglan would not be obedient, Shen Junyu pulled her hand and pulled her in Fang Tong’s direction.

Shen Qinglan was pulled with Shen Junyu’s strength. They were standing in the corner, so they didn’t attract anyone’s attention when they went out.

“Fang Tong.” Shen Qinglan walked to Fang Tong’s side, glanced at her, saw her expression as usual, and was not sure if she saw Ding Minghui.

On the other hand, Fang Tong took the initiative to speak, “I saw him, and he explained it to me. Qinglan, I’m fine.”

Shen Qinglan stopped asking about Ding Minghui, and instead asked, “Where’s Xiaoxuan?”

Fang Tong smiled and pointed in a certain direction. Shen Qinglan looked in the direction her finger was pointing and saw Yu Xiaoxuan who was holding a plate and picking food in the food area. Looking at her bulging cheeks, it could be estimated that the food in her mouth had not been swallowed.

Shen Qinglan found it funny, she was a foodie, and she didn’t forget to eat wherever she went.

When the lights in the banquet hall dimmed, the host walked to the front of the stage with a microphone in his hand.

“Now it’s time for the most exciting event of the day, ‘the lottery session’…” The host was talking on stage, and Shen Qinglan was bored offstage, but Fang Tong, holding a glass of champagne in her hand, listened to the woman beside him whispering about Shen Junyu who was standing in front.

She could only hear one of the women looking at Shen Junyu’s back with a look of nymphos, “Our CEO is still so handsome, the more we look, the more charming he looks. Even the back is so charming.”

The woman next to her looked at her with contempt, “Wipe the saliva from the corner of your mouth,” She also looked at Shen Junyu, although it was not so obvious, but her tone was full of admiration for Shen Junyu, “Our president is naturally top-notch, otherwise, how could he be so young and achieve such a big success. He has a successful business, and he is also the son of the Shen family. He has such a good family background, but he does not only know how to take care of the old like those second-generation ancestors of rich families, but he also takes good care of his employees.”

They were talking in a low voice, but they were really close. Fang Tong heard it, and even Shen Qinglan heard it. Shen Qinglan raised her eyes to look at Shen Junyu and smiled, she couldn’t imagine if her brother was a second-generation ancestor, how would he have grown so big under his grandfather’s hands, she had heard from her grandmother that Shen Junyu was naughty when he was a child, and he was often whipped by his grandfather.

Grandpa had a whip in his hand. It was a trophy he got from bandits whom he had fought with. He kept it for so many years. It was used to enforce the family rules of the Shen family. Even Shen Qian had been beaten with it.

Grandpa Shen was a soldier, so naturally he would not be merciful. Grandma Shen once said that when Shen Junyu was beaten the worst, he couldn’t get out of bed for half a month, and his distressed mother Chu Yunrong had burst into tears.

When he was a child, Shen Junyu was not as stable as he was now. He was very skinny. He hung out with the gang in the yard, always making troubles, and was naturally beaten frequently.

But later, after Shen Qinglan was kidnapped by the traffickers, Shen Junyu seemed to have grown up overnight. He didn’t fight and no longer caused trouble, and he never tasted the whip in Grandpa Shen’s hand again.

Probably among the juniors of the Shen family, the only two people who had not been beaten by the old man were herself and Shen Xitong.

The two girls in front were still discussing, “I heard that there is a lucky prize tonight, and the person who gets this prize can dance the opening dance with the president.”

The other girl looked surprised, “Really?”

“Of course it’s true, I heard it from the planning department.”

The news must be true, the two girls looked excited..

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