KHSW Ch. 130: Warning

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Ling Xi felt a little guilty, but Xu Yizhi ate his snacks without even changing his face.

Su Zhiyan leaned into Xu Xinrong’s ear, “You really didn’t see it? The two children came back together. It must have been Yizhi doing something bad.”

Only then did Xu Xinrong understand, it turned out to be like this! He looked at Ling Xi as if he just had an epiphany, “Oh, I may have seen it wrong just now. This is how a bee sting looks.”

When the old man heard this, he became nervous, “Yizhi, hurry up and take my granddaughter-in-law to the hospital to have a look.”

Su Zhiyan immediately picked up a dish, “Dad, you don’t need to go to the hospital, the swelling will subside in a while, come here, eat the dish, you can chew this dish.”

Meng Xinyan was not a child, so she naturally understood how Ling Xi’s lips had become red and swollen, so she gave Meng Zidi a piece of meat, “Speak less!”

Ling Xi sipped from her cup and lowered her head even more. It was all because of Yizhi, and it had nothing to do with her, but why was she the only one with a guilty conscience?

She glanced at him with a dissatisfied look, but seeing that he was looking over, she quickly moved her gaze away, and pretended to be looking at something else.

As a result, she missed the pampering look in Xu Yizhi’s eyes.

Meng Xinyan couldn’t help rejoicing when she saw the subtle interaction between the two. As long as they had a good relationship, she would be relieved.

“What did you say? Did you read it wrong? How could it not be Yu Jiayin?” Yao Ru jumped with anger after hearing the reply from the entertainment reporter who followed Ling Xi before, “Then why didn’t you say it the day before yesterday?”

It was the first time she was despised by an entertainment reporter, Yao Ru rolled her eyes angrily, “It’s okay when it was that goddamn Ling Xi, but now even a small entertainment reporter dares to ignore me, I’m really mad.”

Yao Ru’s frantic appearance fell into Qin Yuelan’s eyes, and she took an indomitable step forward and said sarcastically: “What? Early in the morning, you are so angry? Do you need me to find someone? Who can you put out the fire for you?”

Yao Ru immediately restrained herself, and said with an instant smile on her face, “No, you read it wrong.”

Yao Ru raised her head proudly, and bumped her shoulder on purpose when she passed by.

Qin Yuelan chuckled, she was so childish, she was already the mother of a child, yet she was still so childish.

When Yao Ru walked out of the company door in a huff, she happened to see Ling Xi.

Seeing her walking past her without squinting and without even saying hello, she was worried that she wouldn’t even be able to find a place to get angry!

“You stop for me.”

Hearing the voice from behind, Ling Xi frowned slightly and turned around, “Is there something wrong with senior Yao?”

Yao Ru stepped forward, “You’re just a little newcomer, how can you be so defiant?”

“Senior misunderstood, maybe I was too focused on certain things, so I didn’t see senior.”

Yao Ru glared at her fiercely, “Then what are you thinking about that can make you so focused.”

Ling Xi smiled and looked directly into her eyes, “I heard that someone in our company bought reporters to slander me. After all, we are from the same company. If the general manager or CEO knew about this vicious competition, what would they do?”

Yao Ru’s face paled slightly, how did she know about this?

The word “guilt” was clearly written in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it.

“Oh? It was probably not like that? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding!”

“Do you think it’s a misunderstanding, senior? I think so too. If they really belong to our company, once they are found out, they might have been hidden by the company long ago!”

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