KHSW Ch. 129: It’s good for you to be by my side!!!

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Ling Xi’s foot was stepped on purpose, and she frowned fiercely, tears rolling in her eyes because of the pain.

Xu Yizhi immediately turned around nervously, “Let me see.” Immediately, he asked her to take the support of his shoulder with both hands, and squatted down to look at her ankle, “Ah, it hurts.” As soon as Xu Yizhi touched it, Ling Xi started shouting in “pain”.

Xu Yizhi hesitated for a while, “I’ll take you to the hospital.” After saying that, he got up and picked her up by the waist. Ling Xi exclaimed and wrapped her hands around his neck subconsciously.

“Husband, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It won’t hurt after a while.” Ling Xi hurriedly refused.

Xu Yizhi glanced at her suspiciously, only to realize that her eyes were dodging a little, so he said, “Well.”

Seeing that he was just holding her, Ling Xi was relieved, “Husband, nothing happened between Chi Jiayang and I. He just talked by himself. Trust me, okay?”

Xu Yizhi’s little emotions had long been resolved because of that kiss, and now he was relieved to hear Ling Xi’s explanation.

“Well, I believe you.”

Ling Xi nestled in his arms, secretly raised the corners of her lips, it seemed that Yizhi liked her “acting like a spoiled child”.

“As long as you’re by my side, it’s fine.”

Hearing the man’s words, the secret joy in Ling Xi’s heart disappeared in an instant, and what followed was a softness like a sponge. Was it okay to just be by his side?

The man carried her and continued to walk forward, they occasionally passed by a waiter, so Ling Xi buried her head in his chest.

After getting along for this period of time, Ling Xi’s heart had been gradually captured by Xu Yizhi. Because of her lie of “amnesia”, she met a Xu Yizhi, who she had never seen in her previous life. It turned out that he could be so gentle to her, could be so indulgent and so selfless.

In the past, all the thorns on her body were erected towards him, and what his demeanour would naturally be sharp and rigid. Now, everything was moving towards a different trajectory…

Ling Xi said, “Husband.”

Xu Yizhi lowered his head, “Huh?”

With this posture, Ling Xi took the initiative to kiss him, licking his cool thin lips like a kitten absorbing moisture, then she immediately moved away while the man was surprised.

Fortunately, no one saw it, otherwise it would be embarrassing, Ling Xi thought dully.

Xu Yizhi was a little flattered, and didn’t understand why she suddenly… “What’s wrong?”

“You said it yourself just now, you are mine, of course I am exercising my power!” Not bad, Ling Xi encouraged herself from the bottom of her heart. Now that she could say this, it meant she had made progress.

Xu Yizhi was stunned for a moment, then smiled, his teeth as white as sea salt were slightly exposed, like the warm sunlight passing through the frozen city wall, directly hitting her heart and warming her up…

When approaching the box, Ling Xi hurriedly asked Xu Yizhi to put her down, and walked in one after another as if nothing had happened.

“Why were you gone for so long?” Meng Xinyan asked in a low voice.

Ling Xi smiled awkwardly, “It’s nothing.”

“Sister, what’s wrong with your mouth? Did you get angry? Or was it stung by a bee?” Meng Zidi carefully found that Ling Xi’s lips were red and swollen, like it was stung by a bee.

When Meng Zidi mentioned it, everyone looked over.

Ling Xi hurriedly touched her lips. If this was the case, it must be because of the kiss. If they found out…it would be a shame!

Her mind quickly turned, “It might have been stung by a bee.”

“I don’t think it was stung by a bee, right?” As soon as Xu Xinrong said it, Su Zhiyan secretly stabbed him.

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