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“Xiao Fang, have you really decided?” Mother Chi couldn’t help asking.

Chi Fang knew that there would be such a question, he did not hesitate, smiled and nodded. He looked at Mother Chi. Although he had just grown up, Mother Chi was already over fifty. Even if she was well maintained, her expression was exhausted.

“Mom, Yu Mo is a nice person. Although he is usually cold and his words are a bit unpleasant, he is actually too lazy to lie. In the past two years, he has never been angry with me, even if he is angry, he runs away alone and feels wronged.” Chi Fang said, thinking that Yu Mo had been jealous before, and he had been wronged for a long time, but he didn’t realize it, so Yu Mo kept leaving him alone to go sulk.

Mother Chi looked at the smile on Chi Fang’s face, sighed and said no more.

“Go, don’t forget the banquet tomorrow night.” Mother Chi rubbed his hair.

Chi Fang blinked, and said cautiously: “Then mom, you…”

“Alright, I won’t break you apart, but…” Mother Chi looked at Chi Fang, “You are still young, you need to be sure about your feelings. No one knows what changes will happen in the future.”

Counting the past life plus the two years after rebirth, Chi Fang, who was already twenty-eight, nodded silently.

After talking to Mother Chi, it was already past nine o’clock, Chi Fang went upstairs, habitually fed the little fish in the software, and sent a message to the little fish in reality.

Chi Fang: Are you there?

Yu Mo replied quickly: Well, what will you wear tomorrow?

Chi Fang was stunned and took a look at his wardrobe: I don’t know, the clothes might be prepared by second brother. If it were my choice, it would be a white suit.

Yu Mo responded.

The two chatted for a while, but Chi Fang was too sleepy, he sent Yu Mo a good night, and fell asleep holding his quilt.

He was back in that dream.

Chi Fang floated around, watching Yu Mo go upstairs, and then give roses to Grown-up Chi Fang. Grown-up Chi Fang took the roses with a red face, and the two of them finished a meal quietly. When it was over, J suddenly spoke.

“I want to pursue you.” The voice was low, with a hint of toughness that could not be denied.

Grown-up Chi Fang almost threw the cup in his hand. He coughed slightly and looked at J, still feeling a little weird in his heart.

After the meal, the two people walked out of the hotel, it was not early, and it was already dark. J called the driver and looked at the Grown-up Chi Fang, “Want to go together?”

“No.” Grown-up Chi Fang shook his head with a smile and called his driver.

When Chi Fang saw the two people getting in their own cars, his forehead began to hurt, one by one broken pictures flashed before his eyes. He remembered that J did attend the appointment that day. After eating, the two separated. Then… Seeing the Chi’s car start, Chi Fang resisted his headache and floated to the roof of the car.

The car was silent. Grown-up Chi Fang still hadn’t recovered from the shock. It wasn’t until the car drove for nearly ten minutes that the Grown-up Chi Fang frowned suddenly and asked, “What’s that smell?”

For some reason, there seemed to be a fragrance of flowers in the car today, which was not strong, but it made people feel uneasy.

He subconsciously looked towards the driver in front but found that the driver was wearing a mask on his face. He suddenly panicked and shouted angrily, “Stop!”

The driver did not respond, but the smell in the car suddenly became very rich. Grown-up Chi Fang just smelled a couple of times, and he started feeling dizzy, with blurred vision. He only lasted less than five seconds before he fainted.

The Chi Fang on the roof of the car just watched silently. He knew that all this was a dream, and he couldn’t change anything at all.

The car stopped at an abandoned factory in the suburbs. When the driver got out of the car, his legs were a little soft. Although masks could insulate fragrance, inhaling some of it was still unavoidable. The driver took off the mask slowly outside the car and threw the unconscious Chi Fang into the factory.

Sure enough, it was him… Chi Fang looked at the driver coldly.

The floating Chi Fang turned his head and glanced around, then he saw Wang Liang appearing. Instead of entering the factory, he glanced at the factory gate blankly, then turned his head and asked, “Are you all ready?”

Several people on the side bowed their heads and said, “Yes, yes, it will detonate in half an hour. There will be absolutely no problem.”

Wang Liang nodded and glanced at the driver who brought Chi Fang with a sneer on his mouth. “You are really willing.”

The person looked a little old, and there was a hint of expectation in his eyes, “A Liang, you…”

“Shut up!” Wang Liang suddenly became irritable and interrupted directly. After hearing that person’s words, he turned around and left.

Only a few people were left looking at each other behind them, and the driver’s disappointed eyes could be seen as well. For some reason, the factory on the side suddenly started to smoke, but these people didn’t even look at it and left.

Chi Fang’s memory became clearer and clearer. He stared at the gate of the factory blankly. That’s right, half an hour later, the factory exploded. At that time, he just woke up from the coma, but because of that flower fragrance, his body didn’t have any strength at all. There was a strong smell of gasoline and a scorching sensation around him.

He didn’t realize what was happening, he heard a bang and explosion. Before his sight went completely dark, he had only one thought in his mind.

Fortunately, he did not agree to J’s pursuit that night.

But Chi Fang didn’t even know what happened next. The owner of the Chi family died in the abandoned factory. The Courts judged it as an accident. However, on the day of Chi Fang’s funeral, J appeared and snatched Chi Fang’s body. Chi Fang watched J delete the information in the software bit by bit, and then never use the phone again.

The picture turned again, but J looked blankly at the person under his feet, it could no longer be called a human, his hands and feet were broken, countless knives were slashed on his face, and a finger was missing.

“I was wrong, I was wrong, please, let me die! Let me die!!” The man’s voice was hoarse.

Chi Fang looked at him for a long time before recognizing that this person turned out to be Wang Liang. J just looked at him coldly, wiped the blood from his hands, walked out the door, and went down to the basement. It was cold in the basement, but J couldn’t feel it. Chi Fang looked at the freezer in the middle of the basement, feeling a little bit worried in his heart.

He floated forward and found a coffin inside.

“Chi Fang.” J called out.

However, no one responded to him in the empty basement.


When Chi Fang woke up, he found himself crying. He didn’t know if it was because of the death in his previous life or because he missed Yu Mo. He cried and touched his phone. He was crying and hiccupping non-stop while calling Yu Mo.

The call was connected quickly, and Yu Mo gave a gentle reply, but Chi Fang just cried and couldn’t say anything.

Yu Mo stood up and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? Chi Fang? Where are you? At home?”

Chi Fang responded with a cry and heard Yu Mo’s rapid breathing from the phone. Less than a minute later, Chi Fang heard someone knocking on the door downstairs. Chi Fang didn’t care that he hadn’t gotten up yet, he rushed to the door on the first floor and opened the door for Yu Mo.

As soon as Yu Mo took a step forward, he was held tightly by Chi Fang, and his clothes were all soaked wet by Chi Fang. Yu Mo didn’t move, hugged Chi Fang, and softly coaxed, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Chi Fang cried for a long time before accepting it. He buried his face in front of Yu Mo and said with a crying voice: “Call my name.”

“Chi Fang.” Although he didn’t know why, Yu Mo still called out without hesitation.

“Well, I’m here.” Chi Fang replied.

Chi Fang was relieved after being in Yu Mo’s arms for a long time, but he couldn’t stop crying. He looked at Yu Mo’s clothes that were wet by his crying and felt a little embarrassed, “You…hiccup, you Come in and change…hiccup, change clothes!”

Ah, why did he keep hiccupping!

Yu Mo watched Chi Fang hiccup while leading him upstairs. Chi Fang’s hiccups had lasted only for half an hour, but he was a little worried. He was going to the banquet tonight. The protagonist of the birthday party must go on stage to talk. Was it possible that he would hiccup while talking?

Chi Fang’s face wrinkled.

Yu Mo changed his clothes, seeing that Chi Fang was still looking bitter, walked over calmly, and held Chi Fang’s wrist. Chi Fang raised his head blankly, felt Yu Mo’s strength and followed him to the bed.

Then he was pushed onto the bed by Yu Mo.

“Hiccup, you, what are you do…hiccup.” Chi Fang could cry without tears, he couldn’t even speak clearly due to the hiccups.

After such a pause, Yu Mo had already pressed him down, his two hands trapped Chi Fang’s wrists, his left leg was pressed against the bed, and his body was slightly lowered, only a few centimeters away from the Chi Fang.

“What do you, you, you, you, you, you!” Chi Fang’s face flushed red, and he tried to stand up, but was pressed by Yu Mo’s wrist.

Yu Mo slightly attached himself, watching Chi Fang panic below him, and with a shy look, his gaze finally fell on Chi Fang’s thin lips. He leaned down…

“Brother? Did anyone come just now?” The door of Chi Fang’s bedroom was slammed open. Chi Zheng was standing at the door, looking at the two people in the room with shock.

His little brother was pressed on the bed by Yu Mo, with tears on his face, and his eyes were red from crying…Chi Zheng was angry, “What are you doing!”

Chi Fang almost wanted to hide directly in the quilt.

Yu Mo: “Cure hiccups.”

Chi Zheng paused in anger and was at a loss: “Hiccups?”

Yu Mo nodded and turned to look at Chi Fang, “No more hiccups.”

Only then did Chi Fang realize that his hiccups had been scared off, but…who told Yu Mo about this treatment method, could it work? Under Chi Fang’s various explanations, Chi Zheng believed that Yu Mo had not bullied his little brother, and reluctantly returned to his room.

When there was no one else in the room, Yu Mo asked, “Why were you crying?”

When he received the call from Chi Fang, he could only hear the sobbing sound on the phone, and his heart seemed to have been severely stepped on by several feet. What followed was rage and he wanted to beat the person who made Chi Fang cry.

Chi Fang touched his eyes, because he was crying so fiercely, they were still a little swollen now. He sighed and glanced at Yu Mo, “I had a nightmare.”

Yu Mo was puzzled, “Nightmare?”

“Yes, I dreamed that you didn’t want me anymore, and I lost you.” Chi Fang was angry. Nonsense, who made Yu Mo overwhelm him just now. Even if it was overwhelming, it was not because of wanting to kiss him, but to cure him of hiccups!

His charm was lost!

Yu Mo paused, and the person who caused Chi Fang to cry was… himself? Was it possible for him to beat himself up?

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