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As soon as Mao Ruiying saw Lin Diyi raise her hand, her eyes lit up and she said, “Class leader, what’s the matter?”

Lin Diyi stood up and turned to look at Yin Xiaomei, who was already lying on the table. She was almost ready to drill down below. She couldn’t help but want to laugh a little, but she held it back. She looked at Mao Ruiying and said, “Teacher, I posted that big-character poster.”

Huh, huh? Yin Xiaomei raised her head from her knees to look at Lin Diyi in astonishment. Not only was she surprised, the other classmates in the class also seemed to have seen the sun rising from the west and were staring at Lin Diyi in astonishment.

Mao Ruiying was even more surprised. She doubted: “It was you? But…why…”

Lin Daiyi looked at Mao Ruiying very calmly and said, “Because I know that Teacher Mao is ranked sixth in the classroom evaluation. If there was a re-evaluation, you must be the first, and you will definitely squeeze Teacher Li down! I’m holding up justice for you!” She said, her grievances almost made tears fall from her eyes.

The whole class looked at her with their mouths open.

Mao Ruiying obviously didn’t expect her to say that, and she couldn’t react for a while. She thought that the students deliberately demolished her platform and embarrassed her, but she did not expect it to be for her. It turned out that she had such a high status among the students. She laughed twice and said, “This is the school’s regulations and cannot be changed randomly.”

“So!” Lin Diyi became even angrier, “If we choose, you would be the best teacher.”

Everyone felt goose bumps appearing on their skins, layer by layer.

After being flattered, Mao Ruiying showed a triumphant smile and tried to be humble: “Ah, this, I’m just doing what a teacher should do.”

Yin Xiaomei smiled and leaned closer to Song Yuanyuan and whispered: “I thought Lin Diyi would flatter her and make a small report. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.”

After that, things were much easier. Mao Ruiying, who was furious about this matter, now said: “It’s better to let the students elect. That’s fair. Now society always talks about democracy, I think it’s better to let the young children realize earlier that democracy is a good thing.”

The biggest opponent of the incident had now become the biggest supporter. Lin Daiyi could be described as a bloodless killer, killing people invisibly, and selling them to the other side to help her count money. Yin Xiaomei, who had always been proud of her smarts, simply admired her!

At this time, in KFC, the much-admired Lin Diyi was chewing on French fries, while enjoying Yin Xiaomei’s praises.

“I told you that head-to-head is absolutely impossible. What’s this called? It’s called hitting from the dark! Learn from it!” She said triumphantly, and the words that were very inconsistent with her age made the adults around them laugh and think–the children nowadays. So precocious!

However, Yin Xiaomei was enlightened and hurriedly said: “Yes, I have to learn more from the class leader in the future! But haven’t you been very pleased with the Owl? Why were you suddenly willing to help us?” This time things were confusing for Yin Xiaomei. She had suddenly found that there was something more worthy of her learning than mischief, and a wider field was welcoming her.

“I please her, of course because she is the teacher in charge! But according to my conscience, I still prefer Teacher Laura, so if Miss Laura can make a comeback this time, maybe she will be the teacher in charge, and then I won’t have to pay attention to that nasty Owl.”

Seeing Xiaomei’s shocked look, she kindly said: “After all, you are still young. If you don’t understand this, Yuanyuan is better than you.” Lin Diyi pointed to the side at the little girl eating silently.

When Song Yuanyuan heard the words, she raised her head in confusion. “You see, Owl has been making things difficult for Yuanyuan before. Why? It’s because she is easy to bully, but when Yuanyuan’s father appeared, the situation was immediately reversed. Otherwise, why did you think Yuanyuan suddenly let her father come to the parent-teacher meeting??”

Song Yuanyuan was still bewildered: “My dad came to the parent-teacher meeting because  my mother was feeling uncomfortable that day.”

“It’s ok, I know. “Lin Diyi shot a knowing look at her, smiled and handed her a chicken wing.

Yin Xiaomei sighed in confusion. She didn’t want to tell Lin Diyi that she had really overestimated Yuanyuan’s thoughts


School got over, the high school girls wearing cute short skirts and half-leg socks came out from the back door of the campus, and when they saw a small figure waiting there early, they all screamed.

“Xiaomei, you are here!”

“Great, you are such a good girl, let me see today’s goods!”

Xiaomei quickly took out a dozen photos as per everyone’s expectation, of which the majority were of Yin Zhefei, but of course there were a few other boys.

“Oh my god, he’s so handsome… it’s a great shot.”

“Wow! I like this one, I want it!” The girls scrambled for it, lest they lose out any image of their crushes. Xiaomei saw that the atmosphere was almost brewing, and the purse was almost bulging, and then she took out her final photo-which was what she called “The Collection of Beautiful Male Orangutans!”

“——The boys in the photo show strong arms and look different, but they all show their most handsome side. Zhang Xiangyi is bold and unrestrained, Yin Zhefei is a noble son, Qin Yuan has an upside-down smile on his face, Hu Fei is as gentle and humble as the big brother next door…”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”, Xiaomei almost ran away, scared. What was up with these elder sisters, shouting so miserably every time! Her eardrums were itchy.

The photos were sold out, and some of the girls were happy and some still felt unfulfilled. They all looked at Yin Xiaomei eagerly. Xiaomei looked at these greedy sisters, sighed, and drew something else from her schoolbag like Doraemon.

“Huh? Are there more pictures?” Everyone looked over curiously.

“Not a photo,” Xiaomei slowly pulled out a piece of gray fabric from her schoolbag, “Yin Zhefei’s underwear.”


When Yin Xiaomei returned home in the evening, she was already squeezed into a mess by the enthusiastic girls, and her pigtails were half loose. Chang Mei was very surprised when she saw this picture of her daughter, and said in a panic: “What’s the matter with Xiaomei, did you fight with others?”

“No, I went to play football with my classmates this afternoon!” She shook her head disapprovingly; she just wanted to go upstairs and store all the money she had earned safely.

But Yin Zhefei, who was sitting there, squinted his eyes and looked at her, and said lightly: “Oh, is that right?”

Xiaomei’s head immediately rang an alarm, what was going on, how could he say that, maybe he knew about her business! She guarded her schoolbag vigilantly and stared at the handsome and elegant black-bellied boy.

However, Yin Zhefei just said: “Did the teacher know that you posted the big-character poster? Were you punished?”

Yin Xiaomei found that it was a false alarm, and was secretly relieved: “No, I’m so well-behaved, the teacher likes me, I wasn’t punished.”

Yin Zhefei sneered and ignored her. Yin Xiaomei glared at him. She really didn’t understand why someone would like Yin Zhefei. He was obviously a show-off, always deliberately acting handsome or taking off his shirt to play basketball. People with eyesight—for example, her—could see it at a glance. He came out as a person with little substance! But how could other boys, girls, teachers and principals think he was so perfect? This guy was as cunning as a loach. Everyone who met him thought that he could be completely trusted, but Xiaomei just couldn’t cultivate at that level!

She now felt more and more that her own badness was all on the surface, and it was simply weak. It was the kingly way to do bad things but get people’s support!

Chang Mei looked at her little daughter with a little bewilderment. This little guy was always being mysterious recently. What was she doing? She didn’t want to be criticized again at the parent-teacher meeting!

Yin Zhefei noticed the subtle expression changes on Yin Xiaomei’s face. He originally quarreled with her casually, but the little guy’s reaction just now made him very suspicious. Why did he think Yin Xiaomei looked very guilty at that moment? It seemed that she had done something against him.

He looked at the little girl desperately eating in front of him, hoping that his suspicions were unfounded.

Xiaomei was now a lot taller, and the taller she got, the more beautiful she was. With those clear eyes, people who saw her would never doubt that this little girl was a well-behaved and obedient little guy. Only Yin Zhefei knew that she was not that simple at all, after all… he had been fighting with her for so long.

She was so bad when she was a child, however he could forcefully stop her, but when she grew up, who would stop her?

Yin Zhefei had reason to worry about his future brother-in-law.

Chang Mei didn’t notice anything wrong. She looked at this mini-her lovingly and gobbled her cuteness up. Xiaomei looked like her everywhere, with faint green eyes, like a foreign child, maybe with age, the green would become more and more obvious, and whoever married her, would be blessed.

Chang Mei had begun to fantasize about the lucky man who would put a ring on Xiaomei’s finger in the future.


To Yin Xiaomei’s great surprise, the school actually adopted their opinions. The principal also praised Xiaomei’s class during the large class meeting, thinking that they were innovative and reasonable, and suggested a great improvement in the management of the school.

Xiaomei finally breathed a sigh of relief. She sneaked a look at teacher Laura who was standing in the front. She seemed to be in a daze as if she hadn’t heard anything.

It was really strange and Xiaomei was still a little confused by the time the meeting disbanded. Teacher Laura was sluggish, was she unhappy?

However, she soon forgot about it, because she made a lot of mistakes in the Chinese dictation this time, and Mao Ruiying asked her to copy a word 100 times, and she was allowed to go home only after she had copied it. Xiaomei was trapped in Mao Ruiying’s office, struggling to write.

Teacher Laura walked in hurriedly. Xiaomei wanted to say good evening to her, but she seemed to be very angry, so she swallowed her words back. As soon as she lowered her head to continue copying, she saw Teacher Li also walk in. He didn’t see Xiaomei; but went straight to Laura.

“Huihui, why are you upset again?” Teacher Li flushed, standing next to Teacher Laura’s seat with a weak expression. Yin Xiaomei stayed, she wouldn’t miss on such a live broadcast of a Korean drama. She shrank in the chair, neither hiding nor appearing, her face tangled.

“Li Jiajun, I told you, we are over.” Laura stood up, frowning and not looking at him.

Huh? Xiao Mei was surprised; how did this Korean drama end just as it had started?

“Huihui,” Li Jiajun ignored her objection and held her in her arms, “I was wrong, can’t I be wrong, don’t be angry with me, don’t always say that we broke up!”

Xiaomei’s face flushed. She took out her phone and wondered if she should call the police for Ms. Laura.

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