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Zhang Tianxing really liked Suan Ni, or in other words, he really liked small animals.

Throughout the morning, Jiang Lan saw him taking out all kinds of snacks from the drawer and feeding them to Suan Ni. He was puzzled as to why there were such snacks in the cold brother’s drawer.

In the end, it was Xue Meng who clarified his doubts: “Did you see his drawer of snacks? They were all intended to be used by him to deceive cats and puppies. As a result, he has not succeeded so far. They were all thus taken advantage of by us.”

Xue Meng was very sad as he spoke, saying that it was probably God who was finally moved by his persistence.

Zhang Tianxing, who was rubbing Xiao Suan Ni’s belly, glanced sideways at him and said coldly: “I won’t take advantage of you in the future.”

Xue Meng immediately looked at Jiang Lan: “Did you see, this is a man who values cats over friends.”

Zhang Tianxing looked down upon his resentful wife routine and was still addicted to the joy of playing with the cat.

Suan Ni was so comfortable being served by him that he didn’t even move that morning.

During the lunch break, Xue Meng asked Zhang Tianxing to go out for lunch together. Zhang Tianxing had taken almost a month’s leave. Now that he had finally come back, Xue Meng encouraged him to come out for a good meal.

Who knew that the protagonist did not give him face: “I will go home and meet you again in the evening.”

After saying that, he drove away in a hurry.

Xue Meng, who smelled car exhaust: ???

He angrily pulled Jiang Lan, and then called Xiao Xiaoyu: “Let’s go eat by ourselves, and we won’t take him with us anymore.”

Xiao Xiaoyu said with a cold face: “Are you a kindergarten kid?”

In the end, the three of them went to have a good meal.

When they came back, they found that Zhang Tianxing was already in the office, but there was a huge box piled next to his desk. He was holding Suan Ni in his arms, holding the snacks in the box and asking: “Do you like this?”

Suan Ni went up to smell it and shook his head.

He threw this one aside and picked up another one: “What about this one?”

Suan Ni nodded this time, so he put it away in the drawer.

Xue Meng went over to take a look and saw that the box was full of various kinds of dried meat, dried fish, and preserved fruits. They were all vacuum-packed. There were no brands, and it was impossible to tell what kind of meat or fruits they were.

After Suan Ni finished picking, Zhang Tianxing opened a bag of preserved fruits for him to eat and play with. He collected the dried meat and preserved fruits he picked out and threw them on the other side, threw them all back into the box, and distributed them to people in the office one by one.

Jiang Lan took it in his hand and saw that there were quite a variety of varieties. He didn’t recognize most of them, but there were some that he recognized. He held a bag of danmu fruits and asked Uncle Zhou in a low voice: “What is Zhang Tianxing’s origin?”

These seemingly ordinary dried meats and preserved fruits were actually exotic animal meat and spiritual fruits. Zhang Tianxing got so much in one trip home, so he was obviously not an ordinary person.

“Tianxing?” Uncle Zhou glanced at Xue Meng and Xiao Xiaoyu behind him, and after confirming that they couldn’t hear him, he whispered: “He is from Longhu Mountain.”

Longhu Mountain in Ganzhou was the birthplace of Taoism and the ancestral home of the Zhengyi Tianshi Sect. Since Zhang Daoling attained Taoism and became an immortal at Longhu Mountain, Zhang Tianshi’s lineage had guarded Longhu Mountain, sat in the Qing Palace, and lived in the Tianshi Mansion, and had been enjoying the hereditary position for sixty-three generations. It had been worshiped and canonized in all dynasties. There was an ancient saying of “Zhang in the South and Kong Kong in the North”, which was enough to prove the power of Tianshi Mansion.

To this day, although Taoism had declined, the power of Tianshi Mansion could not be underestimated.

And Zhang Tianxing was the youngest son of the Celestial Master of Longhu Mountain.

Zhang Tianshi had two sons, but the world only knew that his eldest son, Zhang Tianling, had outstanding cultivation and was good at fighting, and that he had been appointed as the next Tianshi. Little did they know that the second son, Zhang Tianxing, was more advanced in cultivation. Only because of his cold and eccentric temperament and his disregard for worldly affairs, the Tianshi Mansion rarely allowed him to appear in front of others. Zhang Tianxing came down the mountain as an adult, in search of opportunities for a breakthrough, but in fact he went to college without telling his family, and after graduation he came to work in this small street office from 9 to 5.

By the time the Tianshi Mansion realized something was wrong, he had already been receiving wages from the street office for two years.

Uncle Zhou said: “Didn’t Tianxing ask for leave a while ago? I heard that something happened at the Tianshi Mansion, so he rushed back to deal with it.”

After all, he was also a member of the Tianshi Mansion. If something happened to his family, it was impossible for Zhang Tianxing not to go back.

Jiang Lan said, “No wonder.”

No wonder Zhang Tianxing could casually take out a pile of dried spiritual fruits and dried meat from exotic animals.

Jiang Lan once heard his eldest brother talk about the Tianshi Mansion. If the Dragon Palace was said to be a powerful force among the demon clan, the power of the Longhu Mountain’s Zhang Tianshi Mansion among the human immortals was similar to the status of the Dragon Palace among the demon clan.

Moreover, Tianshi Mansion occupied Longhu Mountain and cooperated with the local government to develop various tourism resources. It made a lot of money and was simply collecting money while lying down.

Jiang Lan looked at Zhang Tianxing, who was obsessed with petting cats, and felt a little complicated for a moment.

He didn’t expect to meet people from Tianshi Mansion in the small street office.

He returned to his seat. Zhang Tianxing saw that he seemed worried, and suddenly said in a confused manner: “I don’t hate the demon clan.”

Jiang Lan turned to look at him and saw that although his face was cold and hard, his eyes looked at Suan Ni very softly.

Nowadays, although the demon clan and the human race coexisted harmoniously, and even the human immortals who used to eliminate demons and defend the mortal Way had moved next door to the Demon Management Bureau and become a brother department under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Security, but even so, there were still many human immortals who hated the demon clan.

People who were not of the same race must have different minds. This had been said since ancient times.

Not all races could accept aliens, and immortals were no exception.

Although Zhang Tianxing was taciturn, he was surprisingly attentive. He probably saw him come back worried after seeing Jiang Lan and Uncle Zhou murmuring. He thought Jiang Lan was worried that his brother would be hurt if he was too close to him, so he said this specifically.

Jiang Lan didn’t expect that he would misunderstand. After being stunned for a moment, he didn’t give any superfluous explanation. Instead, he smiled at him in a friendly manner.

Then he heard Zhang Tianxing say aggressively: “Can Ni Ni be a guest at my house?”

Jiang Lan: ???

Although he could allow him to pet his younger brother at will in the office, it was absolutely not okay to let his younger brother go to someone else’s house alone.

Jiang Lan put away his smile and rejected him coldly.

Suan Ni flicked his tail, echoed his brother, stretched out his two paws, and then jumped back to Jiang Lan’s desk with his favorite bag of dried fruits in his mouth, and happily went to feed his brother.

Zhang Tianxing suddenly looked at him in despair.

Jiang Lan’s mouth twitched as he saw it, feeling a little guilty for his brother’s scumbag behavior of eating, taking, and then turning away.

After finishing work in the evening, Xue Meng once again proposed to have dinner together.

This time, Brother Cold didn’t sniff the car exhaust for him indifferently and nodded in agreement.

Xue Meng was such a person that couldn’t stop talking. Jiang Lan and Xiao Xiaoyu walked beside him, listening to his non-stop chatter. Zhang Tianxing fell behind with Suan Ni in his arms, his eyes full of cats, cute cats.

Jiang Lan looked back at Suan Ni and saw that he was enjoying himself, so he simply ignored them.

While he listened attentively to Xue Meng’s gossip.

Xue Meng held up his mobile phone to show them: “The poster of this post said that he saw a mermaid in Xunyang Lake. You see, he also posted a photo.”

There was a local forum on his mobile phone, where some Jiangcheng locals posted some love posts or daily life posts. Some also shared anecdotes. The post he clicked into was a post for sharing anecdotes. The poster said that he took a photo of a mermaid while shooting at Xunyang Lake.

He also uploaded the photos he took accidentally. In the center of Xunyang Lake, you could indeed vaguely see a slender and beautiful silhouette. Although it was far away, you could vaguely see the delicate outline of the profile.

There were some people who believed it and some people who didn’t believe it. Overall, the majority of the people who didn’t believe it were saying that the poster had staged the picture for hype.

Xue Meng scrolled down the post and pointed it out to them: “Many people don’t believe this poster. The poster said yesterday afternoon that he would visit Xunyang Lake again to find evidence for everyone.”

Jiang Lan felt bad when he heard about Xunyang Lake and the mermaid. When he heard that the poster went to find the mermaid, he was silent for a moment and asked, “Is he still alive?”

Xue Meng was startled by his question: “How did you know that the original poster was missing?”

This post became popular because the original poster suddenly disappeared. Yesterday afternoon, the poster brought his equipment and went to Xunyang Lake to look for mermaids. Around midnight, he suddenly replied to a post saying that he had found a mermaid, but after he uploaded a dark photo, he suddenly disappeared, and had not appeared until today.

In online forums, no one knew if he had really disappeared or if he was deliberately hyping up.

For a while, all the netizens were liking this post and calling out to the original poster.

Jiang Lan recalled that he saw no living people near Xunyang Lake yesterday. He said, “How many people died in Xunyang Lake? Haven’t you heard?”

Xue Meng was startled: “No.”

Xiao Xiaoyu, on the other hand, said: “I seem to have heard a little bit of rumors, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not. I haven’t seen any news reports.”

Jiang Lan thought about it carefully. All the corpses found had been eaten clean. The police would definitely not dare to let the report come out, otherwise there would be no scientific explanation at all.

He asked Xue Meng to send him the link to the post and forwarded it to Ying Qiao.

[Yesterday afternoon, someone mistakenly thought Jinpo was a mermaid and went to Xunyang Lake to look for traces of the mermaid. The post has now been seen by many people.]

In order to deal with this situation, the Demon Management Bureau had a public relations department, whose full name was the Public Information Network Security Supervision Department. It was specially designed to deal with various public opinions about the demon clan.

Not long after the message was sent out, Ying Qiao replied: [In the early morning, people sent by the bureau arrived at Xunyang Lake and found an injured person in the farmland one kilometer away from Xunyang Lake. It should be the original poster. He has been sent to the hospital already].

When the man was found, a large piece of flesh had been bitten off his arm. They didn’t know how he escaped from the Jinpo, but he ran for a kilometer with injuries, and finally fainted in the farmland. It was the staff from the Demon Management Bureau who went to clean up the scene and realized something was wrong. They looked over and found that there was another injured person in the farmland, so they sent him to the hospital.

Now that the bureau had found the person, the post should be processed as well.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything more about it, but asked: “Are you free tomorrow night? I’ll invite you to dinner.”

He had previously said that he would treat Ying Qiao to dinner after receiving the bonus, but he didn’t expect that it would be delayed until now. Now he not only had a bonus, but also a large amount of pocket money from his fourth brother. As a rich man with a huge wallet, Jiang Lan felt that it was necessary to help his poor friends.

By the way, discuss with him how to properly allocate his wages.

Ying Qiao didn’t know what Jiang Lan was thinking. Seeing that he was going to treat him to a meal, he didn’t want the little monster to waste money, but he was also relieved to have a grown-up son in the family.

After the little monster got the bonus, he immediately thought of treating him to dinner.

Rejoiced, satisfied, happy.

[Ying Qiao: OK.]

Chen Hua saw that his well-placed tail began to curl up and down. He raised his hand to hold it down and said, “Don’t move, the ointment hasn’t been applied yet.”

Ying Qiao could only put away his phone after hearing this, but after lying down for a while, he felt bored and couldn’t help but show off: “The little monster told me that he would treat me to dinner tonight.”

Chen Hua:……

He responded perfunctorily: “That’s great.”

While he was speaking, he was still holding a jar of qián sheep oil ointment firmly in his hand. A brush made of qián wool was dipped in the ointment and evenly applied on Ying Qiao’s golden scales.

Ying Qiao had completely transformed back into his dragon shape, with the dragon’s body bent on the nursing bed, and a pair of snow-white wings spread out naturally. This was probably the most patient and good-tempered Chen Hua had ever seen Ying Qiao.

He seemed to be dissatisfied with Chen Hua’s perfunctory approach and added: “I have to go out to eat tomorrow, and my wings should also be cared for again.”

He knitted his eyebrows and said worriedly: “I lost ten feathers this month, three more than last month.”

The tone was that of a middle-aged man worried about losing his hair and becoming bald.

Chen Hua was used to his fuss and continued to compliment him perfunctorily: “Your feathers are neat and shiny, and you are in good health. Ten hairs are already very few hairs lost. I heard that the Chongming bird goes almost bald when it loses its feathers, he’s currently looking for hair growth agents everywhere.”

Probably because the example he mentioned was too terrible, Ying Qiao finally shut up.

But he was quiet for three minutes and then said: “Apply more ointment on the scales and the tail hair. It’s been a little dry recently.”

Chen Hua: “Okay.”

He agreed with his mouth but complained crazily in his heart.

It’s useless to clean it up, no matter how golden it is. Do you dare to show off your golden scales in front of the little monster?

Don’t dare.

So what’s the use of dressing up so well?

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