RCFS Ch. 66: Face Slapping Begins 2

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Did something go wrong?

Was this really just beginner level?

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10! 】

And she only taught it once, that too non-stop!

Did she meet a prodigy?

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10! 】

What kind of memory did she have?

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10! 】

Every time the trainer was shocked, Ye Yunxi got ten more points.

The system secretly rubbed its fingers on the side: 【The host is great, and she actually played it ten times! Hahaha, this trainer must have fallen for you now! It is definitely the rhythm of kneeling down!” 】

There’s no need for kneeling and worshiping.”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth until she completed the last movement standardly, maintaining a proud posture with her chin slightly tucked in, she walked slowly to the trainer to help her close her jaw, and indifferently said: “Your skills are good and your teaching is good, but there is one thing wrong.”

Ye Yunxi hooked her little finger: “Your little finger is too stiff, it is a bit hypocritical, normally it is good to be casual, basically it is not too big an issue.”

Ye Yunxi made a gesture of holding something, her little finger was curled slightly elegantly, the posture was lazy and casual, but full of extravagance.

“You, you…”

The trainer was speechless in shock.

What did this mean?

This person obviously understood the etiquette of the upper class, so why did she come to learn?

And she had to say it at the end, wasn’t she born to slap faces!!!

“Don’t thank me!”

I will thank you, my head!!!

The trainer was going crazy!

What kind of guests are these people! !

Since, she knew how to do it, why bother to train!

Moreover, she was not a Phoenix girl or something, couldn’t she say it earlier?

Damn it!

The trainer was going crazy, but the system couldn’t help laughing: 【The host is amazing, well done! 】

This trainer was going to explode with rage!

Hey, don’t you speak rudely to our host!

Even this system has surrendered, you have to kneel!

Seeing that the trainer’s face was flushed, and she couldn’t say a word, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth, lightly brushed her hair, turned her head and left: “Eldest young master, let’s go!”

Di Junxie’s smile became even bigger.

This little thing was really a master who didn’t suffer anywhere.

“Have you learned it before?”

The emperor asked lazily.

The petite woman paused in her footsteps and turned back with a chuckle, her beautiful face was splendid and gorgeous, and her black eyes evoked a gorgeous light that made people unable to look away.

“You seem to have forgotten that Ye Jia was once a member of the Sword of the Empire!”

It was not like she had never been in the upper social circle. Wasn’t this something worth learning?

“What purpose do you have, why don’t you just say it clearly!”

She turned around slowly, her arms folded under her chest, making her breasts look even fuller.

Di Junxie curled the corners of his mouth, paused slightly, his thin lips pressed against her pink ears, and he said word by word, “The rules of the emperor’s family are that the fiancé must see the parents.”

“So, you’re afraid of me embarrassing you, so that is why you brought me her for learning etiquette?”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth: “Don’t worry, there is a contract, I will definitely let you have more face!”

Seeing her full of confidence, Di Junxie subconsciously hooked the corner of his mouth.

This girl was the most dazzling and splendid existence no matter how he looked at her.

The poor little white lotus?

Sorry, his Emperor Xie didn’t like delicate flowers, he liked wild roses with thorns!

“Then next week, I’ll come pick you up!”

He was looking forward to seeing how Ye Yunxi would conquer the audience at the family banquet!

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