RCFS Ch. 64: Junyao’s Exam 4

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At the gate of the school, the luxury car arrived as scheduled.

The man still maintained his original posture, leaning indifferently against the door, as he lowered his head, and smoked.

His posture was very casual, and his smoking action was also very lazy, but his bones revealed a cold and strong force that couldn’t be ignored.

“Yunxi, that person is here again.”

Although she didn’t know who this person was, she had seen him several times at the school gate, and every time this person came to Ye Yunxi.

“Well, go back first, and remember to prepare what you are good at tomorrow.”

What he was good at…


Yunxi, are you sure!!!

There was still some hesitation in his heart, but seeing Ye Yunxi’s confident appearance, the several people could only nod their heads and leave.

Sun Chao was very depressed, did he really have to bring a suitcase of cash?

Did he make a mistake?

“You’re on time.”

This time, Ye Yunxi opened the car door and sat in.

Di Junxie spit out a smoke ring, glanced at the fair face reflected in the rear-view mirror with blurred eyes, rubbed the butt of the cigarette with his fingers, slowly opened the door, and sat in.

“Where to?”

Ye Yunxi took the cigarette from the man’s fingertips and threw it out the window.

The emperor glanced at her lazily, then reached out and pinched her tender white cheek.

“Go to a place where you can become my fiancée.”

Ye Yunxi: ……

Was it the Civil Affairs Bureau?

The car drove out instantly, and at the school gate, Ye Zhongwen and Ye Wanting looked at the vanishing car, their eyes slightly heavy.

“That was the person you’re talking about?”

“Yeah.” Ye Zhongwen nodded: “The person who can drive that kind of car is definitely not an ordinary person, right?”

Ordinary people could afford a luxury car of tens of millions, but they would absolutely be reluctant to modify it, but this man treated a car worth tens of millions as a car of hundreds of thousands, and just changed it like that!!!

It could be seen that this person’s identity was definitely not ordinary.


Ye Wanting scolded: “It turned out that she had hooked up with an unknown man! Thinking that she could get the inheritance back? An unclean and unself-loving mistress, the Ye family won’t want her!”

Ye Wanting sneered, by the way, wasn’t there a family reunion recently? At that time, she will talk about this in front of all the clansmen, and see who will get out of the Ye family in the end!

“That’s what you were talking about?”

Ye Yunxi was a little confused.

Because this was not the Civil Affairs Bureau, but a shopping mall!!

“A little disappointed not to get the certificate?”

Di Junxie hooked the corner of his mouth in a good mood.

Disappointed, you big bastard!

“What are we doing here?”

She frowned slightly.

“Goddess Transformation!”


Before she could figure out what was going on, the two went directly to a top-level salon on the top floor.

“Hello sir, what do you need?”

Di Junxie sat on the sofa, his long legs overlapped, and his dark eyes glanced lazily at Ye Yunxi’s figure: “In three days, teach her all the etiquettes of upper class in society.”

Was this the so-called Goddess’s Great Transformation?

Ye Yunxi was speechless for a while.

However, after being a soldier for a long time, it was not bad to learn something from the upper class.

She smiled and looked at the trainer: “It won’t take three days, just tonight.”

[Ding! Awesomeness Exp +10! 】

The trainer was going to vomit blood.

You may not be able to learn well in three days?

It would be nice if she could learn to sit in one position!!!

Did she really think that the etiquette of the upper class was easy to learn?

Dear, if you don’t have your eyes right, you should go out!


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