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When the car arrived at the gate of Huaxing Art School, Si Huang saw the scene at the gate, and then understood the meaning of Grandma Yu’s inquiry on the phone.

A group of reporters gathered around and forced the car to stop.

“Hi Si Huang, I’m Xiao He from Tiantian Entertainment, can you tell me your thoughts on the recruitment of this micro film?

“Is this true?”

“Why did you think of recruiting personnel from Huaxing Art School? Because of insufficient funds, or is it still a joke?”

“You who are not yet eighteen, why would you want to shoot a movie yourself, even if it is a micro movie, don’t you think you are being a bit arrogant?”

Along with the continuous sound of the camera taking pictures, there was the surge of the surrounding crowd, Yu Xi in the car had already called the security personnel of Huaxing Art School and asked them to guide the crowd.

When the security guards appeared to bring the situation under control, the driver’s door of the car opened, and Yu Xi and Xu Wanjun, who was in the passenger seat, stepped out first.

Yu Xi calmly faced the reporters, walked to the back seat and opened the door, and everyone’s eyes were cast on the person who was alighting immediately.

“Wow, ah, ah!” The exclamation sounded instantly.

Because Si Huang’s dress today was really cool and handsome.

He was wearing a black windbreaker with a high collar and inside was a deep black wide-necked shirt of the same color, through which you could vaguely see the white and jade-like skin and his sexy collarbone, while the dark gray tight trousers outlined his straight legs, and black leather boots made him look cool and arrogant.

His hair had also been meticulously styled, hair gel had been used to create a clear sense of mess, but it did not look sloppy, instead it had a delicate feeling. His eyebrows were slanted, the outer circle of the pupils of his eyes was blood red, the color was magnificent and mysterious, coupled with his indifferent and arrogant eyes now, he looked even more gorgeous and hot like a blood rose, his lips were painted with vermilion like blood, which made his skin look white like snow but did not make him appear pale.

The scene was silent for a moment, and only the shutter sound of the camera sounded continuously like the film was free of charge.

Facing the crowd, Si Huang stood in front of the car and walked in a hurry, scanning the surroundings with strange-colored pupils.

Everyone he looked at felt their hearts palpitating. The girls who came back to life immediately took pictures, and then posted it on penguin to show off, posted Weibo blogs to show off, posted on internet to show off, posted to post bars to show off, and on different forums to show off… It involved all kinds of showing off and leaving a lot of “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Yu Xi was very satisfied with the scene in front of him. He actually expected it a little bit in his heart. After all, after seeing Si Huang come out this morning, he was shocked by this face that he saw every day and was already a little immune.

Yu Ling secretly clenched her fists, her face showing a touch of confidence. Today, Si Huang’s dress was prepared by her alone, and if she could make the public react like this, it meant that she had succeeded. Even if most of the shock was caused by Si Huang’s outstanding appearance and temperament, she still had the ability to send and showcase her aura and demeanor freely.

“I’m in a good mood today.” Looking around, Si Huang suddenly raised the corners of her mouth, and the smile outlined by her blood red lips was deliberately arrogant, “You can ask whatever you want.”

Among the people present who heard her voice, at least half of them had subtle physiological reactions, they were blushing till their necks, their back and legs suddenly weakened, they had goose bumps, or their throat started itching… as they stared wide-eyed in a daze.

The two brother and sister, Yu Xi and Yu Ling, instinctively tensed their faces. They had experience and their reaction speed was quicker. They warned themselves not to be tempted.

“Cough!” A male reporter with a microphone with the words ‘Ai Le’ came back to his senses and was the first to ask Si Huang: “The war between you and your brother was very heated up a while ago, and it ended with you winning in the end. Today I can understand your performance as saying that you didn’t feel any regrets about this matter, but are you very happy and proud?”

He asked such a sharp question right away, which made a group of girls in the front row let out unhappy shouts.

Si Huang stared at the entertainment reporter condescendingly, “Would you sympathize with the person who hurt you, and feel sorry for him?”

There was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were full of mockery.

The reporter from Ai Le listened to his obviously mocking words, but his voice inexplicably made him feel lust, making his face slowly turned red, which caused him to feel both ashamed and angry.

Immediately afterward, there were inquiries from the reporters, one after another.

“After the photos of the group banquet were released on the Internet, the war between you and Si Hua started, and you have always had the upper hand. This makes people have to suspect that all of this was planned by you. What do you say about this?”

“Are you the police? Why should I explain all this to you?”

“Since the end of RB’s promotional video, you have been hiding. I heard that you had a falling out with Fenghua Entertainment, which led to Fenghua Entertainment suppressing and blocking you. Is it true?”

“You should ask the President of Fenghua about this.”

“I heard that “Red Moon” was originally owned by someone else, and the role of ‘Yue’ in it was also designated for Si Hua, but you stole his role again. What do you think?”

The topic finally turned to “Red Moon”, and Si Huang looked sideways at Xu Wanjun who was standing next to Yu Xi.

Xu Wanjun caught her gaze, walked out after taking a deep breath, and said to the reporters: “I am Xu Wanjun, the author of “Red Moon”. I can answer the question you just asked on Si Huang’s behalf. I chose Si Huang for the role of “Yue” from the very beginning, and I am very grateful to him for agreeing. I don’t want to talk about the contradictions in the middle, but I must declare to everyone that Si Huang did not use any improper means to seek the script, and I have also signed with Fenghuang Entertainment to become the company’s screenwriter.”

After he finished speaking, he heard some bad laughter, and a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

Yu Xi put a hand on his shoulder, stabilized his mind, and said sharply: “Everyone present and in front of the TV, please understand that public opinion does not make anyone guilty, slander does not make anyone guilty, the truth and evidence are in our hands here, if you continue to spread false information to smear Si Huang, I reserve the right to sue you.”

In the classroom of Jingfu University.

“Damn it!” Fu Mingjun was furious for a moment and smashed the tablet in his hand on the desk, making a loud noise.

The face of the lecturer who was lecturing on the stage suddenly turned black, “Student, just go out if you don’t want to attend the class!”

Fu Mingjun looked at the lecturer with disdain, then he stood up and walked out of the classroom.

The lecturer was so angry that his mouth trembled.

There were also whispers from other people in the classroom.

“He must have seen the live broadcast of Yu Xi.”

“Tsk tsk, how narrow-minded, it is obvious that he wanted to steal Xu Wanjun’s script and smear His Majesty!”

“Look at how arrogant he can be this time, haha.”

“Shut up, get out of class if you don’t want to attend class—!” The lecturer at the top went into a rage, and the students below immediately shut down.

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