RCFS Ch. 133

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“You come with me!”

“Oh, don’t talk silly, I’m with you, no one can leave! After three years of lurking to collect this stuff, do you think it’s just useless? Get out of here!”

The door of the fire escape was closed with a slam, Hoshino staggered and leaned against the door, spreading his hands, his eyes full of glaring blood!

The shining knife was already raised in front of him. Instead of being afraid, he let out a smirk, raised his chair and rushed towards the sea of knives!

“Fuck your mother!”

Hoshino yelled like crazy, his teeth ready to crack!

As if he didn’t know pain anymore, he was enduring the ravages of knife after knife, even though he was turned into a bloody gourd, he still held the stool high and waved it wildly!

If it was broken, replace it with another one. The group of bastards with knives who smashed it abruptly were scared to move back a step!

Was this still human?

With this terrifying body covered in blood and those bloodshot eyes, no matter how you look at it, he was no longer a human being, but a ferocious ghost!

“I’m afraid, I’m afraid, kill him!”

The big brother in the lead yelled tremblingly, but the people had lost their arrogance from just now, and instead approached him cautiously, tentatively slashing.

The group of people were scared out of their wits by a single person!


Somebody smashed it down with a stick, and Hoshino’s head was bloodied. He staggered a few steps and turned his head, staring fiercely at the leader brother. Stab him hard!

“Cut, stab to death!”

Someone yelled tremblingly, but Hoshino laughed out loud with blood all over his face, then he staggered to a firm stand, wiped the blood on his face, and smiled evilly: “Ma De, take one step away, it’s not a loss!”

At that moment, not only the gangster who was facing Ye Yunxi, but even the staff below couldn’t help their scalps numbing and the hair all over their body stood up.

Ye Yunxi’s performance of a lunatic who was risking his life was realistic to the fullest!

But no one knew that the most real tragedy back then was much more tragic than this!

Not everyone could be a hero!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!] The host is big and handsome!


Ye Junpo stood up excitedly: “Very good! It’s great!”

This scene was shot very well, and it was still a pass!

Ye Yunxi vividly interpreted that banditry and ruthlessness, and the final decision was the finishing touch, catching people’s attention and showing tension!

“Very good, but there are a few smashed shots that need to be fixed.”

Chun Feng discussed with Ye Junpo on the small TV.

Ye Junpo looked around, all the machines were almost smashed, where could he get the complete equipment?

“This, Yunxi…”

Before Ye Junpo could speak, Ye Yunxi smiled knowingly: “Leave it to me, by the way, is there no change for me?”

“No, you passed in one take, we only need to make up a few smashing shots.”

Ye Yunxi nodded, changed back into women’s clothes, and knocked on the door of Zhang Le’s office.

“Manager Zhang!”

Zhang Le hurriedly ushered people in: “Oh, Miss Ye, this movie is not bad. Just watching this scene made my blood boil. When will it be released, I will definitely go see it!”

Ye Yunxi smiled, the video game city’s camera was connected here, and Zhang Le watched the whole process, so he could naturally see the filming process.

“Don’t worry, I’ll leave a ticket for Manager Zhang when the time comes, but we need to make up some more shots and need to add some equipment?”

“Buy some?”

“Huh, but I saw that there seemed to be quite a few more in the warehouse of the fire escape.”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, satisfied with Zhang Le’s pained face.

Four hundred thousand? Since you dared to ask for so much, you have to let some blood out, right?

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