MGSGW Ch. 250

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With a guilty conscience, Lin Mumu took the moon cakes to find her master, because she was very well-behaved because of her guilty conscience.

Although Professor Lin was staying overnight, as the only parent of Lin Mumu, he was really not polite at all. He arranged for himself a small apartment in the courtyard. It was an independent house with the door closed, but there was no yard.

In view of this, with a big wave of his hand, the old man allocated another room to his apprentice Lin Tianlang, so that he could learn from him up and down, and take care of this old man’s daily life by the way.

Lin Mumu knocked on the door guiltily: “Master, senior brother, are you there?”

“Well, come in.” Professor Lin looked serious.

Lin Mumu opened the door with a tray, looked at her master and senior brother dressed in silk Tang suit nightgowns, and blushed first.

The person who pushed the door just now was her master. No matter how dull she was, she could still sense the breath of the master.

Such a shameful thing was broken by the master, and then she used the moon cakes made by Yun Ting to come show off, Lin Mumu felt really guilty.

The guilty version of Lin Mumu was gentle, lovely and obedient, and like a caring daughter no matter how you look at it.

“Master, Yun Ting and I made mooncakes with our own hands, and I want you to try them.”

“You don’t mean to poison me so you can run away with that man, right?” The movement was faster than anyone else, and he had already taken the mooncake in his hand, and put it in his mouth naturally.

Lin Tianlang also followed suit and smiled to help Lin Mumu: “I didn’t expect my junior sister to have such good craftsmanship. The mooncakes given out by the school are not as delicious as yours. It seems that I can share my share with everyone tomorrow.”

“No sharing things.” Professor Lin was furious, of course he knew about Lin Mumu’s dark record today, and as a master, he felt sorry for his apprentice, so he went to the kitchen to find Lin Mumu just now, trying to find an excuse to ask her to do something, so she won’t have to fight wits with moon cakes. Unexpectedly, this dead girl was eaten to death by Yun Ting…

Professor Lin felt that he had lost his daughter, so of course he couldn’t be happy.

“Master, you can eat another piece.” Lin Mumu obediently handed another piece of mooncake to Professor Lin.

After all, Professor Lin couldn’t bear to reject his apprentice’s kindness, so he still took Lin Mumu’s mooncake.

“Senior brother.” Lin Mumu couldn’t favour one person over another, and the senior brother also had to be delivered one herself.

“Thank you, Junior Sister.” Lin Tianlang handed over a dilapidated copper coin to Lin Mumu: “I got this from a historic site, it should be regarded as a magic weapon, and I have blessed it with some thoughts over the years. I give it to my junior sister for self-defence.”

“Thank you, senior brother.” Lin Mumu smiled so hard that you couldn’t see her teeth.

Huaxia had a vast land and abundant resources, and a long history. Many ancient civilizations had been lost in the long river of history here.

Some relics were pure antiques, but some things carried some mysterious abilities. For example, the amulet that Lin Mumu gave to Yun Ting, although it was not an ancient artifact, it had still been blessed with special means by Taoist Master Lingwu, and it also had a super protective ability, so it was called a magic weapon.

The copper coin that Lin Tianlang gave to Lin Mumu was actually a magic weapon handed down from history, and its value was much higher than antiques.

Lin Mumu held the copper coin excitedly, thinking about how to transfer it to Yun Ting.

Professor Lin seemed to understand Lin Mumu’s expression, and reminded her with a cold face: “Don’t get too close to that Yun Ting. After three years, when your disaster is resolved, divorce him.”

“Master, are you kidding me? You issued the marriage certificate for me and him. How can you be like this, who issued a marriage certificate for me without knowing it, and then plans to force me to obtain a divorce certificate?” Hearing the word divorce, Lin Mumu was not happy.

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