WMPLT Ch. 12

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Before everyone got up, Zhai Xingchen got up first.

He was the hardest working guy on the show after all.

While these rich second-generation handsome guys were still sound asleep, as a hard-working tool man, he should prepare for dinner.

There was nothing to eat in the refrigerator, so he put on his shoes and was about to go to the supermarket.

Instead, he saw Lin Qingning and Hu Ying sitting and chatting on chairs in the front yard. There was not even a camera next to it.

This kind of affirmation was deliberately avoiding the program group and wanting to talk about something intimate.

Hu Ying asked: “How is it? Did you enjoy playing with Pei Xu?”

Lin Qingning said: “It was okay.”

It seemed that it was also because of this that he held his breath and wanted to know what it would be like for Lin Qingning and Pei Xu to go out to play together.

Lin Qingning said with a smile: “It was not bad, we are old friends, so he still gave me this bit of face.”

Hu Ying said with a smile: “Weren’t there some sparks in the collision?”

“With Pei Xu?” Lin Qingning said, “I’ve known him since childhood, there’s no chance between us. You like him?”

Hu Ying was taken aback for a moment, and then said, “I’m not a masochist.”

Then he told Lin Qingning about the morning run: “Didn’t I also go out for a run this morning? I thought that everyone would run together and chat along the way, but Pei Xu just ran away and disappeared.”

“He has been like this since he was a child, and he likes to be alone.”

“I wonder what kind of person in this world can stand him.” Hu Ying said, “Has he ever been in love before?”

Lin Qingning laughed and said, “As far as I know, he doesn’t have anyone in his heart. He doesn’t even have friends.”

“I knew it,” Hu Ying said.

It seemed that Pei Xu was about to be passed by them now.

Thinking of the scene of several people avoiding Pei Xu in the previous team, Zhai Xingchen decided to be a good person.

He walked towards Hu Ying and Lin Qingning.

Lin Qingning was the first to see him, and smiled at him, and Hu Ying immediately turned around. Now that he had no makeup, he suddenly became much more handsome, and the alluring and seductive feeling on his body had completely faded away.

“I thought everyone wasn’t up yet.” Zhai Xingchen sat down next to them, “What are you talking about?”

“We’re just chatting.” Lin Qingning adjusted his glasses.

“We’re complaining about Pei Xu.” Hu Ying said directly, “Did you come to disagree?”

Zhai Xingchen shook his head, and said, “He’s worth complaining about.”

“Let’s get inside first.”

Sure enough, upon hearing what he said, Hu Ying started complaining again: “Is it? I’m not the only one who thinks he’s too attractive, right?”

“He’s just like this when he’s on this show, he’s just such a character, he’s not good at interacting with people.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen news about him on the Internet before, and it’s said that he has a bad temper, didn’t he even smash paparazzi’s cameras? I remember during that time, the entertainment media was all over him.” Zhai Xingchen said.

In terms of understanding of several guests, he could be regarded as having opened the perspective of a God.

Pei Xu had a bad face, but there was a reason why he developed such a character.

But if the original feelings were revealed, he could be cleared.

Jinjiang’s dark male protagonists often used whitewashing routines.

Lin Qingning said: “During that time he was really hacked miserably, and something happened to his family, he was really depressed during that time, but it was not his fault. His grandfather had passed away at that time, he and auntie Pei went to the funeral, but the paparazzi pestered them all the way, and the camera almost hit Auntie Pei’s face. Pei Xu is very filial, and he really couldn’t see it. The paparazzi camera that was just smashed was hyped by the other party as a big news. It’s been a long time, and everyone still scolded him.”

At the beginning, the news made a lot of noise, so Hu Ying naturally knew about it. Hearing what Lin Qingning said, he was silent for a while, and finally said: “Actually, he was crazy with the paparazzi before and offended a lot of people. Otherwise, at that time, there would not have been so many media who made trouble and took the opportunity to step on him.”

“I hate paparazzi. Think about it, he is not from the entertainment industry, but as a child of a big star, he can’t escape the sneak shots of paparazzi. It seems that he has been troubled by the media since kindergarten. Later his parents divorced, he was blocked by a bunch of reporters when he went to and from school, and he even had to go abroad to study because of this. He was only in junior high school at that time, and his mother was still very active in the entertainment circle at that time, so she couldn’t go abroad to accompany him. At such a young age, his parents were not around, he was left alone in a foreign country, with no relatives, it’s actually pretty pitiful when you think about it.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “But he hates dealing with the media so much, I don’t know how he agreed to participate in this event.”

“I heard that it seems to have something to do with producer Zhuo.” Lin Qingning said, “The producer of our show is his aunt.”

Zhai Xingchen pretended to be enlightened: “So it is like this.”

He glanced at the thoughtful Hu Ying next to him, he said slowly: “Actually, I think Brother Pei is very good. I have a friend who studies psychology. According to him, people like Brother Pei have always kept themselves closed. He has never been in a relationship, and has no friends. In fact, this kind of person looks like he is thousands of miles away from others, but it is only because he does not know how to love someone, how to get along with others, once you warm him up, he will be like a completely changed person, and only for you. You will be his only light.”

His analysis must be thorough enough.

This was the biggest cuteness of Jinjiang’s indifferent male lead, readers loved it, and he couldn’t believe that Hu Ying and the others didn’t love it.

Sure enough, he saw Hu Ying bite his lip thoughtfully.

Who didn’t have the heart of Mother Mary, and who didn’t want to be the only light of a Jinjiang hero.

Zhai Xingchen felt that his words had successfully aroused Hu Ying and Lin Qingning’s interest in Pei Xu.

In the end, he made the point that attracted Hu Ying the most.

“He seems to still be waiting for his first love.”

Hu Ying’s eyes really brightened, and there was a smile that seemed to be there at the corner of his lips.

That’s right, Hu Ying was a virgin.

The flamboyant beauty had spent a lot of time flirting but preferred innocent men. He liked Yan Zhi because he liked the abstinent style of Yan Zhi.

People really went after what they didn’t have.

Hu Ying suddenly let out a muffled laugh.

Lin Qingning and Zhai Xingchen laughed along with him, and the three of them laughed together.

It was such a good feeling to be sisters.

He was willing to be a good sister of these great beauties, without any ambiguous pink.

Zhai Xingchen stood up: “I have to go to the supermarket.”

Hu Ying stood up and said, “I’ll drive you, don’t you not have a car?”

“No, it’s very close, I’ll walk to the supermarket. It’s very convenient.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Let’s go, I have nothing to do anyway.” Hu Ying said.

“Then I won’t disturb the world of the two of you.” Lin Qingning joked.

Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen went out, Lin Qingning got up and came back to the house, when he was about to go upstairs, he hesitated for a moment, and knocked on Pei Xu’s door.

“Come in.”

Lin Qingning pushed open the door and saw Pei Xu lying on the sofa.

“What’s the matter?” Pei Xu asked.

Lin Qingning went in and said, “I came to see you, did I disturb you?”

Pei Xu sat up.

Lin Qingning glanced at Pei Xu’s bare feet, then sat down beside him.

Pei Xu’s room was very clean, and there was a faint scent of mint in the room.

In fact, he hadn’t smelled this perfume for a long time.

Many years ago, he and Pei Xu went to the same high school abroad. At that time, they were both in their teens. They were both Chinese. They were both alone. They occasionally met at gatherings in the Chinese community. At that time, Pei Xu was already a well-known mathematics genius in the school, and the teachers in the school could no longer teach him.

At the age when it was time for his first love to start, he actually had a crush on Pei Xu, a boy who was three years younger than him.

There was no way, Pei Xu had a face that no one could resist.

Pei Xu had always been alone.

He went to class alone, he went back to the apartment alone, he played basketball alone on the empty playground, and never went back when it rained most of the day.

He was so indifferent and withdrawn, but because of his outstanding mind and handsome appearance, he had formed his unique charm, attracting people who wanted to conquer him.

Sometimes a smart brain was more deadly and sexy than any muscular body.

Zhai Xingchen was right, facing such an outstanding and handsome boy, who wouldn’t want to be his only light.

It seemed that deep in everyone’s heart, there was such a ridiculous heart of Mother Mary.

Even today, he still could not deny that Pei Xu still had an irresistible attraction to him.

It seemed that the one day he was not conquered, that one day he still stood there, tempting people to climb up.

Once love sprouted, communication was no longer free.

He suddenly didn’t know what to say to Pei Xu, and his heart beat a little faster.

But Pei Xu looked straight at him with clear eyes.

Lin Qingning touched his knee and said, “Is Auntie Pei’s birthday coming soon? Does it coincide with our recording date?”

Pei Xu said “Yes” and said, “I told the program team, when the time comes, I will ask for leave and go back.”

Lin Qingning said: “Then I will probably have to ask for leave.”

The relationship between the two of them had always been very good, and Pei Huanong also liked him very much.

Different from Pei Xu’s indifference and reticence, he had always been the type that elders liked since he was a child, with a gentle temper and excellent grades.

He picked up the book on the coffee table.

“Long Tail Theory”.

It’s a financial book.

“Are you reading this?”


Lin Qingning picked it up and flipped through it. Although his eyes were fixed on the book, his mind was thinking about what topic he was looking for.

This feeling of hard work was familiar.

He was turning the pages of a book when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Lin Qingning turned his head and saw the staff push open the door.

“Pei Xu, can you take the cloth off the camera? Can’t you let them take pictures in broad daylight?” The staff looked reasonable but lacking in confidence.

Lin Qingning glanced at the wall, only to find that the camera in Pei Xu’s room was covered by a T-shirt.

He just laughed and watched Pei Xu take off the T-shirt.

The show crew was in a hurry.

Lin Qingning and Pei Xu were a CP line that they valued very much. They were childhood sweethearts and rich second-generation friends. This was a relatively new CP for Red and Blue Line this season.

Many people were childhood sweethearts.

So when they only heard the chat between Lin Qingning and Pei Xu but couldn’t see the picture, they were really anxious.

After confirming that the picture was normal, the staff quickly retreated.

Only Lin Qingning and Pei Xu were left.

Lin Qingning flipped through the book for a while, then suddenly smiled softly, and said, “Do you know that Xingchen, Hu Ying and I were talking about you just now?”


Lin Qingning looked down at the book in his hand and said, “Everyone thinks you are a little too cold, and many people are a little afraid of you.”


After a while, Pei Xu asked: “Who is afraid of me, Hu Ying or Zhai Xingchen?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s just that you can be more active. In fact, many people here like you.”

Pei Xu said: “How active?”

He suddenly said: “Like Huo Cheng?”

Lin Qingning was stunned for a moment.

Because he didn’t expect Pei Xu to mention Huo Cheng suddenly.

Huo Cheng was indeed very active. It could be said that he was the most active of the eight guests, and he was probably the favourite of the program group. He was very cooperative in everything he did.

It seemed normal to mention him when talking positive.

But why did he feel that Pei Xu’s positive attitude towards Huo Cheng seemed to have…a bit of a problem.

“Huo Cheng is indeed very active.” Lin Qingning smiled.

“Well, he is active.” Pei Xu was noncommittal, with a cool demeanour, and a side face as clear as a god, said, “I think Zhai Xingchen is also very active.”

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