RCFS Ch. 93: Slap in the Face 4

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Di Wei stared at Ye Yunxi with a complicated expression.

Sure enough, that girl never lifted a hand.

Di Junxie was very calm and graceful while peeling crabs, deboning the fish, and even chicken wishbones, as he placed the prepared food on a small plate in front of Ye Yunxi.

Di Wei was feeling jealous.

This kid had never served others, dishes or peeled crabs!

Looking at the crabs in his hand, it felt like a big irony!

He still used tools, but others used his own grandson!

It pissed him off!


The old man snorted heavily, losing his appetite for the delicious food on the table.

On the contrary, Ye Yunxi very happily continued to eat, one bite at a time, looking elegant and noble.

Could she be anymore elegant?

During the whole process, Ye Yunxi was only responsible for eating!!

After feeding Ye Yunxi, Di Junxie had a pile of debris in front of him.

However, Ye Yunxi’s side was empty, and it only made people feel that this girl was so clean and beautiful even after having a meal.

Di Wei was very upset, because he knew that the emperor didn’t eat any of those things, and they all entered Ye Yunxi’s stomach.

Di Wei frowned, he decided to change his strategy!

“Yunxi, you are indeed excellent, and you are worthy of Junxie, but our emperor’s family has a rule.”

Come again?

But it didn’t matter, whatever you come up with, I can resist it!

So go ahead and let the horses go!

“Grandfather, please tell me.”

“Once the decision is made, the unmarried couple must live together, so you have to move in here and live with Junxie.”

Di Wei deliberately looked at Ye Yunxi and smiled!

Live together?

Ye Yunxi looked at Di Junxie.

There was no such clause in the contract!

“That’s the rule.”

Great job, grandfather!

Di Junxie had an expressionless face as Ye Yunxi whispered in his ears, as her breath swept across his ears, he felt itchy and numb.

Your imperial family has a lot of rules!

“Yes, but I will move in after school starts.”

Ye Yunxi nodded, living together didn’t mean sleeping together, right?

“Why, after school starts?” Di Wei was surprised, why didn’t she move in immediately?

He looked at Ye Yunxi, saw the sly smile of the little girl, and his intuition made his eyelids jump.

He had a bad premonition!

Sure enough, Ye Yunxi’s next words almost angered Di Wei to death.

“Because Junxie is going to star in my dad’s movie during the summer vacation, it’s inconvenient to live here.”


His grandson was going to star in a movie? Also her dad’s movie? Did she think her father was the national director or some big name!

A little-known director with fame the size of a sesame and mung bean, even asked his grandson to act for him!

Did he make a mistake!

What did he think of the emperor’s family?

“What’s the matter!”

Di Wei looked at Di Junxie angrily.

The man said lightly, “It’s what my grandfather heard.”

“Are you really going?”


“How much did you charge him?!”



What’s more, it’s free!

Where was this marrying a grandson-in-law? This was simply marrying a grandson! He was losing it!

“Grandfather, I wish you good health and unlimited longevity, then I’ll say goodbye first!”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth and left gracefully.

Relying on old age to sell her out? Sorry, it doesn’t work with her!

Di Junxie got up and went to see her off. In the living room, there were only Di Wei and Butler Zheng.

The old man blew his beard and stared at the Butler angrily, and couldn’t help raising his voice to curse: “This grandson raised by me, look, what is he doing! Did I raise this prodigal thing for someone else?”

Despite being angry, the Butler Zheng still couldn’t help laughing as he said, “Master also likes this young lady a lot, doesn’t he? You haven’t been so vigorous for many years.”

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