KHSW Ch. 263

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Pei Shan had met Xu Yizhi a few times before, and she would have recognized him without him saying it, but… seeing his face this time, she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

It seemed as if a century had passed before Pei Shan finally found her own voice, “Xu…Mr. Xu? Why are you here?”

She was afraid that she might have misunderstood the relationship between Xu Yizhi and Ling Xi, so she wanted to confirm it.

Naturally, Xu Yizhi felt a little unreasonable, “Manager Pei thinks I’m taking care of Ling Xi?”

Naturally, Pei Shan did not dare to associate Xu Yizhi with Ling Xi, after all, he was also her immediate boss.

“How could it be, Mr. Xu, everything is a misunderstanding.” Pei Shan had an official smile on her face, completely different from the stern look just now.

“You have indeed misunderstood.” Xu Yizhi said decisively, not to be questioned.

Pei Shan’s expression relaxed a little. In fact, what she hated the most was artists who were taken care of by others, and she would never allow this to happen among the artists she was managing.

However, Xu Yizhi’s next sentence made Pei Shan want to faint.

“We are a legitimate and legal couple. If we talk about nurturing, it should be Ling Xi who is nurturing my son and me.”

Pei Shan and Ling Xi stood facing each other, Pei Shan’s face was so stiff that it was dull, no wonder the big boss of the Xu Group visited Ling Xi in person, when Ling Xi was hospitalized with a high fever, it turned out that they were husband and wife, and more importantly, they even had a child.

Such explosive news, she couldn’t digest it for the time being.

Pei Shan didn’t know how to treat Ling Xi. Some time ago, news broke that the CEO of the Xu Group was married. She never expected that the target of the news was Ling Xi.

“Remember the request I said the company made for you?”

Ling Xi dodged her eyes guiltily, “No dating, Sister Pei, I really did this, Xu Yizhi and I have never been in a relationship.”

“Not in love, but married?” Pei Shan raised her eyebrows. In fact, she was quite happy for Ling Xi in her heart. The position of the wife of the president of the Xu Group was something that many people dreamt of, but her face was tense and tight.

“Hmm~” Seeing Ling Xi bowing her head in guilt, she couldn’t bear it anymore, “Okay, Mrs. President, I’ll go back to digest today, and next time remember to tell everything to me truthfully.”

Ling Xi raised her head abruptly, “Thank you, sister Pei, you are the best manager I have ever met.”

“I didn’t say that I would forgive you. If you want to make amends, just be good and keep a low profile. You will announce your marriage with the president in two years.”

“I…” I can’t wait two years!

“Any question?”

Ling Xi immediately shook her head, she could be lawless in front of others, but in front of Pei Shan, she could only be obedient, “No problem.”

Only then did Pei Shan drive away in her car, feeling satisfied…

In the car, Pei Shan suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar phone number. Pei Shan parked the car in a nearby alley, and then answered, “Hello?”

“In 2009, the recent deal of ‘Black Shark’ was reached, and the ‘Shark Hunting’ plan was officially launched, aiming at Yao Ru.”

Yao Ru? Pei Shan’s pupils shrank slightly, and after thinking for a while, she immediately replied, “Application for developing an informant in 2009.”

“Send her information, and it will be approved by the superior after review.”

“09 understands.”

After hanging up the phone, a complex light flashed in Pei Shan’s eyes. She didn’t expect the “shark hunting” plan to start so soon, and she didn’t expect Yao Ru to… take drugs.

Thinking of this, she immediately took out the computer and passed all the information about Ling Xi. So far, she only believed in Ling Xi.

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