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The temperature was still high on summer nights, and the ice cream cake began to melt. Qi Ying licked her lips and asked softly, “Can I eat it?”

Before Ji Rang was moved, he was dumbfounded by her question, “Eat. Go home and eat.”

Qi Ying shook her head, looked around, and dragged him to the next step to sit down: “Let’s eat together.”

She put the little cake on her knees, took out two spoons from the bag, and handed him one, then she put the spoon with some cake into her mouth, and narrowed her eyes contentedly: “It’s so sweet.”

He looked at her puffed up face and whispered, “Well, it’s very sweet.”

Two people sat on the street steps and finished the birthday cake.

The wind was very hot, and his heart was also very hot. From the moment he met her, the heart that had been frozen under a layer of ice gradually thawed and melted.

The summer make-up classes were much more comfortable because of the air-conditioning in the classrooms.

This time, Haiyi took the first place in the college basketball league, and Ji Rang appeared in the school publicity column, and the photo holding the trophy was posted in the excellent star column.

Next to it was the names of the top three ranks.

Look, he said, no one else can get the first place.

After the league ended, he didn’t care about basketball anymore, and he retreated to invest in learning, but Liu Yao was very excited. This kind of city-level competition, the value of being the champion is still very high, so he ran to the Academic Affairs Office every day, trying to get all his punishment files eliminated at one time.

In the end, the teacher in the teaching office, considering the final transcript and winning the competition, promised Liu Yao that if Ji Rang no longer caused trouble between then and graduation, all his penalties will be written off before the college entrance examination.

Liu Yao vouched for him, and when he went back, he told Ji Rang about it. He also taught all the people of Qu Dazhuang and his group and warned them not to cause trouble and implicate Ji Rang.

The student with the number one problem, who once caused the teacher a headache, became the key protection object in a blink of an eye. The younger brothers found it a little psychologically unacceptable.

However, watching Ji Rang learn better and better, and rank higher and higher, as brothers, how could they not hope that he does well, so they were happy to guarantee to Liu Yao that not only will they not involve him, but will also supervise him to get into Tsinghua University!

The make-up class lasted for a month and a half and finally ended in mid-August. This group of prospective seniors also ushered in the last summer vacation of their high school career.

Although it was only fifteen days! Although there will be piles of paperwork in fifteen days! But this still could not stop their enthusiasm and expectation for the summer vacation.

Qu Dazhuang’s group of people were still in the classroom, but they didn’t know where their hearts were flying. It was under the threat of violence from Ji Rang that they packed their homework in their school bags, and they promised to finish their summer homework before school started.

Qu Dazhuang put up his schoolbag and asked him excitedly: “Brother Ji, your birthday is coming soon, right? How is it? Eighteen years old! Can’t be like last year!”

On his birthday last year, Xue Manqing held a birthday party for him at the beach villa. Basically, all the people who knew Ji Rang went, but Ji Rang did not. He played an all-night game in the Internet cafe, then went home and slept until the next day.

Ji Rang hadn’t celebrated his birthday in many years, and his birthday in previous years was no different from other times. He would eat, drink, sleep, as if there was nothing to celebrate.

But this year is different. He had long been expecting what gifts his little baby will prepare for him.

His and her birthdays come one after another, one in July and one in August, and he is just one year older than her.

At the age of eighteen, it is the time for coming-of-age gifts, ordinary gifts can’t be sent to him casually.

It was almost the same if she gave him eighteen certificates of merit to satisfy his wish.

The boss secretly looked forward to it.

He waited and waited until the day before his birthday, but his little baby did not move.

Does she not know that tomorrow is his birthday??? Did he not tell her???

What the fuck, did he still need to say it? She didn’t tell him when her birthday was. Didn’t he figure out how to find out?

Ji Rang waited until the evening, and it was going to be his 18th birthday in a few hours! But Qi Ying didn’t even send him a message!!!

The boss comforted himself silently and gave her a few more hours. She must be waiting to give him the blessing on time at twelve o’clock! That’s right!

Ji Rang turned on the TV and hugged the pillow, sat on the sofa and stared at the wall clock, and waited till twelve o’clock.

The phone rang.

His heart loosened, and finally a smile appeared on his cold face. He picked it up and took a look: It was Qu Dazhuang.

Hang up! My phone can’t be busy!

Qu Dazhuang who was hung up on the other end: “???”

Then the phone never rang again.

The expression on Ji Rang’s face was getting colder and colder. When it was getting quite late, he couldn’t help it, and called Qi Ying.

It took a long time for someone to answer her, her voice was dumb, she was obviously awakened from a dream: “Hello?”

Ji Rang: “…”

Hung up in anger!

Qi Ying, who was half awake, tilted her head and fell asleep again.

The gangster who was angry as a pufferfish stared angrily at a certain horror variety show on TV and saw that till the early morning, and when the sky was dark, he fell asleep on the sofa.

In his dream, he was still thinking fiercely: Won’t forgive! Can’t forgive absolutely!

He had not been sleeping for long, when the doorbell rang and the sound of a car arriving downstairs was heard.

He held his head with a pillow and ignored it, the doorbell kept ringing, ding-dong ding-dong rang so much that he wanted to hit someone.

Ji Rang suddenly turned over and jumped to the ground, making a fierce noise. No matter who is outside the door, Lao Tzu will open the door and beat him!

After opening the door, Qi Ying was standing outside, wearing a white dress, her hair spread out, and a water-green ribbon on her head, which was cute and charming.

The boss who had been angry all night and almost turned into a bitter wife was soothed after only one glance.

Damn, she used the beauty trick, foul!

Qi Ying smiled sweetly, and handed the glass bottle with the red ribbon in his arms to him: “Happy birthday!”

He took the glass bottle and saw that it was full of colorful little stars. He wanted to laugh and was moved. What age is she, giving such stars!!!

He deliberately asked in a dull voice, “Did you fold it?”

Qi Ying nodded happily, her soft voice filled with a little pride: “There are a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine.”


But what’s the matter with being so happy. Ji Rang grabbed her head and pulled her in, holding back the joy in his voice and asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

She shook her head, and the ribbon on her long hair also swayed, inexplicably charming, “No, I came here by the first bus.”

Ji Rang took a carton of milk from the refrigerator and went to the kitchen to heat it up for her to drink.

While drinking milk, she urged him: “You go wash your face and change clothes, we are going out.”

Ji Rang was still immersed in the joy of nine hundred and ninety-nine little stars, “Where are we going?”

Her eyes were crooked: “Going to celebrate your birthday.”

The boss was completely calm now.

He decided to forgive his little baby for not calling him at mdinight, after all, not everyone has his inexplicable sense of ritual.

After washing, he went back to the bedroom to change clothes. In the past, he picked up any random set from the closet, but today he chose it seriously. Thinking of the white skirt worn by the little fairy, he rubbed his head and selected a white shirt and gathered a sort of a couple outfit.

He had a good figure, a standard clothes hanger[2], and in a white shirt with a wide shoulder and a narrow waist, he looked like a delicate young man walking out of a cartoon. It was just that the temperament was still cold, and when he was not smiling, he looked a little unkind.

Obviously, he looked in the mirror for a while, but when he came out, he pretended to be careless, “Where are we going?”

Qi Ying took him out: “You will know when we reach!”

The boss thought to himself, probably a place like amusement park or a cinema, right? The little girl secretly made a date plan. It seemed that they haven’t had an official first date yet.

He couldn’t help the corners of his mouth curling up.

After getting in the car, the car turned left and then turned into a residential building.

How familiar was this place???

Looked like Yue Li’s family house?

Then Ji Rang was dragged by Qi Ying and climbed six floors to the terrace on the top of the building.

As soon as they opened the door, he heard a noise.

Qu Dazhuang, Liu Haiyang, Luo Bing and a group of people were shooting at each other like mentally retarded men with water guns. Yu Zhuo was on a stool to tie balloons and ribbons, Yue Li was sorting the barbecue grill, and Wu Rui was studying how to light the carbon used for barbecue.

A colorful banner was attached to the railing of the terrace: Ji Rang’s 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony.

Qu Dazhuang put down his water gun and rushed to him like a mentally handicapped child: “Brother! Happy birthday! By the way, why did you hang up my phone last night?”

Ji Rang: “…”

Qu Dazhuang: “Forget it, it doesn’t matter! Come and see the scene of you coming-of-age ceremony, are you happy!”

Ji Rang: “…”

Happy fart!

Return the double date of his dreams!

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[1] Represents eternal love in Chinese slang.

[2] A person on whom all types of clothes looked perfect.

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